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Affiliate marketing on Quora is one of the most unused ways of promoting affiliate products

Yes, it’s very unpopular but, super effective.

Now, traditionally you would only use your blog to promote affiliate links.

At max, you would use Pinterest or Instagram to promote your affiliate products but, Quora is something that is never heard of.

When I first heard about Quora for affiliate marketing, I was taken aback, really?

I used Quora all the time for driving traffic to the blog but, for affiliate marketing never.

Then one day I was reading about SEO blogs and then there I saw an article about affiliate marketing on Quora.

Then it just clicked, why not?

It made total sense to use Quora for promoting affiliate products.

That was the day when I started using Quora for affiliate marketing and I never looked back.

So, this article is me sharing my experience with you on how you can do Affiliate marketing on Quora.

But first, let’s find out what is Quora.

What is Quora?

 Quora for affiliate marketing

Quora is a social media platform that revolves around the concept of question and answer.

This platform is community-driven, where people from all walks of life can come and ask questions or give an answer to someone else’s questions.

It’s quite an interesting concept that this site can sometimes act like a search engine, and sometimes like a social network.

This is one of my favorite social media platforms that not only shares insightful knowledge but also helps in understanding the different perspectives of a question.

You can get left, right and central all kinds of views on a particular topic.

Here, you can share your point of view as well and wherever you deemed necessary, you can post the affiliate product link.

And at other places, you can also insert a link to your blog which indirectly also promotes your affiliate products.

But, You might have another question popping up in your mind i.e. why to use Quora.

Well, Quora is an amazing platform with over 300 million users.

It has a huge potential to attract quality leads from around the world.  

The users that your get from Quora are targeted one meaning they are highly likely to get converted into your buyers.

And yet this platform is used by only professional bloggers to their advantage.

If you dedicate at least one hour a day to Quora, then it’ll definitely increase your revenue from Quora.

For bloggers, it is like a gold mine that is not yet discovered much.

5 steps for Affiliate marketing on Quora

Since we have understood what Quora is.

Now, let’s dive deep into how to do Affiliate marketing on Quora.

Here, I’ll explain 5 steps process on how to market your affiliate products on quora.

Create your Quora Profile

The very first step to getting started with Quora is to create your profile(of course).

It is a very simple process and can be done by following the on-screen instructions.

You can get yourself registered by visiting Quora.com or download the Quora Mobile app on your android or ios devices.

Now, you can get yourself register using three ways- using email, continue with Google, continue with Facebook.

I recommend using the Facebook option as it can fast-track your registration.

After successful sign-up, you’ll have to select your topic of interest from the given options.

Here, you have to choose the topics of your niche like a lifestyle blog, travel blog, etc.

And that’s it! You are all set to edit your profile.

Now, This is very important for you.

Your profile is like you introducing yourself to others, and remember the first impression is the last impression.

You cannot go wrong with this.

To edit your profile, click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

 Then, click on your name from the drop-down menu.

It’ll open up a new tab with many editable options like headline, name, profile credentials, change your profile picture, edit your topics, description, etc.

Now, include all these things in a story form, and make sure you add links to your website and other social media.

Start a Blog

start a blog from scratch

The next step would be to start a blog.

It is crucial if you want to make some serious blogger’s income.

Without a blog, you could never use affiliate marketing profitably, you would need a blogging platform where you can promote your blog and your affiliate products.

Yes, you can use social media like Instagram, YouTube, etc. but for that, you have to comply with the rules and guidelines of that platform.

However, with a blog, you’ll have complete freedom to control, and moreover, it is easy to start a blog and very much affordable.

All you have to do is to buy a domain name and web hosting and you’re good to go.

Well, if you are wondering where to get this web hosting and domain name.

I recommend using Bluehost.

This is the best web hosting provider in the market that promises to provide the best value for money services.

And as a user myself, I couldn’t agree more.

For as low as 2.95$ a month, you get web hosting, 24X7 uptime, free SSL Certificate, best bandwidth, and much more.

It is also recommended by WordPress which makes it even more reliable for web hosting.  

Research Topics using Quora

Quora for promoting affiliate products.

The best way to find the question to answer is by researching on Quora in your niche.

You can use Quora’s search box to find the questions.

Start typing in a keyword related to your niches like Instagram blogging, or On-Page SEO, etc.

Now, you’ll be suggested with the drop-down suggestion and you can choose any that you find best.

