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Is your new blog finally getting some traction?

If yes, it is finally time to monetize your blog!

But how?

Well, there are multiple ways to get your first blogger’s earnings

As your blog gets more traffic, you can easily monetize it with ad networks and generate your revenue! 

Depending on your website traffic and niche, your ad network income may vary. 

Hence, let’s not wait for any further and jump right into the business!

Today I have listed the 10 best ad networks for bloggers, and rest assured, all of them have an incredible potential for making you some great bucks!

So, let’s get started already?!

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an evergreen ad network and needs no special introduction!

If you are serious with your blogging journey, you might have already heard about Google Adsense as the best ad network for bloggers!

Google Adsense - Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

However, in the past few years, many bloggers are having a hard time monetizing their blogs with Google Adsense due to their strict rules and regulations.

Even though you can get the complete list of requirements from their official website but some of the requirements include,

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Your website must have all the legal papers
  • The website must comply with all the Google policies

And many more…

You can place Auto ads or Responsive ads just as per your requirements, and the process of earning revenue from those ads is pretty much the same in every ad network. 

Apply for Google Adsense


Media.net is one of the best ad networks for bloggers out there since there are high chances that you will indeed get accepted as long as you follow their nominal requirements. 

You just need to publish original content and have a reasonable volume of visitors to your blog! As simple as it sounds!

You can get access to high-quality display ads, native ads, contextual ads, and whatnot.

The possibilities are limitless!

Media.net ad network

Also, if you are confused about the optimal sizes for your site, Media.net has a programmatic platform that can help you with this!

However, as per their requirements, you should receive the majority of the traffic from U.S/U.K. Thus, if you have a global audience base, this might not be the best choice for you!

Apply to Media.net


Many bloggers will tell you that Mediavine has a great scope of earning a considerable income by displaying ads that are typical for every other ad network! So, let not that get to you!

Let’s just focus on the facts instead.

Mediavine is an ideal choice for big websites that already get about thousands of views every day. Newcomers might not have the best experience with Mediavine.

Additionally, one of the requirements to get accepted at Mediavine is to have at least 50k sessions according to Google analytics which is expected only for bigger websites.

Along with that, you need to publish original content in any niche as a lifestyle publisher. Hence, lifestyle bloggers have an upper hand here!

Apart from that, they have an excellent RPM(revenue per thousand impressions), prompt customer support, speed optimization, and many more that can make your experience excellent with ad networks!

Of course, only when your view count is way higher!

So, that’s pretty much a downside of Mediavine. 

Keeping that aside, Mediavine is an excellent marketplace for premium products such as Grow.me, Create, and many more.

Mediavine - Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

Lastly, to get accepted in Mediavine, you need to ensure that you are not running any ads from other ad networks in your blogs!

Just in case you miss it out!

Apply for Mediavine.


Ezoic is a Google-certified published partner ad network that is yet again another great ad network to choose from!

Ezoic - Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

Want to know some cool facts about Ezoic?

  • It is partnered with Google(we already know this now)
  • It uses machine learning to test different ads and their placements. This will help you find the best paying configurations and be highly beneficial if you are not sure about the ad placements.
  • You can pair it up with some of the other ad networks from this list as well!
  • Need only 10,000 sessions per month as their primary requirement!
  • You can also test your ads before finalizing their placement with respect to revenue and user experience.
  • You get a free trial.

Well, this already sums up why Ezoic is on our list of the best ad networks for bloggers, right?

Apply for Ezoic here

Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing is another incredible way to earn revenue from your blog. 

Amazon Associate is one of the best ad networks for bloggers and a top-rated affiliate marketing program you can never go wrong with!

Amazon Associate

Whenever you add the ads of some products via a unique amazon URL and display it in your blogs, you will earn a commission for every purchase through your link! 

That might sound a bit complicated for some people, but rest assured, countless bloggers are earning loads of revenue from Amazon Associates, and you can be one of them too!

What about the requirements for getting accepted into the program?

Well, the requirements are plain and simple!

  • You need to publish original content consistently
  • Have organic views

That’s pretty much it!

Apply For the Amazon Associates program


Monumetric is another excellent Google AdSense alternative for bloggers to expand your blog revenue real quick. 

