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This article will teach you how to choose best email marketing services for small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for email marketing solutions it means you run a business.

Don’t you?

In the rapidly increasing world of business and growing competition, we must ensure that our business keeps reaching greater heights at every step.

Therefore, it requires a lot of hard work along with technical and professional skills and maybe you are working hard.

But, are you working smartly?

Are you focusing on your brand’s or product’s social reach?

For instance, if your customer would not know about your next product, how would they react to it?

And, if you are a grown business, then handling a lot of customers individually is not an easy task.

All you need is email marketing solutions that will help your company grow faster.

And that is where comes the smart way of Marketing – email marketing automation software.

Email marketing is how you connect with your customers or potential customers via Email.

So, here is the big Question.

How to choose the best email marketing services for small business in 2020?

Getting subscribers can be achieved using any email automation software but it is important the emails that you sent reach all your customers.

Sadly, not every email marketing companies are reliable hence the results are terrible.

That’s why you need to consider choosing the best email marketing service that will make sure your emails are reaching your customers hassle-free and without being sent to the spam box.

What matters while choosing is, the email marketing platform features that it is offering to you.

Here is my favorite 7 best email marketing service for small business owners that you can trust.

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ConverKit is the #1 recommended email marketing software for bloggers, marketers, and small businesses. It is extremely easy to use and is incredibly powerful too.

It has many features which will make your work easier than ever.
Some of those features are listed below:

1) Forms – It’s easy to embed, can create a content upgrade and incentive email sign up forms to help you turn casual readers to repeated customers.

2) Reporting – ConvertKit helps you track your growth easily by a homepage dashboard that displays subscriber data and opt-in conversions.

3) Sequences – Its drag and drop sequence builder helps you create personalized automated emails more effectively and easily.

4) Broadcasts – ConvertKit lets you have features to integrate your RSS feed to send your weekly blog posts.

5) Reliable Support – ConvertKit provides email-based support, live chat, phone, learning materials, hosts live training programs and weekly workshops.

Pricing – ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial and their pricing plan starts from $29/month with a 30-day refund policy.

Click here to get started with ConvertKit

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GetResponse is a very popular email marketing service providers that are extremely easy to use and is suitable for startups, small businesses, and absolute beginners.

Some of the features of GetResponse:-

1) Email Designer – The Email designer of GetResponse uses a very responsive feature with easy drag and drop options.

2) Contacts – Gathering contacts with GetResponse is much easier with built-in landing page creator and webinar tools. Moreover, you can organize your contacts easily using a CRM and customizable sales pipeline.

3) Calendar – GetResponse provides you a perk to building autoresponders with a calendar for scheduling.

4) Availability – GetResponse is with you every time. You can use it on your android phone, your iPhone, or even on your laptops or desktops too.

5) Support – It provides support by email, phone, live chat, webinars, and other free learning materials.

Pricing – GetResponse plans start from $15/month with a 30-day free trial with no card required.

Click here to check out GetResponse

Get response email marketing tool
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AWeber is one of the best email marketing solutions in the world. It offers easy to use email marketing and automation tools.

You can turn your passive prospects into loyal customers with the following marketing automation tools of AWeber:-

1) Email Newsletters – Emails can be automatically created from your newest blog posts.

2) HTML Templates – HTML feature lets you create and send professional email newsletters very easily.

3) Autoresponder Follow-Ups – This tool sends a sequence of emails to your customers.

4) Email API – You can connect to many other third-party integrations with AWeber’s API.

5) Subscriber Segmenting – This tool let you create segments of subscribed customers for effective targeted marketing.

6) Support – Aweber offers live chat, phone, email support, extensive learning materials and how-to guides.

Pricing – AWeber plans start from $19/month with a 30-day free trial.

Click here to get started with Aweber


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest rapidly growing email marketing services for small business owners.

It is very easy to use and provides a beginner-friendly email marketing service.

Therefore, this email marketing automation software makes your workload a lot easier with its awesome features.

Some of them are listed below:

1) Email – Create special brand customized responsive emails that look good on any device.

2) Subscribers – This is one of its best features, by this, you can add more and more people to your subscriber list via SMS, Facebook forms, surveys, and a lot more.

