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Blogging isn’t straightforward anymore. 

Sure, you can go about writing on random topics on a WordPress site using the default theme. ( A lot of people do this) 

But to put it frankly, if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to put equal time into setting up your site, branding it, marketing its content, and constantly optimizing it. 

That’s why, for you’ll my readers, I have selected the 31 ultimate blogging tools for beginners

So, you don’t have to keep searching around for the best writing aids for bloggers, the best WordPress themes for blogs, the best SEO plugin for blogs, and more. 

So, without ado, let’s get started. 


Looking to get started with a new blogging endeavor. Cool! 

First, you need to select a profitable niche and then spend some time brainstorming for domain name ideas. 

And then, finally comes the part about purchasing domain names. 

I know that you would be constantly bombarded on social media with Ads by domain names and hosting providers. 

But, resist the urge to buy domain names from a random hosting provider. 

Just purchase the domain name from Namecheap. 

Why because unlike most domain name providers, Namecheap doesn’t engage in price gouging.

Plus, as an added benefit they provide free privacy protection for your email, phone number, and address. 

So, without fail, purchase your 1st domain name with Namecheap


Web hosting providers are plenty, but ones that actually care about are scares in the industry. 

Most Web hosting providers work on a model that includes stuffing numerous websites into a single web server and while providing users with no real customer support.

Further, these companies aren’t really proactive with new security measures and patching vulnerabilities. 

So, don’t get caught up with them. Host your 1st WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Bluehost has been the recommended website hosting provider for WordPress by WordPress.org since its launch. 

So, you cannot go wrong with them! It’s one of the best blogging tools for beginners

Divi Theme

Don’t get me started up on the default WordPress theme. It’s horrendous. (That’s putting it mildly) 

And while there are numerous WordPress themes in the market. 

My experience with them has not always been pleasant. 

I have always felt I am missing out on one or the other feature. Every time. 

Until I came to know about Divi theme.

With its drag-and-drop features, I could finally freely customize my blog according to my liking. 

Everything from font, shadows, colors, and each granular detail. 

On the plus side, it’s fast and pretty lightweight. So, it will don’t bog down your site and hosting performance. 

So, Give Divi theme a try. 

Rank Math – One Of The Essential Blogging Tools For Beginners. 

Not focusing on SEO from day 1 is an insane blogging mistake

To rank your blog to the #1 position on Google SERP. You need to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

For that, you need to utilize the Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin.

Rank Math SEO features many essential SEO blogging tools for beginners like on-page SEO checker, readability checker, broken link checker, internal link suggestion tools, and more. 

The list is quite vast. 

In all, use Rank Math SEO to develop and improve your site’s strategy.


Google Analytics is one of the most essential blogging tools for beginners. 

But wait, how can Google Analytics help you? 

As a blogger, you need to know how your content is perceived by your readers. But, not everyone is willing to share their feedback through comments. 

So, this is where Google Analytics comes to play. It allows you to monitor reader experience using metrics like site-on time, avg. number of pages visited, bounce rate, and more. 

But, for proper measurement, you need to properly connect your website to Google Analytics. 

And the best way to connect websites to Google Analytics is to use MonsterInsights

Additionally, it allows you to view and monitor all the data straight from your WordPress dashboard. 


It’s 2021 and no one has the time to wait for anything. 

Did you know that 57% of website visitors bounce back if a webpage doesn’t load up in 3 sec? 

That’s a lot of visitors. And a huge negative user experience indicator to Google. 

So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by having a slow WordPress website. 

Use WP-Rocket to speed your blog site up. 

WP-Rocket features “single click optimization” that ensures 80% of the best website speed optimization tips are applied with a single click.

That’s huge. You don’t need to be a web developer to speed your website up!

So, without fail, use WP-Rocket to speed your website up. 

Smush Pro

WP-Rocket focuses on improving your website speed by optimizing HTML, CSS, JS, and WordPress databases. 

It is not meant to be used as an image optimization tool.

As much as we love to use images. But, even a single image takes a considerable time to load. 

That’s bad. Because using around 5-6 images per blog post. So, using unoptimized images is out of the question. 

That’s why I use the Smush Pro image optimizer. 

It automatically compresses the images uploaded to the WordPress dashboard, which ensures faster load time. 

So, definitely give Smush Pro a try. 

