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Hello people, I am Shohib, a passionate blogger. And today, I am going to provide you with my holy grail of 21 best blogging tips, which will help you start and succeed in this competitive space.

So do you want to become a successful blogger? But don’t know how to start and succeed?

best blogging tips for bloggers

Trust me, Folks. I know the pain. Let me help you!

So, hang tight! & don’t quit just yet.

Quick Overview

1) Select your niche & Start something up

What do you think blogging involves? Just airing your views on random thoughts over the internet?

If you believe that, then you are dead wrong.

People don’t care about your views. (Unless you are highly successful, okay, I know that’s depressing.)

But then, why do successful bloggers get millions and millions of visitors each month?

The answer is simple: Successful bloggers provide practical solutions to problems encountered by people through their experience and knowledge.

Remember, blogs are not encyclopedias. They are not just collections of facts and information but a practical approach to problem-solving. 

So to become a successful blogger, you should be able to help people with their problems. That’s possible either when you are knowledgeable, experienced, or passionate about a topic.

So don’t get swayed away just because a particle niche is lucrative. If you can’t express, then you would not be successful. It’s that simple.  

Therefore, select a niche that you are passionate about. Don’t worry about search volumes, impressions, and other metrics. 

No niche is too small on the web in 2021. You just need to keep helping people and definitely, you will be a successful blogger in that niche.    

Next tip – just start, will you?

Don’t wait up. You will never know for sure, whether you will be successful or not.

So stop procrastinating and start blogging. 

(Trust me this is one of the best blogging tips you will get.)

2) Create a well-optimized blog.

I know we are not web developers and designers. But, still, our blog should be appealing to our readers.

So, how do you create a great blog?

Don’t worry, let me guide you through the process.

1.     Select your blogging platform

Let me warn you, there are numerous blogging platforms available. From free to paid ones.

Which one should you choose?

My suggestion: use WordPress.org and don’t bother looking at the alternatives.

( That will save you a lot of time, headache, and monetary loss)  

2.     Select your hosting

WordPress.org is just a free-to-use CMS. You need to purchase a web hosting plan from a hosting company.

Now, I know your mind might be on the brink of exploding. So, let me make some technical jargon clear for you.

For simplicity, consider WordPress as a Windows 10 operating system but you know that Windows actually requires hardware to run itself. This hardware is what we refer to as “hosting”.

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Now how do you select a hosting provider?

First and foremost, stay away from any kind of free hosting providers. That is because they provide a limited free quota and if you cross that limit, your website can be terminated without any warning. With no way for you to restore.

The biggest disadvantage is free hosting limits you from monetizing your blog.

So, Which hosting provider should go for?

I recommend you use Bluehost hosting for starting your blog. (Not only me but even WordPress.org officially recommends them).

Why do I recommend Bluehost?

  1. I have personally found their server uptime higher than the industry average.
  2. Affordable price for shared hosting
  3. Reliable performance
  4. Great support agents – 24/7
  5. One-click WordPress installation

Therefore, I recommend that you give Bluehost a try and remember that you can change hosts with WordPress.org.

Click here to check out Bluehost

3.     Choose a great domain name

A domain is the identity of your website or blog. When some types your domain name like shohibak.com it connects them to your hosting server and by extension to your blog.

Therefore, Give it a proper thought before selecting a domain name.

I recommend you select something unique and memorable. 

Do not select a generic domain name like best blogging tips dotcom.

Such generic domain names provide no long-term tangible benefits.

Where can you purchase the domain name from?

I would recommend Namecheap as they are the most consumer-friendly company out there.

Additionally, they include privacy protection for your personal details.

Which is great!

4.     Create a visually appealing blog.

Do you know what attracts most visitors’ attention? It’s your website design.

So, how to create a visually appealing website?

Use Divi pages builder

Divi is a popular theme + page builder combo. It is a complete design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your website easily.

You have granular control over every fine detail with Divi.

I recommend it even for beginners because its drag and drop features allow you to design a website within an hour.

You can check out Divi page builder here.

