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Setting up your 1st WordPress blog? Let me tell you, it takes hard work to make your website functional, user-friendly, and look premium. That is why, I have summarized for you, the 19 best WordPress plugins for blogs to help you get started. 

(Many of them are even available for free!)

Also, I have highlighted the best plugin for individual blogs site categories… say best WordPress plugins for tech blogs, best WordPress plugins for food blogs, and many more. 

So, be sure to read the details.  

Without ado, let’s get started. 

Convertkit – Create Your Email Marketing List From Day #1.  

Let me tell you right off the bat, if you want to be successful at blogging, then you need to consistently bring in readers and keep them hooked. 

So, How do you keep readers connected with you? 

I say, use social media, push notifications, and email alerts. 

But, which is the best way? 

You will be surprised to know, it’s email marketing

Email marketing has the highest click-through rate (CTR) if done properly. 

Therefore, collecting email IDs from day #1 is one of the best blogging tips I give to newbies. 

What is the best way to get started with email marketing? 

There are two parts to email marketing:- 

First, create a sign-up form. 

Second, sending emails with awe-inspiring design to your subscribers. 

And the best way to do that… Get Convertkit WordPress Plugin. 

Sign up form creation 

You need a customizable sign-up form for your branding, looks good on all devices and collects custom data according to your requirement. 

If a sign-up form creation tool doesn’t meet this standard don’t bother looking. 

And the one tool that has done it all for me is ConvertKit

ConvertKit best email marketing plugin

With it, I can create inline sign-up forms, pop-up sign-up forms, and slide-up sign-up forms. While staying GDPR compliant.  

Email marketing and creation tool

Suppose, you have created a 5000 subscribers email list. And you weekly blast out 5000 emails. 

But, how many of them were actually delivered? How many of them were opened? How many clicks and visitors did you get from them? 

To be successful at email marketing, you should know the answers to these questions.  

Guess what, Convertkit provides me with this information straight in my account dashboard.  


You should be able to customize your email according to your branding. 

Again, If you are using Convertkit you don’t need to worry about customizability. 

You can customize everything from fonts, colors, spacing, and more.   

So, if you are dead serious about blogging, then start email marketing with ConvertKit from day #1. 

It’s the #1 plugin in my 19 best WordPress plugins for blogs series. 

Rank Math – Get your SEO correct from the GET GO

Search Engine Optimisation – is going to be the holy grail source of traffic for your blog

So, Don’t get it wrong. 

Robot.txt, categories, tags, meta description, title, internal linking… and many more things have to be considered for getting your SEO right. 

And none of us are SEO experts nor can we afford to hire an SEO agency. 

That is why to nail SEO from the get-go, use RankMath. 

RankMath is the most reputed SEO plugin in the market.

RankMath includes on-page SEO checkers for stuff like meta title, meta description, keyword density, adding Facebook graph and Twitter graph, and many more features. 

Plus, and the most important one in 2021 – Schema.org’s structured data blocks. 

Structured data blocks enable your page to show up as a rich result. From FAQ blocks to recipe guides, every structured block is available.  

Further, It also features a built-in readability checker to improve your content readability. 

If that is not enough, it allows you to manage technical nitty-gritties like editing your robots.txt and .htaccess files, cleaning up your URLs, and generating and updating your sitemaps.

That’s why, whether you’re searching for the best WordPress plugins for tech blogs in 2021 or the best WordPress plugins for fitness blogs. 

RankMath should be on your top WordPress plugins list. 


Have you ever been misguided on Lifestyle sites? Then you know how harsh being misled really is.  

Do you want to be misled by Google Analytics? 

I know you might be thinking about how Google Analytics can misguide you. 

Well not obviously, but if you end up setting Google Analytics incorrectly.

You will definitely be in the dark about your site’s “real performance”. 

To properly set up Google Analytics, Use Monsterinsights

Monsterinsights provides real-time site metrics straight in your WordPress dashboard. The graphical interface is much better than the Google Analytics dashboard.

MonsterInsights best wordpress plugin for analytics

It allows you to focus on important metrics like sessions, pageview, avg. view duration, bounce rate, conversion rate, revenue all in a single dashboard.