Pro tip – 

For fastest load time, 

Use – 

Bluehost WordPress hosting + Divi theme + WP-Rocket + Smush Pro. 


Hackers and bots continually try to gain access to your website. 

Don’t let them succeed. Always keep your website security a top priority. 

A website hack can be negative for SEO, your reputation, your revenue, your subscriber, and whatnot can happen. 

So, the best way to deter hackers is to use the Sucuri web application firewall + CDN. 

Sucuri automatically tunnels your web traffic through their servers to weed out hackers and bots, even before they reach your servers. 

That’s how powerful Suruci WAF + CDN is. 

Additionally, they offer free hack removal services for their customers. 

So, you can have peace of mind with your blog’s security.  


A bad WordPress core update, corrupt theme update, conflicting plugins, and any number of unknowns can cause your website to become unusable or inaccessible. 

How to prevent this? By keeping proper backups. 

And the best WordPress backup plugin is UpdraftPlus. 

It allows you to auto-schedule backup on certain fixed intervals, before updating WordPress, themes, and plugins. 

So, that you can be assured. No matter what.

Additionally, it also allows you to save backup files on Google Drive, Onedrive, or Amazon S3. 


What topics should you write on? How should you prioritize them? 

That’s where keyword research and keyword research tools come into play. 

These tools allow you to search for the most popular topics that you can write on. Along with helpful metrics such as keyword difficulty score.

So, you might ask which is the best keyword research tool?

Answer: it’s SEMrush. 

SEMrush has the most accurate keyword data in the industry which makes it a one of the must-use bluffing tools for bloggers. 

Further, SEMrush features other useful digital marketing tools for link-building campaigning, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. 

So, give it a try. 

Affiliate SEO Mastery course

I know you are still a newbie. 

But know that sky’s the limit in blogging. Then only you will start to earn a six-figure income.

So, constantly learning new skills should be part-and-parcel of your life. 

And the best skill for a blogger to learn is SEO.

Learning SEO takes time and patience. 

Also, for that, you need a course teacher that can teach you SEO patiently one step at a time. 

That’s what Christian Lee’s Affiliate SEO course mastery course fulfills. 


Now, obviously blogging involves a great amount of writing. 

So, it’s of paramount importance that your writing is correct, clear, crispy, and engaging. 

That’s what Grammarly ensures. 

It is a complete writing assistant that ensures your writing is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, is engaging, doesn’t have tone issues, and isn’t plagiarized. 

So, using Grammarly is an essential blogging tool for beginners.

CoSchedule Headline Analyser 

Writing engaging content that hooks the reader is essential for success. 

And there’s nothing more important than a great headline. 

To be a successful blogger you need to be a great headline writer! 

While there are many tips to write a captivating headline, the best way to ensure you are writing great headlines is to use CoSchedule Headline Analyser.   

CoSchedule Headline Analyser uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to figure out the best headlines for your blog post. 

And present its findings in an easy-to-understand score format. 

So to be a great headline writer, give it a try. 


After writing a captivating headline and post, your blog post needs an eye-catching custom image. 

Using eye-catching custom images ensures that your blog post gets a ton of social shares and social traffic.  

(This is one of my best blogging tips)

So, how to create these custom images? Do you need to be a PhotoShop wizard to create custom images? 

No, you don’t need a pro-level app like PhotoShop. 

Rather, use Canva. 

It is a photo creation tool that allows you to create custom images, icons, thumbnails, banners, and more using professionally designed pre-made templates. 

So, learning to use Canva is a must for you newbie bloggers. 


Creating an email list from day 1 is a must do task for any blogger. 

Emails have the highest open and click-through rate of any other medium. (It’s a fact)

Now, how to get email subscribers is a vast topic that I have covered in a separate topic. 

You can read it here : How To Build An Email List Fast: 5 Powerful Ways To Get Subscribers.

But, the best way to keep in contact with your subscribers is ConvertKit. 

ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing tool that allows users to send emails, track them, and manage them. 

It allows you to send emails with premade custom designs that will woo your subscribers. 

So, get started with your email marketing strategy from day 1 with ConvertKit. 


Display Advertising is the #1 way for monetizing new blog sites. 

Sadly registering with a single Ad-network like Google Adwords doesn’t provide enough revenue. 

