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You’ve made a brave decision of starting a blog but, your blog isn’t getting traffic.

It can be frustrating!

You do everything right.

You’ve listened to every blogging guru.

But, your blog still does not get more traffic.

You are not alone in this, almost 80% of blogs fail within 6 months of getting started.

But, why?

There can be not one but many reasons for this like your website SEO, your visitors, your content, and much more.

In this article, I’ll talk about all of them and how you can resolve them.

After reading this article, you’ll diagnose your blog and know why your blog not getting traffic.

Blog Not Getting Traffic

You don’t do Keyword Research

Every blog starts with keyword research.

If you are not doing keyword research then you are firing an arrow in the dark.

You can never know whether you hit the target or not.

Without keyword research, you’ll never know whether your blog has an audience or not, or alternatively, maybe you are targeting that keyword that is targeted by everyone.

This is the biggest blogging mistake any blogger can make.

So, having a balanced approach towards keyword research like targeting low competition keywords is an ideal way to start your blog.

Keyword research for bloggers

But, how to do keyword research?

Using a keyword research tool, I recommend using the SEMRush keyword research tool.

It is one of the best blogging tools when it comes to keyword research.

SEMRush can push out valuable data of keywords based on the search volume, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, competition level, SERP Features, variations, and more.

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All these metrics are very important for you to check whether a certain keyword is worth pursuing or not.

Maybe your blog is good in all other factors but there is no audience for that content.

In that case, Finding the search volume of that keyword would help you target the right keywords and increase your website visitors.

You can also spy on your competitors to extract their valuable keywords and target those in your blogs.

Apart from this, you can also use this tool to diagnose your website for any bad SEO practices.

It is literally a one-stop destination for all your SEO needs.

Your Content is not good

Content is the main driving force that brings in visitors to your website and you cannot attract visitors if you have shitty content.

You have to basically write for two things which are-

  • Your Website Visitors
  • Google or Search Engine

If you ask me who is more important from these two, I’ll always say it is the visitors.

Even Google considers user intent, user experience, and user engagement signals as the main algorithm ranking factors.

There are few things with content if you follow well you can drive traffic to your website easily.

First, you should have a striking heading that makes the head turn.

For that, you can use attention-grabbing words, symbols, or even numbers.

There are a lot of other smaller details about headings that I’ve covered in the article- Headline Writing Tips For Your Blog

Another main aspect of content is the keyword density and content length.

The best practice is 2000+ word articles with at least 6 mentions of the keyword you are targeting.

But, it does not mean if you write 2000 words with 6 times keyword mentions, it’ll rank!

2000 words are the minimum you should write but if you can, you should always try to write the maximum number of words with quality content.

Now, comes the tone of the article.

It should not be robotic as it will not sound interesting.

Try to make your blog friendly and personal.

After reading your content, the visitors must feel the warmth and be inspired to become regular visitors or newsletter subscribers.

Your website is not optimized for SEO

If your SEO is not good then no wonder your blog isn’t getting enough traffic.

You have to bring up your SEO game if you want to rank your blog higher on Google SERPs.

You can never get website visitors if you do not write SEO-friendly blogs.

But how to optimize your website for SEO?

So, SEO can be divided into two parts: On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

You have to be good at both, especially On-page SEO.

The biggest reason why your blog is not getting higher rankings is that your On-page SEO is not up to par.

You can use SEO tools like Rank Math to diagnose your blog.

It is a WordPress plugin that offers many important data about your website that could help you achieve higher rankings.

This tool also scraps out essential information about your website and suggests changes that you have to make on your website to rank higher.

Rank Math provides you many advanced features like Automate Image SEO, Schema, Content analysis, On-page SEO analysis, SEO reports for your website, and much more.

And the best part is that You can control everything right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Linking is also an important factor that Google uses to rank a website.

There are two types of links: Internal and External Links.

A good website always has a good mix of both but more internal linking.

You should use each and every opportunity to internal link your blogs to each other.