3) Storage – Constant Contact provides the facility to store data like files, images, and other media online to easily share it via emails.

4) Tracking – Its good email tracking response tracks email results in real-time. It has built-in social media sharing tools, list segmentation, and eCommerce integration for Shopify stores.

5) Support – It offers excellent customer support with email, live chat, extensive useful library resources.

Pricing – Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial with no credit card required and then after their plan starts from $20/month.

Check out Contact Constant here

Constant contact


ActiveCampaign is another popular email marketing platform for e-commerce.

Some of its features are listed below:

1) Site Tracking – This feature lets you track your customer’s behavior online and respond accordingly to it.

2) Event Tracking – You can track the specific actions taken by your clients to ActiveCampaign and thus behave accordingly for better marketing.

3) Easy-to-use API – ActiveCampaign provides you with an easy to use API so that you won’t face any difficulty while marketing for your product.

4) Email Split Testing – This Feature lets you test different sender information, subject lines, and email body content so you can identify what works best with your audience.

5) Support – It offers, chats, email support phone support, and other useful resources for learning.

Pricing – ActiveCampaign plans start from $15/month with a 30-day free trial.

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Drip offers a wide range of smart email marketing tools. It is primarily suitable for eCommerce, bloggers, and marketers.

This email marketing automation tools are described in detail below:-

1) Integrations – With Drip’s easy migration schemes, a deep library of integrations, and a very flexible API, Drip fits in with any marketing campaign that you look up to.

2) Marketing Automation – Be sure that Drip will never let you miss the important stuff again like customer milestones, important details, and important timings too.

3) Tracking – Uncovering more details about every customer is a difficult task. With Drip’s website tracking code, you can do this task very easily and efficiently with full-color insight that leads to some meaningful actions.

4) Personalization – Every customer has its own way of seeing and analyzing things. So, their requirements are different. Drip lets you personalize your emails as per your customer needs so that you can sell more online and grow your business.

5) Analytics & Reporting – Drip lets you experiment with things. You can create various strategies and just try them so that you can find the best marketing strategy for your customers.

Pricing – You can start free with Drip for the first 100 subscribers. Their pricing starts from $19/month up to 500 subscribers. After that, it increases as your subscribers increase.

Click here to get started with Drip



MailChimp is also one of the most popular and best free email marketing software in the internet space.

It is a simple email automation system that lets you easily craft emails for all your needs.

Some of the features of Mailchimp:

1) Lists – MailChimp lets you customize your own forms for more subscribers and group them for targeted marketing.

2) Templates – MailChimp offers a variety of pre-designed templates. And, if you are an HTML expert, you can even design your own templates.

3) Campaigns – Its Automated workflows allow you to create automated campaigns and will start sending them based on triggers set by the user.

4) Ads – MailChimp lets you increase your reach by letting you create integrated Facebook and Instagram Advertisements for your business.

5). Autoresponder – MailChimp has a free autoresponder that lets you send 12000 emails per month and store up to 2000 per month.

Pricing – This free email marketing is limited for 2000 users, further pricing for MailChimp plans starts from $10/month.

Click here to check out Mailchimp

mailchimp free email marketing software


There are plenty of email marketing platforms out there. It’ll be intimidating to mention of all them.

Every email marketing software comes with its own features.

So I’ve picked 7 best email marketing services for small business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs to ensure effective results.

These are the same email marketing platforms recommended by the experts in the internet world.

If you’re a blogger, then I recommend using CovertKit because they understand the exact need of every blogger. Their segmentation and sequence features will help you skyrocket your blogging journey.

GetResponse or Aweber is a good fit for small business owners, beginners, start-ups because of the simplicity and best features that they offer.

I recommend picking ActiveCampaign or Drip If you run an eCommerce store or online store because they are the best eCommerce email marketing software in the market.

Lastly, If you’re on a tight budget then consider choosing Mailchimp because they let you capture initial 2000 subscribers for free.

Keep in mind Free options always have downsides compared to the paid ones so you might get frustrated at some point.

So, I hope that now you understand why you need to choose the best Email Marketing Automation Platform and what are the features of a good platform.

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If I have missed any of your favorite email marketing tool, let me know in the comment section.

Finally, If you find this article useful, feel free to share it with others.

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