But on the other hand, registering and managing multiple Ad-networks manually is a herculean task.

Therefore, to maximize your revenue, use AdSanity.

Pro tip – 

With Adsanity, you can even start showing self-hosted Ads to maximize your revenue. 


Whether you are a newbie or an established blogger. Affiliate marketing can be a source of monetization for your blog.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products through your blog post, and earning a commission in return when your readers purchase a product through your affiliate link. 

That’s why it’s sanctimonious to properly manage your affiliate links. 

ThirstyAffiliates allows you to track and manage your affiliate links from a central dashboard.

Additionally, it allows you to automatically replace predefined keywords with your affiliate links. So, you don’t miss out on any revenue. 

That’s why using Thirstyaffiliates for affiliate marketers is a must. 


Creating and selling digital products is a great way to make money. 

Products like e-books, courses, action guides, and templates are a hot sale. 

But, as with everything, there is stiff competition. 

So to properly convert your visitors into buyers, you need to set up a proper sales page to maximize conversions. 

But learning to set up sales pages is no easy feat. 

That’s why I use LeadPages. 

It features a drag-and-drop sales page builder with professionally designed templates for ensuring maximum conversion. 

So, give LeadPages a try. 

WP Review Pro 

Looking to start reviewing products for monetizing your blog. 

Then, you need only this plugin to get started – WP Review Pro.

It is the only plugin that offers complete customizability for designing your product page. 

Star ratings, percentage ratings, or point score type rating systems with filter and user review options can be set up with WP Review Pro. 

So to get started with reviewing products, read my guide on starting a product review site and get the WP Review Pro plugin.


Looking to diversify your earnings by selling your own merchandise. 

Then, look no more than Printify. 

From designing to managing and payment processing, and fulfilling orders everything is handled by Printify for you. 

So, if you are contemplating selling your own merchandise, give Printify a try.


Starting a membership blog site is a great way to earn money and at the same time provide value to your subscribers. (Without distracting them with pestering Ads)

So, what’s stopping you bloggers from starting a membership site? 


Bloggers think that starting a membership site will require them to hire web developers (a costly affair) and will be a complicated thing to manage. 

Let me tell you, it is really easy to start a membership site with MemberPress. 

You just need to install it. And just set it up using just a few steps to get started. 

MemberPress manages for you everything from member creation, management, payment management, access management, and more. 

It’s that simple. So, don’t wait up to start your 1st membership website. 

Related blog: Creating Great Reminders In MemberPress The Easy Way!

Big Stack Course

Want to learn more about creating and selling digital products? 

Then, you definitely need to give the Big Stack course a try. 

Features detailed coaching on topics like:-

  1. Digital Product  Creation,
  2. Book Marketing
  3. Audio Product
  4. Blogging 
  5. Video & Live Streaming 
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Monetization, Facebook Ads and Memberships

In all, you can learn about each nitty-gritty about creating and selling digital products.


Looking to get more subscribers and customers. You need to use OptinMonster.

It is the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the market.

OptinMonster allows you to instantly grow your email list, get more leads and increase sales by creating contact collection forms. 

And let me tell you sky’s the limit with OptinMonster. 

You can create numerous types of collection forms. From lightbox, floating box, top-bar, spin wheel, and more types of collection forms to ensure that they are visually pleasing. 

That makes it one of the indispensable blogging tools for beginners..  


Looking to grow your social media followers, or to grow your email list

Giveaways can be a fast way to do the same. 

But, do you know how to run giveaway campaigns? Is it tough?

Again, Misinformation. Running a giveaway campaign is a pretty straightforward task. 

Just install and set up RafflePress. 

Then to start a giveaway campaign, just enter your desired prerequisite for a visitor to enter a giveaway campaign. 

That’s it. 

To gain followers quickly, RafflePress is one of the essential blogging tools for beginners.  

Revive Social

Social media traffic has a large reach but a poor engagement ratio. Only around 2-4% of subscribers engage with a post. 

That’s why it is essential to constantly republish your old content. But, constantly managing multiple social media feeds is not easy. 

This is where Revive Social shines. 

It allows you to automatically republish your blog article to social media handles periodically. This ensures continuous social media referral traffic to your blog. 

Therefore, use Revive Social to revive your old posts.

Smash Balloon

Social proof is essential to start new subscribers and followers. 