Genesis Pro Theme

Genesis Pro is another popular WordPress theme. They are makers behind the popular Genesis framework and Genesis Themes.

This is my 2nd most recommended theme out there.

Customizing your blog with the Genesis theme is a breeze as it includes a large number of pre-made templates.

Just edit the templates according to your liking. And hey, congratulations on that great-looking blog.

With the purchase of Genesis Pro, you get access to and support for Genesis & all the StudioPress-made themes.

Best of all, (Genesis Pro comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.)

Be sure to try Genesis pro out.

3) Don’t underestimate your website speed

Don’t be confused. Yes, Improving your website speed is one of the best blogging tips and one which many people don’t pay attention to.

It’s 2021, And no one wants to wait for your website to load.

Approximately 57% of your visitors leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Moreover, website speed is going to be a ranking signal, as a part of the Google page experience update from June 2021.

So focus on improving your website speed.

First, measure your website speed.

You won’t know what to fix unless you know what’s broken.

Measure your website load times using:-


GTmetrix is a website performance testing and monitoring tool.

best blog post tips

It rates your website on performance & structure which in turn are measured on various standard sub-parameters.

And allows you to test your website from different locations and devices for a better understanding of the problems with your site.

It also offers an automated monitoring tool that notifies if your website speed suddenly takes a nosedive.


Pingdom is more advanced and complex tool than GTmetrix.

It provides a performance grade, page size, lead time, and request count for overview.

Furthermore, it offers details for content size breakdown on a page, HTTPS response codes, requests breakdown by content type and domain, and most importantly suggestions to improve page performance.

How to improve Pagespeed performance?

Use WP Rocket for non-image resources

I know there are numerous tools out there. But the only tool that satisfactory provides improved page speed is WP Rocket.

WP Rocket provides a single-click solution for applying 80% of the best practices.

Yup, that’s right you don’t have to bombard your head with technical jargon.

Only a single click.

Even the more advanced options are relatively easier to work with WP Rocket.

So, definitely, I suggest WP Rocket.

You can check it out here.   

Use Tinypng or Optimizilla for images

Have you ever checked your image size? Check it.

Most smartphone images are around 2-5 Megabytes and that is just a single image.

Now images try to load 10 such images. That a lot of wasted bandwidth both for your visitors and your hosting plans.

So how do you reduce your image size?

Use Tinypng or Optimizilla.

beginner blogging tips

Both work similarly, you upload images to be compressed. Then wait for them to be uploaded, processed, compressed, and then finally download them.

On average, you can be up to 50 – 80% reduction in file size.


Using multiple tools for optimizing non-image and image files might be time-consuming in the long run.

Therefore, if you frequently use numerous images in your blog posts.

Try WP-Optimize.

It features an inbuilt image compression tool along with the features provided by WP Rocket. 

Be sure to use these tools on your website and you will have a sub-3 second loading time.

4) Select your blogging tools

1.     To write

We bloggers have to write a lot! First draft, second draft… final draft. 

It is overwhelming; taking care of grammar, proper tone usage, readability and many more things have to be considered for writing a great article.

Want to know how I manage?

I use Grammarly. It is a freemium tool.

best blog writing tool

Grammarly features an advanced grammar checker, readability checker, and other premium tools like tone detection and plagiarism checker. 

Currently, it is the #1 tool, if you want to write top-notch grammatically correct articles.

2.     To create custom images

Yup, you read that correctly.

Custom images are the best way to increase your referral traffic from social media. Using plain old stock photos doesn’t cut it.

Then my trick is to use a custom edited version of a popular stock photo to create a customized image for every post.

I know editing images is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially in photoshop. So don’t feel sorry.

I have a much simpler alternative photo editing and graphics creation software known as Canva. It is just like photoshop but much more user-friendly to use and that is why I recommend it to you.

best blog graphic tool

Just undergo a brief tutorial and you would be creating your own custom graphics in no time!

Want to know which blogging tools I use? Find the complete list here.