What’s more awesome is that Monsterinsights features affiliate links & ad tracking. 

It automatically tracks clicks on your affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links with their link tracking tool. 

All this while staying GDPR compliant. 


Want to supercharge your lead generation campaign? 

Get OptinMonster and use it to its full potential. 

OptinMonster is a powerful conversion rate optimization tool.  

OptinMonster - lead generation plugin

It helps you create highly converting WordPress popups, slide-ins, announcement bars, full-screen welcome mats, and a gamified spin a wheel for getting maximum attention and subscribers.  

Further, you can customize each and every detail like font, color, spacing, and more to create a custom solution suitable to your brand guidelines. 

Therefore, if you want to get more subscribers, use OptinMonster


Keep your readers connected with your blog. Using email marketing, social media marketing, or push notification technology. 

Push notification is the latest way to send targeted messages and announcements to your readers. 

Wanna know how to jump on the push notification bandwagon? 

Use PushEngage, which is the best web push notification plugin for WordPress.  

It can automatically notify your subscribers about new blog posts. This will be directly delivered to their notification panel on mobiles and desktops. 

PushEngage - push notification wordpress plugin

Further, it is jam-packed with advanced features like A/B testing, dynamic user segmentation, goal tracking, and powerful analytics, and more. 

Also, another noteworthy thing about PushEngage is that they DO NOT sell your website data to third parties. 


Use push notification with email marketing and social media marketing to widen your subscriber network

Also, as with email marketing, get started with push notification subscribers from day #1. 

Envira Gallery 

Do you know that articles with higher image counts generate greater on-page time?

Yup, it’s true. 

You should always try to include informative images with every blog post. Also, your images should pop. 

Sadly, the default WordPress view for multiple images is lackluster, it doesn’t provide richness to your images and blog posts. 

That’s why I recommend you use Envira Gallery

It allows you to create mobile-friendly, customized photo galleries from premade templates. With the capability to display in lightbox mode. (Missing from default WordPress installation) 

Plus, watermark and password protection for your photo means peace of mind for you. 

Therefore, get Envira Gallery to up your graphical game. 

Adsanity – One Of The Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Display advertising is one of the best ways for monetizing your new blog. And that’s why you need to properly manage and maximize your earnings from this source. 

Adsanity is the best WordPress Ad management plugin. 

It allows you to manage integration with different ad networks like Ezoic, Infolinks, and many more, all from a single plugin. 

Further, what’s more, interesting is that it allows you to host your own ads. Without relying on 3rd parties. Just cut a direct deal with brands and start running ads with Adsanity. 

Further, it features Ad-blocker detection to prevent loss of revenue to you. 

Therefore, I recommend you start using Adsanity early on. 

Pretty Links Pro 

Do you know about affiliate marketing? It is the best way to monetize your blog site

But, do you know that you only earn a commission when someone purchases from your affiliate link?  

That’s why it is important to meticulously manage your affiliate links. Any mistake or error and your income takes a hit. 

Pretty Links Pro is a link management plugin for WordPress. 

Pretty links - best plugin for wordpress

It includes features like automatically creating links for specific keywords, creating short and pretty links for sharing, and centralized link management tools.

Pretty Links Pro should be a definite addition to your WordPress arsenal.   


Want to start your foray into creating and selling digital products?

Creating and selling online courses is the best way to get started on your digital product journey. 

LearnDash isn’t just a video hosting platform. It includes complete features to help you create and sell online courses from scratch. 

It features a visual drag and drop course builder along with impressive assessment tools like quizzes and assignments to help you create the perfect course.

Plus, thoughtful additions like drip-feed lessons and the prerequisite to watching further videos are unique to LearnDash.

So, start with LearnDash for your 1st foray into the online course market.  


Want to start monetizing your blog

Starting a premium membership plan on your blog is the best way to get started. 

And no, you don’t have to hire a $100/hr developer for that, you just need the MemberPress plugin. 

MemberPress is the “All-in-one” membership plugin for WordPress. 