A new window will appear with related topics on the right-hand sidebar, quora spaces related to the topic, and the most recent questions people have asked.

You can use all these three sections to find questions.

You can also follow this topic so that any activity related to the topic appears on your Quora newsfeed.   

Write Amazing Answers

Now, all the magic with affiliate marketing happens by writing amazing content.

And in this case, you have to write amazing answers.

So, how to write good answers?

Well, it’s simple, you have to write answers to solve the problems of other people.

Writing answer on Quora is very much similar to writing SEO-friendly content for your blog.

There is no right or wrong way of answering a question, You are free to use different ways to make your answer unique and attention-grabbing.

But, make sure they are factually right otherwise it’ll be a huge blow to your credibility.

And please ensure you’re using correct grammar, I’ve seen this mistake again and again, even from professionals.

They mess up the grammar and if you do the same, you could easily lose your hard-earned credibility.

If you are like me a non-native English speaker then Grammarly can be an amazing tool for you.

This tool can help you edit your content and will remove any grammatical errors like spelling, punctuations, articles, etc.

I personally suggest using this tool even if you are a native speaker, it’ll save your time and effort.

Another aspect of writing amazing content is to use visuals.

Using visuals, you can instantly level up your content quality, people connect visually better than any other means.

And you can use any image that matches your topic to insert in your answers or you can custom build them as well.

I personally use Canva to create visuals for my website, Quora, or any content in general.

It is an amazing graphic design tool that provides so much flexibility in terms of designs like Instagram posts, blog posts, logos, banners, business cards, etc.

It also provides you pre-built templates which you can use to create graphics on your own.

You do not need to learn graphic designing to use this tool any rookie like me can design some of the most professional graphics.

And the best part, no one can tell the difference.

The rule that you have to follow while answering the question is to use your affiliate product link wherever necessary but, do not overdo it.

Overdoing this could lead to your account being banned which could be dangerous for your online reputation.

So, take extra care with the links placements.

Share your Answers

The best thing about Quora is that you can share your answers on different platforms.

This way you not only get Quora’s users to engage with your answer but, you also get your audience engagement.

Sharing is the most important metric in social media that is often overlooked.

Amateur bloggers focus on getting more likes or comments but, sharing is what makes things go viral.

And that’s what professional bloggers do, they answer the question in such a way that their answer is comfortable for everyone to share with others.

Bonus Tip

If you follow me for a while then you know my love for giving bonus tips to my audience.

So, here I’m going to share a bonus tip as well on how I learned about affiliate marketing.

The credit for teaching me how to sell affiliate products goes to Ana.

When I first read about using affiliate marketing, I was fully confident that I can do it on my own.

But, when I started doing it, it became a total disaster. 

I failed big time which caused me a lot of money and a crazy amount of time.

But, I picked myself up, patted the dust, and kept going.

And then I felt a desperate need for professional help to learn about affiliate marketing, so I started to research different affiliate courses.

During my research, I got to know about the Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle by Ana which received the best reviews.

So, I bought this course 

And honestly, I learned a lot.

And I recommend this to you as well because I do not want you to make the same mistake that I made.

Here, you’ll learn about different case studies, calculations on how to hit the target income, how to find affiliate products, how to use different platforms for promoting affiliate products, and so much more.

She even teaches you to keep track of your income for tax purposes.

It’s that comprehensive.

So, if you are a newbie to affiliate marketing and trying to get into making money like a blogger then this course is for you.

But remember, the biggest asset with success in affiliate marketing is your patience and hard work.

Affiliate sales can be a tricky job as you have to convince people to buy your affiliate products.

But, with the right practice and strategies, you can easily achieve a six-figure income using affiliate marketing.


So, there you have it, all my secrets of doing affiliate marketing on Quora.

If you follow my step-by-step process correctly then you’ll definitely see an increase in your affiliate sales.

All my strategies are simple and implementable but it has to speak quality. 

If you lose quality with your work then you are setting yourself up for a disaster. 

To summarise, from your profile to your answers everything should be well structured, engaging, and most of all high-quality.

Since Quora is a social media platform you have to grow your social following which aids your outreach. 

If you have just started using Quora then follow people, engage with their content, ask questions, and eventually, you’ll notice some of them are coming back to you.

And finally, extremely important advice is to share your answers with your audience of other platforms.

It increases your chances of getting followers and improves your outreach. 

If you like this article, please let me know using the comment section.

Make sure you share this with your friends, and family to support my efforts. 

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