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For any job to be done right you need the best tools, correct? That’s why for you’ll I have compiled a list of the 17 best keyword research tools. 

And as you all know…. Every one of them starts from 100 $ a month. 

Wait…. Wait…. Don’t run off, I am kidding.

In this roundup, I have included a variety of keyword research tools.

Many that are free, some that are light on the wallet, and a few that are costly. 

That’s why don’t worry.

Whether you are a newbie who is near broke or an established blogger with 6 figures income. 

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I have got you covered. 

So, without ado let’s get started. 

First, What is keyword research? 

Let me tell you, keyword research isn’t a scary thing. 

If you have selected your niche and started your blog

Then, doing keyword research with the best keyword research tools at your disposal isn’t difficult. 

What are keywords?

Keywords are the specific queries that searchers use while googling stuff.

And keyword research is the process of selecting the best lucrative keywords that can drive traffic to your website.  

How to select the best lucrative keywords for your blog:- 

  1. A keyword with a low difficulty score.
  2. High search volume keyword 
  3. Relevance to the search intent. 
  4. Click/Impression ratio 

So, without a doubt doing keyword research is a must to being a successful blogger. And that’s actually one of my 21 best blogging tips for bloggers


Not all the tools provide this information. 

To get a complete picture you will have to use multiple keyword research and discovery tools

So, That’s it? Huh. You have to just crunch through numbers to be successful.

Is there no room for creativity and imagination? Isn’t blogging all about writing your heart out? 

Yes… and No. 

You have to understand a few things here first.

Keywords are just the terms that a searcher google’s for. 

And No, focusing on keywords doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. 

As I mentioned in my blog topic idea post, 

Keywords are just terms, 

But, you can present them in multiple ways and that’s where your creativity, as a blogger,  will come into play. 

But that is a whole other topic, So give it a read.

That’s that. 

Now let’s start with the search for the best keyword research tools. 

Google Trends – Best Keyword Discovery Tool 

You read correctly. 

This tool is straight from Google. 

But wait, how does it work? And how to use it? 

Google trends is actually a tool to discover trends on various topics, events, and personalities

You can use it to quickly detect “new” and “rising” keywords. 

With traditional keyword research tools, there is a usual delay before which new keywords are added. 

This delay is worse for many niche things such as lifestyle blogs, celebrity tracker blogs, and more. (As new topic start to trend for a short period and then go downhill) 

Google Trends allows you to track queries that are soaring in search volume over the past hour, 4 hours, a day, 7 days, and more.

Google Trends - Best Keyword Discovery Too

What makes it more unique is the fact that you can track trends even for a particular state. 

(Other tools only allow national-level keyword data search).

So, don’t forget to use Google trends to stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Google Keyword Planner 

Again, this tool is straight from Google. 

So, how is it different from Google trends? 

While Google Trends doesn’t provide you with search volume data. 

Keyword planner does provide that data. (Also for free) 

Just, create and login into a Google Ads account. 

There, navigate to “keyword planner”. 

Now, you can search for keywords and get all the related keywords data immediately. 

Moreover, It features a crude competitor analysis tool. 

Just enter your competitor’s domain name or URL. And see the keywords for which they are ranking. 

It’s that easy. 


Okay… I know Pinterest is a social media platform. 

But, you can still use Pinterest to generate keyword ideas. 


Just type your main keyword into the search box and see the related keywords showing up. 

Since, Pinterest is a social media platform, that makes it a great tool to search for unique and low search terms missed by other tools. 

So, don’t just use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, use it for keyword research too. 

Pro tip – 

A faster way to derive keywords from Pinterest is to use the Pinterest keyword tool. 

It allows you to generate multiple keywords ideas from Pinterest using a single dashboard. (Without constantly going back and forth) 

Keywords Everywhere 

This is one of the best keyword research tools and my all-time favorite

So, what makes it one of my all-time favorites?

It’s an extension for Google Chrome. 

So, I can just search for related keywords on the go without constantly needing to login and logout. 

Also, to get the search data for the search terms. It’s really affordable.  

It just cost around 10$ for 100,000 search queries details. 

What search data can you get?  

It can provide you with search volume, difficulty score, CPC, and keyword trends. 

Keywords Everywhere - best keyword research tool

So, if you are a blogger that’s nearly broke

Keywords Everywhere is the most affordable and best keyword research tool in the market. 

LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is the simplest and most unique keyword research tool. 

You just enter a seed keyword and get hundreds of keyword suggestions. 

And what makes it unique? Three things:-

  1. Keyword and competitor analysis to help you proper judge keyword difficulty 
  2. Keyword Profitability determiner 
  3. A rank tracker.

Because of these really useful and unique features, using LongTail pro is a no-brainer for bloggers.  


Whether you are looking for a Google keyword discovery tool or Bing keyword research tool. 

Keywordstools.io should be your first destination to visit. 

From this site, you can derive various keyword ideas from various sources like Bing, Amazon, YouTube. 

So that, you can find enough related keywords to use in your blog. 

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel 

Ubersuggest developed by Neil Patel is a relatively new entrant to the market. 

Neil while launching the tool said he did not want this to be just another 100$ a month. 

Rather, he wanted a tool that provides everything which other tools provide, but at an affordable cost. 

And truth be told, he has been successful in creating a viable competitor to the 100$ a month SEO tools

That’s why it’s my #1 recommendation for the best keyword research tool for newbie bloggers. 

Plus, it’s not just a keyword research tool. 

best keyword research tool for newbie bloggers.

It’s a complete SEO suite.  

