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When you finally arrive at the world of blogging, there are endless blogging websites that will show up with a single click on the Internet. At this point, things can get slightly overwhelming for the newbies. To filter out and choose the best blogging platforms to make money is indeed a tedious task. 

As I said, I always got your back! Since I have been a part of this industry for many years, I have sound knowledge on how to make money blogging. 

The best websites to create a blog are always affordable, feature-rich, and beginner-friendly! I have already done the digging beforehand for you so you can directly get to the business. 

However, before we finally get to the list of the best blogging platforms for writers, let’s get a quick understanding of what Blogging websites actually are and why you need them to start your blog.

What is a blogging platform?

Let’s brush up on our basics together. Every website comprises tons of codes that eventually build together a full-fledged website.

But, eventually, not all of us are pros at coding! Even if you are, it takes up a lot of time and effort to build a complete website and launch it. 

So, why spend your precious time when you can get everything effortlessly? 

The best blogging platforms to make money consists of pre-coded templates, which save you from the struggle of writing multiple codes and gives you a ready-made website wherein you can quickly start writing SEO-friendly blog posts and make money in no time! 

However, here comes the kick! 

If you want your blog to be up and running, you need a hosting server! 

Be it a lifestyle blog or a food blog. You need to invest in a good blog hosting company to ensure that your viewers can easily access your website. 

Even though most of these blogging platforms already offer a free hosted plan, if you really want to make good money out of it or even make a living, you NEED to invest in a good hosting package.

Why? There are certain limitations with free hosted plans, such as:

And many more…

So what are some affordable options for blog hosting? 

My #1 recommendation would always be Bluehost. They offer a myriad of different hosting packages and blogging services which you can choose as per your interests. 

Also, the performance is top-notch. You won’t really have any complaints about their services. And even if you do, their support team is pretty quick with their resolutions!

What are the 7 best blogging platforms to make money in 2021?

This listicle of popular blogging sites consists of a detailed comparison and explanation on why I love these platforms and how they can help you kickstart your blogging journey!

After reading this post(or just skimming), I assure you won’t have any questions left unanswered. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

WordPress Org

WordPress org best blogging platform

WordPress powers over 40% of blogs on the Internet and is always the #1 recommendation when it comes to choosing the easiest blog platform to use as a beginner

If you are looking for free blogging sites to earn moneyWordPress.com is the right choice for you. Likewise, it also has its own limitations and restrictions. 

WordPress.org is the paid version and certainly one of my top favorites! 

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You just need to buy your domain name and rent a hosting space to host your blog, and you are good to go. The best part is the intuitive WordPress themes!

They have a wide range of exciting and attractive themes which will keep your viewers stuck to your website for longer durations and increase your profit graph simultaneously!


WordPress leads the list of my best blogging platforms to make money due to its high functionality and usability!

There are over 50,000 different WordPress plugins for you to explore and choose as per your interests.

You can easily upgrade or downgrade the functions of your WordPress blog with just a few installs. 

You get an enormous possibility of customizing your website as you desire. This is the real beauty of WordPress.

You can add as much functionality as you want or even choose to keep it minimal (precisely which I prefer). 


You can easily monetize your blogging website by using the traditional way, which is Google Adsense, or using any other Ad networks that will add the ads on your website and bring the revenue flowing! 

Easily build an eCommerce store, implement paid promotions, or even integrate affiliate programs! You are open to every option of earning through blogging with WordPress.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, there aren’t many downtimes as such, but even if you still need assistance, you can always head on to their Customer Support community. 

The support community is filled with many like-minded individuals and experts who offer prompt responses. Thus, it is unlikely that you won’t find an answer to your issue.


As I said, the WordPress software is free to use and install. However, you need to purchase a domain and hosting plan to get your blog up and running.

A domain name on WordPress would typically cost about $10 per year, and the hosting plan starts as low as $2.75 per month. 

On average, if you are ready to spend about $20-$30 per month for your blog, which is a pretty nominal investment, WordPress is the way to go!


  • It requires a few hours of learning and experimenting to finally get the hang of everything.
  • You need to manage your security and backup requirements individually.

My recommendation

I would say, if you are a new blogger, start with WordPress and pair it up with a Bluehost plan, and it is a steal deal!

This option is effective yet requires the lowest investment out of all. 


Wix -  famous blogging sites

With WordPress, you had to install different plugins to activate the functionalities.