I recommend using LinkWisperer tools.

It is a WordPress plugin that automatically suggests you internal linking opportunities while writing the blog.

This tool has many features like it saves your time, is easy to use, and comes with a powerful reporting system that helps you in improving your website rankings.

Make sure your blog is not having any crawling issues which could prevent Google from indexing your website.

The best solution to that could be using Sitemap and Google Search Console.

You can submit your sitemap and blog post links to the search console to get them indexed.

But how to check whether a blog page is indexed or not?

You can either use the search console or you can simply Google search the link with search operators to find the index status.

You can paste the link on the search bar and press enter on the search console.

It’ll scrape out all the details about the page.

Or you can simply Google search using search operators like-site:” link to your blog”

If Google displays you a result then it is indexed but if it does not show any result then the page you have inserted is not indexed by Google.

You don’t Use Social Media

Social media is the key to attracting quality traffic and preparing a base for the search engine to rank your website.

When you own a new blog how will the search engine know people are interested in your content?

It’s by looking at your Google analytics data and popularity.

There are some metrics like no. of visitors and sessions, session duration, bounce rate, and returning visitors which can be used by Google to calculate how the website is performing.

But, how can Google evaluate these metrics on your blog that does not get the traffic?

There you can use Social Media to attract that traffic to your website.

Your initial visitors to your website can generate or at least create a basis for your future website visitors.

So, which social media to use for getting traffic?

You can use any social media but, my favorites to attract traffic to a website are Pinterest, Facebook and Quora.

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Why? Because it can directly redirect social media sites to your website.

You can generate massive traffic using these social media websites.

If you are using Facebook to generate traffic you can use Facebook groups and pages to post your website links.

You can join the Blog promotion Facebook group and create your own Facebook page and promote your content there.

You can use Quora as well to generate traffic, you can answer questions asked by other users, and while answering you can recommend your article as source information.

Now, Pinterest is my favorite.

Pinterest is not only a social media platform but also a visual search engine.

You can post visual pins in form of videos and images and along with it, you can also insert a link to your website.

Whenever someone clicks on the pin, they’ll be redirected to your website.

There is more than this though which you have to learn and decode by yourself.

But, wait I’ll not just let you hang in there.

I recommend you an amazing course that teaches everything about Pinterest and how you can generate massive traffic from Pinterest.

This course is called the Pinterest traffic avalanche course.

This course can offer you organic traffic,  fast growth, and will spill all the secrets to make the pins go viral and viral content on Pinterest can generate thousands of views within an hour for your website.

You can increase your Pinterest followers tremendously and you can even make money on Pinterest.

This course is the best thing that you can have.

Your Website Design is Poor

Website Design has a huge impact on how your website is going to rank.

Bad user experiences could be fatal for your website.

It can easily kill early gains which are essential for the growth of the website.

You have to have a comforting, pleasing, and relevant WordPress theme for your website.

That’s why I recommend premium themes for your websites like Divi theme or Genesis Pro.

Premium themes are specifically designed to keep users in mind and offer a pleasing appearance.

Using Divi theme you can custom design your entire website with premium features and this theme is SEO friendly as well.

It renders well in all the devices and you can build any website from this from blog to eCommerce you name it, it can do it.

You can also use Genesis Pro which offers similar features like custom layouts, drag and drop website products, and much more.

You can choose either they both would work fine.

Another thing to keep in consideration is to not use too many ads on your blog.

Too many ads could provide the user a bad impression, It could give your website a spammy look which you do not want.

You are not using every trick in the book

There are multiple ways to attract traffic to your website.

Maybe you are not using multiple methods of attracting traffic and that’s why your blog not getting traffic.

I‘m not saying use every single one of them, but, pick and choose which methods you know well and strategically align your blogging business with it.

One such method is Email marketing.

You can also build an email list for email marketing purposes.

Email Marketing is a huge untapped method of getting quality traffic to your website.