It will help you to start instantly charging your users for access to your content; no worries about custom coding, payment integration, member management, and payment reminders. 

Every aspect of starting a membership site is handled by the plugin.

So, get started.

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Do you love giveaways? Yes, of course, everyone loves giveaways. 

Giveaways can be a great way to get more social media followers, email subscribers, and website traffic. 

RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin. 

It features an easy drag and drop giveaway builder along with a converting giveaway template library. 

You can easily select giveaway requirements from email sign-ups, or follow you on social media platforms, or share giveaways with friends or all three at once. 

The giveaway campaign builder is highly customizable.

What’s more interesting is built-in fraud protection, so that you can stay assured that you are not defrauded. 

RafflePress - best wordpress giveaway plugin

Therefore, if you think giveaways can help your blog, look no further than RaflePress for starting your 1st giveaway campaign. 

Yup, that’s why it is one of my best WordPress plugins for blogs. 

WP Rocket

Let me give you some advice, users don’t want to wait for content to load. 

It’s not the 2000s. 

Users hate seeing a loading screen. According to an estimate, 57% of users will bounce back if the site takes more than 3 sec to load.

Now, how to get blazing fast load time? 

Unless your site is poorly designed from the ground up, just using WP Rocket should do the trick.  

WP Rocket is a WordPress speed optimization and caching plugin. It is the most user-friendly plugin in a crowded market. 

With just a single click, you can apply 80% of the best optimizations for the WordPress platform. It includes things like Gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading.

With a little more tinkering you can also turn on additional features like lazy loading images, DNS prefetching, minification, and more to further improve page load times.

That’s why give WP Rocket a try for your blog website. 


Didn’t I just mention to you that using images can help your site achieve greater on-page time? 

But, there is a slight downside to using numerous images; they slow your site down.  

And the solution for that is to use an image compression plugin like Imagify.

ShortPixel is a popular image compression plugin from WP Media (developers behind WP Rocket) 

That’s why it inherits the same no-frills setup from WP Rocket. Just select from three presets; normal, aggressive, and ultra.  

And your work is done. 

Just upload your images as usual to the WordPress dashboard and let Imagify do its job in the background. 

That’s it! 


Do you think a website blackout is all that can happen? 

You would be wrong. 

Your website can be corrupted, become a target for clickjacking, your content can be replaced with illicit materials, and more. 

Website security should be a top priority, even for bloggers, not just businesses. 

Sucuri is the most reputed security plugin for WordPress. It protects your website by bypassing your web traffic through its web application firewall (WAF). 

Sucuri - website security plugin

WAF monitors and protects your site from DDoS attacks, cross-scripting attacks, malware threats, and more. 

Additionally, they offer malware and hack removal services along with blacklist removal for every paid plan. 

Which is awesome!

So, if you are serious about blogging, then get Sucuri protection for your WordPress website.  


A hack, server crash, buggy update or a user error; these problems can crash your WordPress site. 

A crash can lead to an inaccessible WordPress dashboard to complete the site going offline. 

That’s really bad. 

To resolve a crash fastly on your own, you need backup. 

Restoring a functional WordPress backup can help you get back online ASAP. 

But, do you really have free time to take backup while making changes? 

For most of us, the answer is NO. 

That’s why I always use a WordPress backup plugin. 

Currently, UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress backup plugin in the market.

It automatically creates a pre-update backup, allows scheduling backup time and frequency, backup non-WP files and databases, and also features a backup encryption option.  

UpdraftPlus supports storing your site backup on remote locations like Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, and more.


Did I mention to you that proper SEO should be your focus from day #1? 

On-page SEO and Technical SEO solutions provided by RankMath are just a meager part of SEO and digital marketing strategy

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tool for your blog. It comes with tools to help you with your SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and PR strategies. 

(I did say it was an all-in-one tool) 

Further, SEMrush is known for its most accurate database in the industry. 

Therefore, give SEMrush a try. 

Revive Old Posts 

Did you know that social media can account for up to 33% of your total traffic? 

Want to know how to hit this magical figure? 

Periodically share your old posts to boost traffic. 