5) Learn Keyword Research

Wait, don’t run away just yet. Keyword research is not that difficult.

Let me explain to you keyword research.

But first, What are the keywords?

Keywords are the specific terms that users type while searching for a particular query.

For example,

You searched for “best blogging tips in 2021”, so that’s a keyword.

Why do you need to do keyword research?

Keywords provide you with insights into what users are searching the web for and how many of them are searching for it.

If you target irrelevant keywords, you would get next to no visitors to your site. 

So to bring traffic to your site you need to strategically target keywords. And for that, you need to do keyword research.

How do you perform keyword research?

Use keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ubersuggest.


blog writing free tips

SEMrush is my favorite keyword search tool and is considered to have the most accurate database in the industry.

For Keyword Research, just enter your keyword in the search box and it will display you various metrics.

The most important metrics are:-

Keyword Difficulty (KD) – It rates keywords based on difficulty to rank for them. Aim for keywords with a lower KD score.

Search volume – It shows estimated search volume for the exact keyword term.

Related search volume – It shows estimated search volume for variation of that keyword.

For selecting keywords make sure to select keywords with low KD and a higher search volume.

Try out SEMrush with this 7 day free trial offer.

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blog writing free tips

Though it is a relatively new tool in the industry, It has a fairly reliable database.

I would definitely recommend Ubersuggest for newbie bloggers, as it has an excellent keyword idea section.

Ubersuggest like SEMrush provides – difficulty score, estimated traffic, and related keywords traffic. Though, I find the keywords idea section more intuitive in Ubersuggest.

So, definitely take a look at Ubersuggest.

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Want to know more in-depth about keyword research?

Keyword research falls under SEO. It’s a big subject to discuss.

In short, if you implement the right SEO strategies it will help you get organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing in the long run.

SEO is not like social media marketing. Social media requires you to run paid ads to get blog traffic.

But SEO can get you FREE website traffic if you do it right. There’s a lot to learn to master the SEO skills.

I recommend to check out Affiliate SEO Mastery Course by Chris Lee.

This course had helped me immensely to improve my SEO skills from basic to advanced level.

In fact It is the #1 SEO mastery course for such a low cost in the market.

It Includes:-

  • Practical SEO concepts
  • Detailed keyword research guide. (with tips and tricks for finding lower difficulty keywords)
  • User intent study.
  • Competitor analysis for long-term results.
  • The complete course is backed with a complete case study analysis.
  • Teaches how to dominate page 1 google spot.
  • And many more.

The SEO mastery course teaches you everything from basic SEO lessons to advanced SEO strategies.

So, be sure to check them out here.

6) Use the RankMath plugin.

No roundup article about best blogging tips would be complete without the RankMath plugin.

But still, I am going to say it again.

Use RankMath. No matter what.

What is RankMath? You might ask.

It is an SEO plugin for WordPress users, which handles everything from on-page SEO to technical SEO stuff like sitemaps.

You only have to follow its guidelines step-by-step and your site is going to be optimized according to the best SEO parameters out there.

So be sure to check it out.

It has both a free version and a paid version (with more features)

7) Become a great headline writer

Do you know what a reader first sees before he visits your page?

Three things: Headline, meta-description, and featured images.

Therefore, Writing eye-catching headlines is key to getting more visitors.

A great headline improves your CTR and sends positive relevancy signals to Google. Moreover, it hooks the visitor into reading your introduction subconsciously.

Thus without a doubt, you cannot be a great blogger without being a great headline writer.

Want to know more about how you can improve your headline writing skills. I have written a whole article about it, you can read it here

8) Write killer Intro  

Do you know what makes visitors stick after an eye-catching headline?

A great introduction to the topic. It acts as a hook that keeps the audience interested in reading the article.

So now, how do you write a killer introduction?

I know writing a great introduction is not a skill learned overnight.

But, I would recommend newbies the APP formula,

  1. Align – You make it clear to readers that you understand their problem.
  2. Present – Then, you present your article as a solution to their problems.
  3. Proof – Finally, you describe or introduce the solution to readers in a few sentences. 