On the other hand, Wix has a slightly different approach here. Wix is one of the famous blogging sites for its drag and drop software. 

Wix also has a free version which is filled with ads and limited functions. Take the smartest move and switch to the paid plan instead. 

In addition to that, once your blog is live, you need not log in to your dashboard every time!

You can easily write articles on the front end itself. Wix also takes care of most of your SEO and promotion needs. However, it is always safer to have an SEO strategy handy too!


You get a limited variant of themes and plugins for functionalities with the free plan. The paid plan opens a better range of customization options for your blog.

Customer support

The customer support of Wix is average, in my opinion. If you are stuck with an issue, they typically take 24 hours for a resolution, which on my end is a tad bit more in comparison to the other options.


Unfortunately, you can only use Google Adsense for your monetization, which is yet again a considerable restriction for bloggers. 


Wix plans start from $5 per month and up. You also get a free domain, 20GB disk space, and many more at the highest plan.


  • The plan for building an eCommerce website is slightly on the higher end in comparison to WordPress
  • Fewer options in terms of customized themes and plugins
  • Fewer options for software integrations

My recommendation

Wix is a fair deal but slightly more expensive than WordPress. It is great for people who already have a steady source of income and are free for higher investments for their blog. 

Likewise, building a website via Wix is a child’s play. There is hardly any learning involved here, and it is easier to navigate too.


Weebly - best blogging platforms to make money

Just like Wix, Weebly also has the same drag and drop software wherein you can easily integrate every functionality with just a drag!

This onsite website builder has a highly intuitive interface which makes it another very beginner-friendly option!

You get a limited set of pre-installed SEO tools and other great features for building your personal blog site. They have a decent range of free themes wherein you can choose easily and adorn your website! 


Their free plan has some great customization options, but I personally recommend you to switch to the paid plan if you want to get serious with your blogging journey.

You cannot monetize your blog if you do not have a paid plan.


There are no such constraints to monetization. Be it Google Adsense or any other third-party ad network. You are free to choose. 

Customer support

The customer support team here is very swift and offers your resourceful resolutions very quickly, which is an excellent benefit.

You do not need to wait for hours to get a single query answered with the Weebly support team.


The Weebly plans start from $8 to $38 per month, which can be slightly on the higher end. 


  • Highly expensive
  • Very few integrations and plugins available

My recommendation

Weebly is an okayish option for new bloggers. I will not recommend it if you are a newbie to the world of blogging since a blog takes at least a few months or even years to finally generate revenue. 

Until then, it is certainly not worth spending so much for building a website when you have better options under an affordable range.


best blogging platforms to make money

Squarespace is a must add to my list of best blogging platforms to make money for the most obvious reasons.

It has been pretty popular nowadays. All thanks to their marketing time, I suppose! 

It also has a drag and drop advantage to get your blog live in just a few minutes. 

Unlike Weebly or Wix, these do not have a free plan. So you are left with no alternative while choosing Squarespace.


The range of customizations in Squarespace is fine. I mean, not the best, but it works. You can easily drag and drop your plugins, whichever you want to add to your website, and that’s it.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, I have a mixed opinion here. The support team is average and does a good job in giving resolutions but not as swift as the WordPress support team!


As of now, I believe you do not have the option to integrate Google Adsense. However, it is likely to be arriving pretty soon.


The plans start at 12$ per month, wherein you get a free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, and storage. 


  • Options for themes and plugins are less
  • Expenses are higher when it comes to building an eCommerce store
  • Fewer software integrations.

My recommendation

Squarespace is a preferable option if you are aiming to blog just as a hobby. It can bring limitations and restrictions to people who are willing to make it big in the blogging industry.

Other FREE blogging platforms to make money in 2021

I know. I just told you to opt for paid plans, and now I am suggesting you free blogging sites to earn money too! 

Don’t come at me, but I want to promote as many people as possible to start their blogging journey today.

And many of them might not be having even the slightest amount for investing in a blog. 

Hence, it was mandatory to add some free websites for blogging here. We’ll get it done real quick. 

Let’s check out the best free blogging platforms to earn money here. 


Medium - oldest blogging platform

If you start blogging and nobody told you about Medium, they probably do not have any idea about the blogging industry!

Medium is one of the oldest blogging platforms out there and currently has countless different individuals carving their emotions and knowledge on the platform.

