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This article will teach you how to come up with blog post ideas in 15 minutes that will help plan your content marketing strategy.

Do you have a website for which you want to write quality content on a regular basis but falling short of ideas?

Are you struggling to come up with lifestyle blog post ideas, or maybe travel blog post ideas, or any niche that you are interested in?

Perhaps you started a blog but feeling daunting to come up with unique blog ideas that your audience love.

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I’ve covered how to come up with blog post ideas for beginners, blog post ideas for writers, blog post ideas for business, and all others who are struggling.

Whether you are a new blogger or not, if you don’t have the right strategy in place, it would be tedious and time-consuming to pull out blog ideas.

I never fall short of blog niche ideas because I created a system that made it easy for me to constantly source new topics to write about.

And this is exactly what most successful bloggers follow to get new ideas.

Today I am going to reveal the same system to you that can be used right away. The cool thing is, follow this system to have your first 50 blog series ideas in the next 15 minutes. It’s a free method that anyone can follow.

So let’s dive in.

1) Take help from your social media followers

If you have some followers on Facebook, you can simply run a campaign on Facebook asking people to tell you the common problems they face in any field.

Or you can join a few Facebook groups related to your industry to find some potential topics.

By engaging with the FB group members you will discover what are their pain points, their challenges, etc. Once you find out this information now you have some ideas to write a blog post to solve their problems.

Instagram is an awesome place to find some brilliant ideas. Either you can DM your followers or simply post a question on your stories and ask for replies.

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Have a look at the tweets of your followers, check out what brand they are interacting with. You can even do hashtag searches in your industry and just read through the tweets.

2) Use Quora to get hot topics

I am sure you are aware of Quora. Quora is a good platform to increase your knowledge about anything.

It’s a question-answer platform where you can post your questions and get different views from all kinds of people.

Also, you can contribute with your answers to any of the questions derived from your own experience.

Here, you can easily find trending ideas on any topic that you can use and write about. These ideas are very engaging and will potentially help you increase traffic to your blog sites very fast.

Here is how it works,

Go to Quora.com, type in your keyword, and click on search. It will pull out all the latest questions asked by people. There you go these questions are hot topic ideas for you to write about.

Easy right?

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best platform for blog post ideas

3) Get trending topics using Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the platforms to steal the trending topics of your competitors.

Put in the desired keyword you want and start searching. It’ll show up all the trending topics related to the same keyword.

What’s even cooler is it shows the number of social shares on each post. By this, you can determine the popularity and replicate similar content.

For example, have a look at the results for Content Marketing. It shows the latest topics on the left and social shares on the right.

Find blog post ideas on Buzzsumo

4) Generate ideas with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool that will help you come up with content ideas.

Let me show you how it works,

Go to ubersuggest.com, put in your topic or keyword, and click on the search button.

For this example, let’s stick to “content marketing” as a keyword.


Primarily it will give you two piece of feedback.

  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas

I’ll walk you through each one.

Keyword ideas will suggest you long-tail phrases that can be used for blog post ideas.

Keyword ideas for blog post

Content ideas will show you all the latest trending blog posts with the number of backlinks and social shares. This feature is similar to Buzzsumo that I shared earlier.

Content ideas for blog post

5) Use HubSpot’s blog ideas generator

If you’re running out of topics, then let me introduce you to HubSpot blog post ideas generator.

This is a great tool to generate blog content in a matter of 5 minutes.

Let me teach you how to use HubSpot

Pull up the HubSpot website, type in any topic or a keyword, it will show you a bunch of ready-made topics or questions that you can replicate or take some inspiration.

HubSpot blog topics generator

However keep in mind it will show only 5 blog topics for free, for more ideas you need to sign up for their premium package.

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6) Keep an eye on blog comments

This is my favorite and one of the most effective ways to get easy blog ideas.

Start reviewing all of your blog posts comment section. Oftentimes people will tell you what they want to hear more about or ask you a question that can be used as the next blog topic.

These are real people reading your blogs and giving ideas to create more content. So you should always communicate with your readers by replying to their comments.

This source is almost never-ending as long as you publish new content regularly.

That being said, instead of reviewing your own comment section, you can always have a look into your competitor’s comment section too.

This will often point you to what is missing from your competitor’s articles. If you can fill in that gap, all the better for you and your authority.

7) Use Google search suggestions

Google is the best source to generate SEO friendly blog topics.

The search results and suggestions are based on actual searches. This gives you real ideas about what users type into Google.

Pull up Google and start searching for the keyword.

get Blog post ideas using Google search

Check out the suggestions that come up when I type in “Social Media”.

These are potential topics that can be used to create blog posts.

In addition, when you scroll down the page you can look at related searches.

Google related search for blog post ideas

Pretty cool, right?

With the combination of search results and related keywords, now you’ve several long-tail keywords and questions as blog ideas.

8) Use Youtube for hot topics.

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Youtube is just not only a place to share your videos but it can be used to generate content ideas too.

It works the same way as Google search as I mentioned earlier.

When you type in a keyword in the search bar it auto-generates a list of long-tail keywords.

For example, I have put in “How to fix the tire” in the search bar. When I watch the video it suggests related topics of the same industry on the right-hand side.

blog post ideas using Youtube
blog post ideas using Youtube

These are suitable new content ideas for that particular industry.

In addition, you’ll want to look at the comments of your videos and your competitor’s videos to generate some ideas.

9) Sign up for newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to get fresh topic ideas right into your inbox.

You may want to consider signing up for multiple industry leaders in your specific niche, that way you’ll have content ideas almost every day.

Joining the newsletter of your direct competitors is another great way to discover trending topics.

Either you can take inspiration from those topics or recreate better and in-depth blog posts that will outstand your competition.

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10) A sneak peek into your competitor’s website

This source is the easiest yet most effective way to crack new and hot topics in your industry.

When you are running short of ideas simply go to your competitor’s website and have a look at their blog posts.

Now, make sure you don’t copy their contents. But you can always take content ideas for your next article or you can write about topics that they did not write.

Another great way to see if they have a FAQ page on their website, the questions that you see there could potentially be the topics you can think of for your next blog posts.

Finally, dive deep into their comment section to see if you can get more ideas.

11) Use your old published posts

Revisiting your old content which is buried is an ideal way for topic ideas.

You just need to tweak a little of the post title and create newer content from a different perspective.

For example, if you had written a post on “how to reduce belly fat fast”, a new topic could be “how to get a flat belly in just two weeks”.

You see I have reworked the post title, you should do the same with your entire article with the latest information.

Another way is to analyze your old posts using Monster insights plugin to figure out which ones have the most views or social shares. Once you know that you can brainstorm and come up with new ideas around it.


I’ve made a simple guide to help you figure out how to come up with blog post ideas in 15 minutes.

Searching for blog post ideas can get tedious and consume a lot of time if you don’t know how to get them right.

Some of your ideas may not work well for blog post ideas. And that’s OK because you can get to the good stuff with experience.

I’ve created a system to follow and covered a few best ways to figure out content ideas for your next article. These are exactly some of the methods used by myself and other successful bloggers in the world.

When you start implementing above mentioned methods make sure you make a list of at least 40-50 blog topics at once and pick the best and trending one’s to write about.

Let me know in the comment section, what are your favorite ways of coming up with new blog post ideas.

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