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Email marketing is an effective way of marketing but, it’ll fail if you do not increase email open rates.

Email marketing helps you in keeping your subscriber in the loop and build relationships with leads, subscribers, and past subscribers.

Using email marketing you can increase your website traffic and earn money using various methods like affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

It is a good way of letting your subscribers or customers know about the updates related to the business as well.

People’s lives are busy doing their daily chores and without email marketing, your business can be easily forgotten.

Email Marketing removes this communication gap between you and your subscribers which is essential in establishing contacts.

When it comes to email marketing, email opening rates are an essential metric to keep in mind.

Not analyzing these metrics could result in your email campaigns being unsuccessful and would not bear any benefits to your blog or business.

In this article, I’ve laid down my email marketing strategy that I use on how to increase email open rates for your blog.

But first, let’s find out what email opening rates are.

What is Email Open Rate?

Email Open rates are the number of times an email sent by you got an engagement usually, it is depicted in terms of percentage.

On average the email opening rates are 18%(approx) which means, for every 100 emails send, your email will be opened by 18 people.

But, here is the catch!

An email is only counted as opened when the reader enables images in the email or when the email is displayed in full view mode.

In another scenario, email opens will be considered when the recipient clicks on the link present in the email.

Now, we know how email open rates are calculated but how to get the report so that we can analyze this metric.

Where to get an Email Opening Rate report?

To find how to improve email open rates, you would first need email opening rate reports.

You can find these reports on the ESP or Email Service provider’s dashboard.

If you ask me what ESP to choose I’ll always recommend the ConvertKit Email Marketing tool.

It’s an amazing tool that helps you to send beautiful emails custom designed to meet your needs.

This tool also comes in as a WordPress Plugin that you can integrate into your WordPress dashboard which makes accessing the tool even easier.

You can also send bulk emails to your subscriber list automatically by scheduling emails and what I really like about them is they provide amazing data and A/B testing as well.

With this data, I’ve launched some of the most successful email campaigns, and A/B testing really helped me narrow down my subject lines.

You can easily find the email opening rate on ConvertKit.

It is displayed under the subscriber tab on the dashboard along with a graph that displays the data even more clearly.

Now, the real question comes how to increase email open rates?

How to Increase Email Open Rates?

If you want to increase email opening rates you can follow these 10 steps.

Either implement these steps one at a time or implement all of them together, you’ll definitely notice an increased email opening rate.

Create an Attractive Subject Line

Subject lines are the very first thing the subscriber sees when you send the email to them.

Around 90% of the marketers use the same old subject lines which do not work and get filtered out as bad noise.

You have to avoid this mistake to increase your email opening rates.

how to increase email open rates

There are a few criteria that you want to keep in mind to create impactful subject lines-

Subject line length:

Since your email subject lines are the first thing people see, it becomes crucial for you.

The problem is that it is limited space. Almost more than 85% of subject lines are shorter than 90 characters because this best suits mobile and web browser’s ergonomics.


Using emojis in your subject lines is a very good way to attract the attention of your users.


Using offers in your subject lines could lure your customer or subscribers into buying from you, therefore, you should use them whenever possible.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to building attractive subject lines but, it is important for you to A/B test your subject lines. 

Personalize Your Email

Personalize emails are the most impactful email that you can send.

There is a difference in tone when you write an email for a group and when you write an email for one single person.

It is something that could make your emails special and the person reading them would feel the warmth while reading the email.

Write like a friend!

For Instance, instead of writing like “We are offering you a great deal to our customers” write in a friendly way “Hey guys! Check this out….”.

Keep Your Email List Updated

Updating your email list from time to time is important.

You really do not want to keep sending emails to those people who do not respond and waste your efforts.

Make sure before updating your list and removing the contacts, you create a win-back email campaign to reach them out for one last time.

A good practice is to refresh the email subscribers list from your ESP once a year to avoid any unnecessary clutter of contacts that is not useful for your blog.

Segment Your List

The best feature of the email marketing tool is the segmenting list feature.

Whether people open your emails or not, it depends on the relevancy of the email and you can add relevancy to your email campaigns by segmenting the email id of your subscribers.

According to Lyris, around 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists get higher opening rates.

Segmented emails always outperform generic emails adding more relevancy and targeted communication.

Here is how you can segment your email list.

You can add certain tags to the email list and use that tag to identify the segmented list.

For example, you can use the segmented name as follows.

  • Stage in the sales cycle
  • Company size
  • Average order value
  • Time on the email list

Avoid Spam Filters

Your email must end up in the inbox of your subscribers, not in the spam folder.