Monumetric - google adense alternative

They have different monetization programs for bloggers and publishers. 

  • Apollo program – 100 million+ pageviews/month
  • Stratus Program – 500,000 to 100 million pageviews/month
  • Ascend program – 80,000 to 500,000 pageviews/month
  • Propel Program – 10,000 to 80,000 pageviews/month

Just write SEO-friendly content using the right low competition keywords, and Monumetric has your back!

If you get somewhere around 10,000 page views per month, choose the Propel program since it is appropriate to get started with 10,000 to 80,000 page views per month.

You can always upgrade to a better program as you grow!

One thing I would really like to mention here.

As per their requirements, your website should be a self hosted WordPress site or blogger as a blogging platform!

Lastly, you also need to pay a one-time signup fee which is $99 to get registered for their ad networks!

Apply for Monumetric


Adthrive is another Google-certified publishing partner that is mainly focused on bloggers and publishers.


To start with, Adthrive only accepts websites with 100,000 pageviews as per Google Analytics. So, if you are not amongst them, maybe just skip to the next option for a better ad network.

Adthrive pays you per thousand views.

You can display regular ads like every other ad network.

However, your content should be brand safe.

It shouldn’t come under any potentially offensive domain. No previous ad penalties or infringements with other ad networks are allowed whatsoever!

Also, Adthrive might not be the best choice if you have global traffic since they usually look for traffic based in the US.

Apply for Adthrive


Keyword research and placement is one of the prime game-changers in your blog’s ranking

Infolinks primarily places contextual ads at specific keywords within your content/blog. 

Infolink matches your existing keywords in your content and places the ads accordingly. 

However, it is not just an interlink.

Here your visitors will see the ad while hovering over that specific keyword which is undoubtedly a very different approach!

Infolinks top ad netword

Apart from that, you can also place vertical ads that display on either side of your screen.

Ads from Infolink include,

  • Infold
  • InScreen
  • InText
  • InArticle
  • InFrame
  • InTag

They do not have any criteria of having a certain number of pageviews or any setup fees. Until the content is safe and legitimate, you will get approved by Infolinks.

Therefore, new bloggers! This could be a fair shot to get started with your ad network journey!

Apply for Infolinks

Propeller ads

With Propeller Ads, you can monetize your website in many ways including,

  • Traditional display ads
  • Smart links that direct your visitors to the products or pages
  • Onclick ads

And many more…

To sum up, you have reasonable control over your ad networks and the way you want to earn revenue. 

Propeller ads

Also, when considering the process of acceptance for propeller ads, they are not the strictest like others. Thus, you have a fair chance of getting accepted for propeller ads.

The approval requirements for Propeller ads is similar to Infolinks.

Hence, again one of the best ad networks for new bloggers

Apply for Propellor ads

Sovrn//Commerce(Formerly Viglink)

Quite an awkward name, right?

Sovrn//Commerce, which was previously known as VigLink, works very similar to Infolinks!

It will insert contextual links to your existing content, and you can run ads through it.

The requirements to get approved by Sovrn//Commerce are nominal. You just need to have a consistent publishing history and no chances of plagiarized content in your blog!


Guess the best part about Sovrn//Commerce?

Suppose you just enrolled in an affiliate program today.

In that case, you can automatically backfill the affiliate links into all of your previous content, which is surely a great advantage for all the bloggers out there!

Apply for Sovrn//Commerce

Final Choice?

Making money from ad networks is not tough as it sounds.

Trust me when I say. You just need to put your sole focus into publishing regular SEO-friendly content, have brainstorming blog ideas, and you are good to go!

Ads are a passive way of earning from your blog and should never be underestimated!

As per a general count, if you are in your blogging journey, focus on increasing your website traffic to at least about 10,000 sessions, and you can easily get accepted to many of the ad networks that I have listed here.

As you keep publishing more engaging content and gain higher traction, you can always switch to a more profitable ad network and grow your income!

Lastly, irrespective of whichever ad network you choose from this list of the best ad networks for bloggers, ensure to give your all in adding value to your readers. 

Keeping this approach in mind, you can even earn six figures from your ad networks real soon!

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