An average Facebook post has an engagement rate of only 2%. 

This means that 98% of your followers don’t engage with your posts. That’s a lot. 

Therefore, it’s a must to periodically keep reminding your followers of your evergreen content. 

I know it’s a lot of hard work to keep track of all the old posts. 

Wanna know how I manage?

I use Revive Old Posts plugin to periodically schedule to repost my old and evergreen content. Thus, bringing me consistent traffic to my old blog posts. 

Therefore, if you have hundreds of old blog posts, give Revive Old Posts a try. 

(And thank me later) 

Social Warfare 

Want to show your readers how popular your content is? Use the Social Warfare plugin for WordPress.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for sharing blogs.

With the Social Warfare plugin, you can set up inline and floating social buttons. This approach ensures maximum social shares for your blog posts. 

Further, it features a built-in social analytics feature that lets you monitor and track social trends. 

And that’s not all. 

Social warfare - best WordPress plugins for sharing blogs

It includes advanced features like Twitter cards, content protection, share recovery, Pinterest images, shareable quotes, minimum share counts, and more. 

Therefore, to up your social game, you should give Social Warfare a try.  

Smash Balloon – Show Your Audience Social Proof

Want to convert your website audience into social media followers? 

Show them a sneak peek of your social power. 

You may ask, how to do that? 

Use the Smash Balloon social feed WordPress plugin. 

Smash Balloon plugin allows you to integrate your social media feeds into your website with a customizable design. 

It currently supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter feeds along with FB groups. All this integration can be done without any code in a jiffy.   

Smash balloon -wordpress plugin

Plus, it is the most lightweight plugin along with caching features to ensure faster loading times. 

Social Balloon is the most underrated plugin in this 19 best WordPress plugins for blogs series. 

Therefore, if you are serious about getting social media followers, use Social Balloon. 

Bonus tools that will help your business

Grammarly – If you are a blogger, Grammarly is a must-have tool. Grammarly is more than just a basic spelling and grammar check, it features a clarity checker, tone detector, engagement checker, plagiarism check, and more. All in a single tool.  

WPML – WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin that allows you to effortlessly create multi-lingual versions of your site. 

Uncanny Automator – It is more than just another plugin for WordPress. It is an automation tool for WordPress. Uncanny Automator allows you to integrate different plugins to perform pre-programmed tasks without writing any code. 

Divi page builder – Sometimes even premium themes can be limiting. To get the perfect design according to your liking, use Divi page builder, it allows you to create custom pages with complete freedom over design.

Antispam Bee – A great plugin to keep spammers at bay.

PublishPress – An excellent WordPress plugin that helps you organize, schedule and plan your WordPress content. 

WP-Optimize – It is an all-in-one WordPress performance plugin that caches your website, compresses your images, and cleans your WP database. 

Freshbooks – Want to better manage your blog’s finances? Use Freshbooks to meticulously track payments and invoices for your hosting, domain, themes, plugins, and more. 

Printify – Want to sell merchandise to your customer to boost income. Look no further than Printify. They handle everything from production, inventory, and shipping. 

Siteground – Did you know that your web hosting affects your website speed performance? And no, your hosting problems cannot be solved by using WP Rocket. For that, you need a better host. My recommendation, migrate your site to Siteground and forget about your website speed anxieties. 

Canva – Custom images boost reader engagement. Want to know how established bloggers do it? They use Canva, it is a free tool that lets you create custom images, icons, logos, infographics, and more. 

SeedProd – If you want better conversion then SeedProd landing page builder is #1 WordPress landing page plugin.


I believe that by this comprehensive article, your search for the best WordPress plugins for blogs should come to an end. 

From SEO plugins to Email marketing plugins, to Ad management plugins, to Social media management plugins… We went over each and every essential plugin for your blog. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and acquaintances on social media.   


Shohib is an entrepreneur and a professional blogger since 2017. He has an MAIB degree in International business and blog at Shohib AK, a site for helping bloggers to make money through blogging to attain financial freedom. Read his inspiring story on how he went from 0 to 6 figure blogger.

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