You have to avoid spam filters to maximize your opening rates reach.

Avoid spam filters

Over the years your spam filters have gotten more and more smart which has become a problem for us but if you follow few guidelines then you can easily avoid the spam filters-

  • Avoid salesman language with words like “buy”, “clearance”, “discount”, or “cash”
  • Include an easy way for subscribers to opt-out of your emails
  • Use verified domain name emails instead for normal Gmail or Yahoo email ids
  • Use a good IP address to send the emails, make sure your IP address has not been used to send spam email
  • Also, use a highly reputed email services provider like Converkit, Mailerlite, or Aweber

Use Re-Engagement Campaigns

Re-engagement campaigns are for those subscribers who have had purchased or positively engaged with your emails but, now there is no interaction between you and them.

You can use re-engagement campaigns on these people to re-spark the lost relationship by sending them emails specifically designed for them.

You can offer them a discount or send them early access to your newly launched product to remind them that you still care.

Since these people have reacted positively towards your emails in the past chances are they will again do that.

So, make sure before updating your email list or striking out few inactive names from your email list, you send them re-engagement emails to try one last time.

Use Welcome Series

Your new subscribers are more likely to open your emails and engage with them, the best way to do that is to send a welcome series email.

Sending an automated welcome email series is a very good way to greet your new subscribers and you can welcome them to your family.

welcome email

You know what I do!

I offer my email subscribers a free 7-day blogging course as a freebie.

This not only helps me increase email subscribers but also helps me in increasing email engagements.

Now, if you have a travel blog or lifestyle blog, you can send travel guides as a freebie to your new subscriber as a bonus gift or surprise gift.

If you are puzzled about how to create these freebies then I suggest using Canva Pro.

Canva Pro is one of the best blogging tools when it comes to graphic design.

It allows you to easily create invitations, business cards, flyers, lesson plans, resumes, and other graphics using professionally designed templates.

The graphic creations can be as easy as drag and drop and could increase your production speed as well.

If you don’t want to put much effort into creating freebies, you can use Canva lead magnet templates which are highly customizable into what you need.

Use Perfect Date and Time

Timing can have a huge impact on your opening rates so, make sure you use a date and time that works.

If you have just started a blog and do not hold any data to analyze which time and day best suits you then you can use some standard timing and date.

Which days are better for emails?

According to Hubspot, if you send emails during weekdays it is highly likely to have more open rates than weekends.

On which days of the month, one should send the emails?

According to OmniSend, emails usually do better from days 1-10 of the month with opening rates of 18% and CTR (click-through rates) of 5.59%.

Which hour of a day one should choose to send emails?

The best time of the day is the early morning usually 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

So, you have a huge window of opportunity to test and funnel down the best time for you to send emails.

Don’t forget your Mobile User

Mobile users are the most important users for email marketers as 67.2% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email.

It means you cannot leave mobile users behind and therefore, your email must be optimized for mobile as well.

You can optimize your emails by using smaller subject lines that can be easily visible on a small mobile screen.

Here are some more tips on optimizing your email for mobile screens-

  • Use large font and large call to action button which can be easier to see
  • The images on the emails are off by default especially for android so, your emails should look good without them
  • Use compressed images with optimum dimensions to reduce load time

Write amazing content as well

It’s not only about getting more email opening rates but it is also about reading the email and getting clicks to your links.

The best way of doing that is through interactive content.

When a subscriber opens your email and reads it, they should not feel that your email is for your benefit only.

Your emails should express a mutual benefit scheme for you and your subscriber.

If you achieve this level of perfection then you can have more email opening rates and higher click-through rates.

BONUS Tip: Email Marketing Course by Herpaperruote

This bonus tip could help you in mastering email marketing and gaining essential strategies to conduct successful email campaigns.

I highly recommend taking a look at an email marketing course by Herpaperroute.

It also helps you in growing your email list really fast as used by many successful bloggers.

This course helps you to master strategies on quality leads, list building, funnel strategies, high-converting lead magnets, attractive subject lines, and much more.

So, if you are a new blogger or an online business owner, you can easily monetize your email and can make essential gains.

Wrapping Up

This article was all about how you can increase email open rates.

If you work on your email marketing campaigns, you will for sure have strong email marketing gains and could even monetize your email.

Make sure you are well familiarized with your email marketing tool like I am with ConvertKit but, this does not mean you cannot use other tools.

Email Marketing tools like Mailerlite, Aweber also provide similar features like ConvertKit so, it is all about your personal choice.

If you find these tips helpful please tell in the comments.

Have I missed some points that worked for you?

Tell me in the comment and share the article with your friends and family.

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