Follow this formula and ta-da you have a great introduction. Moreover, as you become more experienced try out different styles.

9) Don’t write mediocre content

Blogging in 2021 is no easy task. Even focused niches have numerous bloggers fighting for the #1 spot.

So how do you achieve the #1 spot?

Never write mediocre content.

Always aim for a top-notch article on a topic. No matter what.

How do you write a great blog article?

Firstly, understand that you are a blogger, not an encyclopedia.

People want you to present your insight and not random pieces of facts from the internet.

Therefore, always include your personal insights and fine details about a topic to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

This is my “secret sauce” behind creating great articles.  

10) Include statistics and real-life examples

Do you know which content gets shared the most?

One that includes statistics and real-life examples.

You might ask, Shoihb I don’t have access to the research papers, and nor can I tie up with research firms?

For example,

  1. How to start a blog in 20 minutes that can generate a passive income?

But don’t worry even if you are a complete noob. You can start with sharing small but decisive updates like “How I got Google Adsense approval within a month?”

11) Know a thing or two about Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism

Copyright Infringement

You might be wondering “What relationship does the copyright law have with blogging?”

Duh…it does.

Copyright is more serious than “a circle with a c” in it. It is a law that grants protection to the right owner of the property (photo, video, and music).

Using Copyrighted material without consent amounts to Copyright Infringement. And that’s illegal.

You could be sued in court, or the copyholder may file DMCA takedown notice resulting in your domain name and hosting being suspended.

Just because you are a newbie blogger, don’t think that it won’t get noticed. All your hard work can go down the drain just due to a foolish mistake. 

So, always check before utilizing material in your blog whether it’s copyrighted or not.

But wait, you do require images for your blog, right? Then how to get copyright-free images?

Well, you can use my trusted source Pixabay to download royalty-free images at high resolutions.

Use it. Don’t end up using copyrighted material. 


So, you might ask. What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or an idea as your own, without giving them due credit. While strictly speaking plagiarism is not illegal, it’s definitely unethical.

And that is why I have seen numerous bloggers plagiarize content frequently.

But my recommendation to you, don’t do it.


Whether you are a small blogger or an established one it is sure going to be noticed; by the rightful author or his team or by his followers.

And they won’t be hesitant to call you out on social media platforms.

Now, you know that a lot of bad publicity (& remember it’s bound to happen)

So stay away from plagiarism.

How do you know if you have committed plagiarism?

Though there are numerous free plagiarism checkers out there; they are unreliable. 

Therefore, I recommend you use Grammarly Premium. It includes a plethora of features detecting and correcting your grammatical errors along with a plagiarism checker. 

12) Tell your story through the About me page

about me page

You might be initially reluctant to create an about me page. Or might think, why do I need an about me page?

But, Get this. 

Initially, visitors visit your website, on the next visit they become returning visitors.

But, when you establish a personal connection with these visitors they become your loyal readers. 

Now guess, how do you establish a personal connection?

Simple, tell them your true story?

Whether you were born on planet Krypton or affected by nuclear radiation.

Give them details!

Describe your birth, family, culture, education, job experience. What made you start blogging? How has been your journey?

Just write your honest life story…. 1000 words, 2000 words, or 5000 words. It doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to take care of keywords or keyword density. Just write your story and you will be blessed with loyal readers and followers. 

13) Promote yourself

Promoting you and promoting your blog isn’t just for the established bloggers. Get this misconception out of your head.

If you write great content then it deserves an audience.

Just writing and waiting for Google overloads to bring you visitors takes time.

Because don’t underestimate social media traffic, Even for a newbie blogger it can make up to 50% of the total visitor. And that’s no joke!

Moreover, social media traffic isn’t dependent on complex things such as sitemaps, crawl budget, and other technical SEO stuff.

So keep posting great and engaging content. You would be definitely blessed with visitors and followers, slowly day after day.

1.     On social media

  1. Get active on social media

Don’t wait to start sharing your social media profile with your readers. Start it from day 1. Be active on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

  • Find your audience

You might seem confused by that? How should you exactly “find your audience”?