Followers attract new followers. 

So, how to show your readers social proof? 

Use Smash Balloon to integrate your different social media feeds into your website. 

Just, make sure to integrate your most popular and engaging post to gain new followers. 


By now, you would have recognized that being a blogger is not easy! 

You need to master numerous best blogging tools. 

Therefore, I get, you can sometimes get stuck.

But, don’t worry, everyone gets stuck sometimes. But, my recommendation will be different from others. 

If you get stuck, hire freelancers on Fiverr.com to get unstuck. 

Whether it’s designing your website, speeding up your website, or setting up any plugin. 

Hire freelancers to quickly get unstuck. Don’t waste any time trying to read lengthy blog posts or YouTube videos. 

Just get back on track ASAP. That’s essential.  

Pro Blogger Bundle

Pro Blogger Bundle is the collection of the 4 best-selling Create and Go team courses. 

  1. Launch your blog biz
  2. SEO blueprint for bloggers
  3. Pinterest traffic avalanche course
  4. Six-figure Blogger course.

This course bundle truly satisfies the word “pro” in its name. 

I am sure this course will help you get started in launching your blog, then teach you SEO and Pinterest marketing to drive traffic to your website.

And finally some extra granular knowledge to help you become a six-figure blogger. 

So, definitely give Pro Blogger Course a try. ( You will be impressed by Lauren and Alex’s coaching. )


Want an easy way to host your video courses and tutorials? 

I know you might say, there is no easy way. I understand setting video hosting through traditional methods is costly and time-consuming. 

That’s why there is a smart way. 

Use Teachable. 

Teachable is a complete solution for hosting and managing your video course. From member signup to billing and member management, everything is handled by Teachable. 

So focus on creating great products and leave everything else to Teachable.  

Pretty Links Pro 

People hate to see ugly and lengthy affiliate links in their search box. 

So is there a way to hide those? 

You know me. Of course, there is a tool for that. 

Get Pretty Link Pro. 

It can help you prettify your affiliate links, track them, and manage them. 


Looking for your favorite theme or plugins? 

But, don’t want to make a purchase on an unknown website. 

I get it. 

Even, I had the same anxiety numerous times. 

That’s why I purchase themes and plugins using ThemeForest. 

It has the largest collection of over 52,000+ WP themes and plugins. And all of the source files come from official publishers, so be assured about viruses and malware. 

Additionally, you can also purchase audio, graphics, and photos from ThemeForest. 


Finally, we have reached the end!

This is going to be one of the special blogging tools for beginners

Drum rolls…. FreshBooks 

The above 31 ultimate blogging tools for beginners are a lot of products. 

Managing invoices and receipts is going to be arduous. 

Especially when you are using Excel to do it. (Don’t do that)

Want to simplify bookkeeping? 

Switch to Freshbook.

It is the best bookkeeping software for beginners. Easy-to-use and provides more features than a basic Excel sheet. 

Bonus Tools 


Want to design lead and sale pages using a drag-and-drop builder with premade templates? Give SeedProd a try.


Use Shortpixel to ultra compress your images automatically to save bandwidth. 


Want to optimize your WordPress files and images at the same time. Give WPOptimize a shot. 


The #1 tool to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts. Additionally, it provides you with analytics from a single dashboard.

Genesis Pro  

A truly minimal WordPress theme for getting that minimal but elegant look. 


A premium WordPress hosting with truly premium performance along with robust customer support. 

Pinterest Course

An Ebook created by Ana, that will teach you to drive traffic to your website through Pinterest. (With a boatload of practical strategies) 


A keyword research tool for YouTube that will get you more views and subscribers. So, if you are looking to start a YouTube channel along your blog give it a try. 


A visual online course builder that helps you build and host your course. Additionally, features such as quizzes and assignments will definitely keep your students on their toes. 


A high-payout affiliate for you all newbies to help you start monetizing your blog fast. 

Social WarFare 

Social sharing results in referral traffic and that is great for SEO. Wanna know how to get more social shares? Get the Social WarFare plugin and add beautiful social share buttons to your blog. 


I believe that this post will definitely end your search for “the best blogging tools for beginners”. 

And let me tell you, creating such a detailed article takes time and effort. 

If you found this article helpful, then please share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media. 

Also, feel free to leave a comment.


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