Started in 2012, it is basically a community for writers and bloggers. 

Nonetheless, Medium has a great audience base. The USA tops the audience base on Medium.

Hence, you just need to prepare your blog post ideas and find out the low competition keywords. With Medium, you sometimes tend to get ranked very easily.

Just a reminder.

You cannot drive traffic to your website even if you build an email list or integrate your social media handles.


You get no chances of customization apart from having a publication page. That’s it.


Medium is not the best option if you want to build an eCommerce store

You need to join the Medium membership plan to earn money. Every view and like gives you revenue. No additional Google AdSense or other third-party integrations are allowed.


It is absolutely free to write and earn revenue. However, not every country has access to join the Medium Partner program.

So you need to check out on their platform concerning your approval of joining.


  • No monetization with Adsense
  • No customization or branding option
  • Limited access to a few countries

My recommendation

If you want to practice writing a few blog posts initially, Medium is a good choice. It is good to get started.


Tumblr - free blogging website

If you are looking for microblogging websites, Tumblr is one of them!

Tumblr is an incredible platform for bloggers and is the next free blogging website to my list of blogging platforms to earn money!

You can easily integrate your social networks on Tumblr, which is a great advantage, provided you spend no money and still drive traffic to your website manually.


Tumblr has a limited set of free templates which you can use to customize your website.


You can easily use Google Adsense or other third-party blogs to bring ads to your website and earn through it. You can also choose affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon affiliates.


As I said, Tumblr is completely free to use. You can also buy your custom domain and add it to your Tumblr account if you want added advantages.


  • Limited designs to customize your website
  • You can’t integrate much software
  • Mostly suitable for microblogging

My recommendation

If you already have a blog niche, Tumblr should be your choice. Alternatively, you can also share your WordPress blogs on Tumblr and generate referral traffic! 


Blogger - blogging platform

If you are a millennial, you will already know how popular Blogger was during the 2000s!

Started in 1999, blogger was later acquired by Google in 2003.

Blogger is one of the oldest and trustable platforms for blogging. Older than Medium too!

My list of the best blogging platforms to make money will always be incomplete without mentioning this gem.

Provided it is totally free, yet it comes with so many benefits. It has almost everything that a blogger will require to start his blogger journey. 

Pretty exciting, right?

Coming to usability, Blogger is completely free and just requires a Google account.

You get complete access to Google analytics to view all the required metrics like bloggers earning, views, and many more. 

Guess the best part?

If you ever think that you have earned enough from Blogger and are finally willing to switch to paid blogging platforms, you can use a few Blogger plugins to migrate to WordPress or other platforms easily. 

This is precisely why most people prefer switching from Blogger to WordPress after a few years when the blog finally grows!


There are many different free plugins available on Blogger to customize your website as per your choices.


You can either use Google Adsense or run different affiliate marketing programs on your website without any hassle.


Everything at Blogger is completely free and has no premium plans as such! 


  • Offers just the basic blogging tools. Limited features
  • You cannot integrate any third-party app for integrating ads
  • Not often updated. The software used is outdated.
  • Account gets suspended even for the smallest mistakes.

My recommendation

If you want to start a blog, opt for Blogger. However, make sure to quickly grow your blog and switch to better-paid platforms to prevent ban or suspension by Google.

Wrap Up

Now here’s a wrap to my long (read: short) list of the 7 best blogging platforms to make money in 2021!

To sum it up, 

Opt for WordPress.org along with a paid hosting plan like Bluehost, and you are sorted for life! You need not worry about hosting, domain, or any other blogging issues ever! 

Just worry about the revenue flowing!

Bluehost is my top recommendation and my personal favorite due to its diversity. With WordPress.org and Bluehost, you get endless integrations, themes, plugins, free domain names, and whatnot!

It already sounds like a great deal, right?

Thus, if you are really serious about pursuing blogging further, I recommend you to right away start with WordPress and Bluehost instead of the free platforms.

However, the final choice is always yours!

I hope I could add value to your time and have helped you in laying the first foundation of creating your very own blog!

If you are a blogger, let me know in the comment section which one of these is your favorite and why. 

And if you are a newbie, don’t forget to tell me how well did your first blog turn out to be!

Also, sharing is caring. Share with your blogger friends and help them set up their blog in one of these blogging platforms to earn money as well!

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