Though, the majority of folks out there might use Facebook, Pinterest,  Instagram, and Twitter. There are also numerous other niche-specific platforms.

For example,

I. Blogher – for female creators.

II. Letterboxd – for movie buffs.

You need to find platforms frequently used by your audience. This has the potential to increase your visibility many-fold. So do some research.

  • How to manage your time? It sounds so time-consuming?

I know it’s a very tedious process.

That is why I use Tailwind

It is a social media scheduling tool that allows me to schedule posts on Instagram and Pinterest at a particular date and time.

Isn’t that cool.

Wait there’s more, it allows me to create and schedule an entire month of Pins in just 30 minutes, and also a hashtag finder that ensures greater visibility for my posts along with advanced analytics features which provide me greater insights.

So, If you are active on these two platforms, then I highly recommend you try out Tailwinds.     

2.     On Community Platforms

1. Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A site. On Quora, you can follow people, topics, questions, and join different spaces.

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2. Reddit

Reddit is a content aggregation platform. On Reddit, just like Quora, you can follow people, question, and join the community.

You can use both these platforms to your advantage by solving the questions asked by users. Thus gaining followers in the process.

But be aware that these platforms are known for kicking out spammers. So, don’t randomly post your answer but try to help users.

3.     Bookmarking site

Do you create great content? But you are still struggling to get visitors.

Try social bookmarking sites. Just share quality content and this can be a good source of traffic.

Few examples,

  • Growthhackers
  • Triberr
  • Hacker News
  • BizSugar

14) Build your community

Promoting yourself and your blog is just the start. You need to create a community that can freely communicate and share ideas with you.

1.     Get social with other people.

a.      Follow other people in your space

Follow other experienced bloggers in your niche. Most bloggers usually provide many helpful tips.

Don’t miss their guidance.

Also, make sure that you follow me on Facebook for more blogging tips.

b.      Interact with them

Most bloggers publish their work on social media and ask for feedback.

Don’t feel hesitant to interact with them. Provide them with your genuine feedback through comments, social media, and emails.

And hey, they might just respond to you. That’s how you make connections with people.

(Just don’t spam anyone.)

2. Respond to your blog comments. Also soft promote your content.

I know you might think this tip is a bit cheesy? Why do I have to respond to every other comment?

You would be both right and wrong at the same time! I know that’s bonkers.

But, ya that’s human nature. Everyone loves appreciation.

That’s why always respond to your blog comments.

Some readers may appreciate you, others may suggest you a new resource, while few may point out factual errors.

Appreciate them all. Never be rude to anyone.

Pro tips — Try to suggest related posts for your readers to go through.

3. Create your Facebook group

Facebook is the largest social media platform out there.

Use Facebook groups to build a community around the topics on which you blog. Engage with your audience about which topic they would want you to cover next.

Try group polls to know more insights from your audience.

4. Use Pinterest

Don’t underestimate Pinterest? Why am I saying that?

Though, Pinterest is not as big as Facebook and Instagram but it sure brings more engagements and referral traffic.

In 2021, it’s next to impossible to have a wide organic reach on Facebook and Instagram without paying for ads.

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That’s why, take this opportunity to drive essentially free traffic to your blog and build your community. 

Want to build online communities & drive traffic to your blog by using Pinterest?

Try this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course by Create & Go team.

It includes beginner step-by-step guidance for beginner bloggers to drive 10,000 – 100,000+ FREE monthly visitors to your blog without spending on Ads.

Additionally, they have included case studies from their previous Pinterest campaigns as study material. That really makes it easy for anyone, as a student, to develop their own strategies by learning from their experience and mistakes.

So, definitely check them out.

15) Repromote your old post on social media

This might be the most underrated best blogging tip out there. But believe me, it works!

On average, only 2% of your followers engage with your social media. That means 98% of people have still not given it their view.

Moreover, on top of those 98% add your recent subscribers. That a lot of people still remain to be reached. 