With Ubersuggest you get additional features like site crawling, internal link suggestion, on-page SEO check, backlink checker to boost your link-building campaign

Google Search Console 

You read it correctly! 

Okay… I get it. This is the 3rd tool from Google.

And I promise you this will be the last one. (Or not. Wait till the end to find out)

So, how can you get new keywords from GSC? 

Simple, just head over to the performance tab

Here, you can be the keywords your website is ranking for. (Ignore this list as its too long)

Then, in the pages tab select the individual pages you want to see. 

So now, you will be looking at the keywords that the particular page is ranking for. 

Along with data for its click, impression, and average position.   

This makes GSC great for discovering new and popular long-tail variants of the main keywords. 

How can you use this new data?

Since your older post wouldn’t be optimized for these new keywords. (And also of your competitors)

You can use this to get a jump on them. By optimizing your posts ASAP before your competitors have a chance. 

(You snooze, you lose. Right!) 

Or If the topic is vast enough, you can write a new blog on it. 


MOZ is more than just an average keyword research tool. 

Rather, it is a complete SEO solution for bloggers

MOZ provides on-page SEO optimization, competitor analysis, local SEO, site audit, and more. 

For keyword research, MOZ always provides users with keyword difficulty scores along with search volumes from different countries.  

Therefore, If you are in the market for a premium SEO suite along with a keyword research tool, give MOZ a try. 

SEMrush – Overall #1 keyword research tool for bloggers. 

Let me tell you, SEMrush is not just a keyword research tool, nor is it an SEO suite.

You might be asking, What is it?

SEMrush is the complete digital marketing tool for your blog. 

Not only it features basic tools like an on-page checker and optimizer, backlink checker, and backlink discovery tool.  

But, it also includes unique features like social media tracker, tracking mention, social media post scheduler, a link-building tool, and more. 

That’s why SEMrush is my #1 pick for the best keyword research for bloggers

Trust me, use it to its full potential and you will get positive returns on your investment.

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Let me tell you right off the bat, Ahrefs is another great keyword research tool for established bloggers. 

Whether you are doing keyword research for Google or Bing. 

Ahrefs has got you covered. 

And the most important thing I like about Ahrefs is its keyword discovery tools and filter option it provides. 

That’s right, filters. 

Newbies might not know much about filters. 

But, you cannot be a pro at keyword research, without having knowledge and experience of using filters. 

You can use filters to separate out keywords based on various parameters like “starts with”, “contains”. keyword difficulty, search volume, and more. 

Therefore, I suggest you give Ahrefs a shot. 

Answer The Public – A truly unique keyword research tool from the best keyword research tools. 

Wait… I am not handing you over to the firing squad. 

Rather, Answer The Public is a keyword research tool. And one of the best keyword research tools that I adore. 

unique keyword research tool

Its function is relatively straightforward like other tools. 

But, what’s impressive about this tool is its ability to visually present the keywords. 

Further, keywords can be grouped in different groups like prepositions, questions, comparisons, and more. 

So, due to this, I can find new and unique keywords relatively quickly

So, Give Answer The Public a try. 


Soovle is another great keyword discovery tool that can help you generate new keyword ideas. 

It helps you scrape keywords from Wikipedia, Answer.com, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and Google. 

In all, it can be said that Soovle provides you with keyword suggestions from the largest search providers in the market

So, using Soovle to find new ideas is a must. (Before searching for the profitable and lucrative keywords.)

Tip – 

Since Soovle provides suggestions from Youtube and Bing, It can also be used as a YouTube keyword research tool and Bing keyword research tool. 


Want to get profitable keywords? Of course, you do. 

Then, no doubt, SEcockpit is the tool you will need. 

SEcockpit allows you to search, sort, and filter keywords straight from the dashboard without needing to import/export them into an excel file. 

Moreover, it also features a rank tracker to monitor your SERP position. 

So, give SEcockpit a try. 

SEcockpit - keyword research tool

KWFinder by Mangools

It’s another great SEO tool that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

To get started using KWFinder just enter your keyword and start the search. 

Now, the tool will spit out various keywords related to the term. Moreover, you can filter these ideas using keyword difficulty scores and more. 

Also, you can spy on your competitors using the domain search feature

Wanna know how?

Just enter your competitor’s domain and URL. 

And you will see which keywords they are ranking for!

That’s what makes using KWFinder really great. 


Do you know a question from over 8% of Google searches? That’s a lot, isn’t it? 

That’s why as a blogger you shouldn’t miss out on ranking for these keywords. 

Would it be cool, if you could just search for the search queries containing questions? 

Wait… there is. It’s called QuestionDB.io

QuestionDB is the #1 keyword discovery tool for finding new question queries. 

Just type in your main keyword and wait for it to load the related question.

Now just make sure to optimize your blog post around these questions.

And you are done.


It’s a growth hacking tool for keyword discovery and research.  

Serpstat is an all-in-one tool that can help you get the number #1 rank on Google Search. 

For keyword research, it provides you with accurate search data, competitor analysis, a “tree” view, and adaptable filters. 

Additionally, it features a rank tracker, a backlink analyzer, a site-auditor, and a competitor analysis tool. 

So, don’t make the mistake of underestimating Serpstat. 

Give it a try. 


I believe that now, you will have knowledge about the best keyword research tools in the market. 

Whether it’s the search for the best keyword research tool for newbies, or for experienced bloggers. 

Your search should end now. 

Now, just use these tools to their fullest. (You can even find low-competition keywords within 3 min {It’s true}) 

And create SEO-friendly content using these keywords. 

You will be successful in no time!

That’s it for this article. 

If you found this article informative, share it with your friends and acquaintances. 

Also, feel free to leave a comment. 

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