Email marketing can be used by anyone and bring in those people who previously visited your website back to you.

For that, you would need a tool to manage your email campaigns.

You can use ConvertKit for all your email marketing needs.

This tool offers amazing results by collect subscribers with beautiful landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages that make your work stand out.

Just imagine, you are sending custom-designed emails to your subscribers.

Who does not want to click?

It allows you to make an average website visitor a lifelong website subscriber.

The best part is, it’s free for first 1000 users. So make sure to check it out.

You are not consistent

Consistency is the key to success.

If you are not consistent with your blogging, then you are destined to fail.

Blogging is not one day or one-month thing it could take months sometimes years to be successful in getting considerable traffic to your website.

I know it can be really tough to be consistent with blogging but if you can overcome this then you’ll have freedom and comfortable life ahead.

To make your job easy, I have written this post How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts In 4 Hours.

If you still find it hard or have less time to write by yourself then you can choose Fiverr to find freelancers who can help you with your blogging chores.

The best part is they provide their services for very cheap.

You can post your gig for as low as $5.

You’ll find freelance services for literally everything which makes it even more attractive for a blogger like you.

You do not update old Content

Another big mistake that I’ve seen bloggers make is not updating their old content.

This is the biggest reason why your blog not getting traffic.

Stale content is not good for your website SEO performance and you could be demoted from the Google SERPs position because your content got stale.

It also hampers with new blogs.

Outdated blogs which are interlinked on your new blogs could deliver unhealthy (for SEO) signs to Google and those pages will be affected as well.

You should always make few changes to the old content and add updated information to Google and I’ve seen the website position improving after you’ve updated your old content.

Google recognizes your efforts in keeping the users updated and would appreciate you with quality organic traffic.

You don’t ask for social shares

social share for blog

Although this point should have come under the social media heading but, the importance of this point deserves a mention of its own.

If you are not asking your visitors to share your content then you are not blogging.

You’re just posting a piece of writing which has literally no use.

People like to share valuable content with others and you should facilitate them with this option.

You can choose a tool like social sharing WordPress plugin known as Social Warfare.

This tool allows you to provide a social sharing button on the website.

When visitors click on the social share button they’ll be able to share your article with their followers.

The key ingredient of viral content is the number of shares and not like.

So make sure you are providing your visitors an option to share your content.

You have not given enough time

For every great thing to happen, you have to invest time and effort.

The reason why your blog not getting traffic is that you are not giving enough time for your blogging business to develop.

Just be consistent and keep on posting quality content and eventually you’ll get the results you want.

Bonus Tip: Get “Boost Your Blog Traffic” Ebook by Ana

To get that quantum leap with your blog you need to know every integral detail on how to make that happen.

For that, I recommend an ebook called boost your blog traffic ebook by Ana.

This ebook will be a great addition to your knowledge base and that is all you need. Right!

Now in this book, you’ll get-

  • 100+ pages on increase blog traffic tips and strategies
  • A complex, but easy to grasp SEO tutorial
  • A social media strategy breakdown
  • An in-depth Pinterest tutorial and resources
  • 2 Free Months With Tailwind ($30 worth)
  • 100 Places To Promote Your Blog Checklist
  • 100 Facebook Promo Groups For Bloggers List

You’ll get all these important details in one place which could kickstart your blogging game faster and more efficiently.

A guide like this could help you save time and could prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Blog Not Getting Traffic: My Suggestion

I know it’s hard and very depressing when your blog not getting traffic that it deserves.

But, if you dedicate yourself to making it a success, you can build a blog that can generate an income stream of six figures.

If you follow all the tips that I’ve mentioned here, you can increase website traffic.

All these tips are easily implementable and would be very handy.

You can improve the content, social media, and SEO of your blog and will notice a huge change in your traffic.

I hope this article helps you in getting the traffic that you deserve.

Comment below, which tips are your favorite, and which tips are you going to try first?

And share it with your friends to make them improve their blog as well.


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