So make sure to repost your evergreen posts every few months, to get a consistent source of referral traffic.

16) Sometimes, people are just too much to handle.

Maintaining a social presence even with a few thousand followers is no joke.

There are always chronic haters out there on social media.

Never pay attention to them.

Appreciating criticism and ignoring hate has always been my motto.

17) Repurpose your great content

Do you know what’s great about creating evergreen and great content?

It’s that you can repurpose it in the forms of images, video content, courses,  infographics, podcast shows, and much more.

That is the benefit of producing great content. 

For example,

My courses:-

  1. Get Started with My FREE 5 Day Pinterest Ninja Traffic Course!
  2. Get Started with My 7 Day Blogging Course For Absolutely FREE! 

18) Build an email list to directly promote content to people.

Your email list is a direct link with your readers. Start it from day 1, don’t procrastinate on this.

Social media algorithms may change, google overloads may become unhappy or your social media pages may get terminated.

Do you know what still remains constant?

Your email list!

Typing Email to individual subscribers sounds tedious, doesn’t it?

Yes, it is, that is why no one does it that way. So, how do I manage and grow my email list?

I use Convertkit. It is an Email marketing & automation tool.

Convertkit allows me to send an email with an eye-popping design due to pre-made templates.

That is why I have a higher email open rate and a click-through rate.

So, if you are dead serious about creating your email list from the start.

Don’t wait, go ahead and sign up for Convertkit. (It’s free for the first 1000 subscribers)

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19) Offer Content upgrades

Content upgrades that really do sound interesting, don’t they?

So what are content upgrades?

A content upgrade is offering your visitors high-quality bonus content that is related to the topic they are reading in exchange for email opt-in. 

For example,     

Are you enjoying my holy grail collection of 21 best blogging tips?

Want to know more about making money through blogging? Sign up for my curated 7-day blogging course.

Yup, that’s a content upgrade.

So, how do I collect emails in exchange for content upgrades?

I use highly optimized landing pages created with Leadpages to collect email leads in exchange for content upgrades.

Why don’t I use regular WordPress pages? Because they are not optimized.

Leadpages allows me to create highly converting landing pages with its drag and drop builder.

Therefore my conversion rate per 100 users is exponentially higher than plain old WordPress pages. Be sure to check them out. 

20) Offer exit-intent popups

This is one of my newest best blogging tips – Don’t underestimate the power of exit-intent popups.

The plain truth is that “people like to skim”. There is no easy way to put it.

Visitors read an overview of your article and then they just bounce off.

So, how do you counter that? How do you convert these visitors into your subscribers?

You can offer them a highly targeted and irresistible content upgrade in the form of the exit-intent popup.

Just make sure that you create a popup with zero fluff. And then you would be able to retain some of those visitors.

21) Create what experts call “marketing funnels”

Understand how the reader forms a connection with you and supports you.

First, he reads a great and valuable piece of content —-> Then, he signs up for content in form of email, ebooks, course —> Then, he becomes an avid follower —> Finally, he supports you in form of affiliate purchases and sharing your contents

This is what experts call a “marketing funnel” or in more human terms as I like to put it as “cultivating & developing relationships”.   

Did you find these best blogging tips useful? Want to know more about earning passive income through blogging?

Check out Pro Blogger Bundle. It is the ultimate course bundle from the Create and Go team.

The course will help you go from no blog or brand new blog to earning your first $1,000+ blogging.

You will be taught top-notch strategies to drive traffic to your blog, email marketing, affiliate marketing, creating your own digital product, and many other methods to make money through your blog.

Be sure to check them out. They are great!


I hope that you find this exhaustive list of best blogging tips useful.

If you do, please share it on social media with your friends and sign up for my 7-day digital marketing course for absolutely free!

If you like to share more tips & tricks, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


Shohib is an entrepreneur and a professional blogger since 2017. He has an MAIB degree in International business and blog at Shohib AK, a site for helping bloggers to make money through blogging to attain financial freedom. Read his inspiring story on how he went from 0 to 6 figure blogger.

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