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In this article, I’ll lay down each and every detail on how to make affiliate sales and make passive income from various sources.

The amateur bloggers make the mistake of depending on one single platform and hope that it’ll become successful.

But the chances of this becoming success is 1 in 10.

I’ve had my share of failures as well like my first website made a $1,000 hole in my pocket.

That’s why I advocate using multiple blogging platforms to make money online.

You can earn a good passive income by strategically placing those affiliate links on different blogging platforms with few visitors as well.

Affiliate marketing and blogging business is designed in such a way that it can help you make money while you sleep.

But, to make money online you need a good platform where visitors can reach you easily and it has to be cost-effective as well.

Here in this guide, I’ll teach you all my secrets using which I make six figures income from affiliate marketing and you’ll learn how to make affiliate sales even with low visitors.

But first, let’s find out what are affiliate products?

What are Affiliate Products?

Affiliate products are those products that a marketer promotes to earn a commission.

The commission can be anything from a fixed amount to a percentage of cut that could be 5% to 75%.

Yup!! 75% commission per sale!

And the best part is that you do not have to source those products or deliver them or provide after-sale service to the buyer.

You can skip all those labor-intensive work and simply earn a commission for every sale you generate for the business.

Now, let’s find out where to find affiliate products.

Where to Find Affiliate Products?

You can find affiliate products easily by Google searching them.

But, to find a profitable affiliate product is an art that I am going to teach you.

Also, I’ll list the top 5 affiliate programs that you must have in your arsenal.

You can join these affiliate programs, ad networks easily and start earning right away.

Here is the list of top 5 affiliate programs that you can join-

All of these programs provide one or more affiliate products with varying commission percentages.

You have to calculate the profit per product by yourself.

If you want your blogging business to be successful you have to be good with numbers especially when calculating profit, loss, and expenses.

This is the main reason why I lost thousands of dollars on my first website.

So, what I recommend is to calculate the break-even amount. This break-even amount is the minimum threshold amount that you have to surpass no matter what.

The threshold amount can be $5 or $100 or even more, it depends on your expense. But, you’ll only find profitable products above this threshold.

You can find profitable products by calculating certain metrics.

If you want to how to make affiliate sales you have to master these metrics.

The metrics that matters are Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and the number of visitors.

These metrics decide how much money you can make using affiliate marketing.

If you strategize your affiliate products placements that influence these metrics, then you can easily make more money than 90% of affiliate marketers.

How to influence those metrics?

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The number of times a visitor click on the affiliate links divided by the total number of visitors can be defined as the CTR.

You can increase CTR by Strategically placed affiliate links in your content, but your content should be good and enjoyable to read.

You can only increase CTR when someone likes your content and get convinced to click on the links to buy that product from you.  

Your content should not feel like it’s a promotional piece rather it has to be informative, expressive in terms of features, and the overall tone should be friendly.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Cost per click is the amount that you can earn in the form of commission per sale of that affiliate product.

To increase affiliate sales income you have to increase your CPC.

One way to do that is by biding on high-cost products that can generate more percentage of the commission.

Another way of increasing CPC is by increasing the frequency of sales by producing more content with affiliate product links.

But oftentimes, the product might not have a frequency of sale and high-cost sale which could make it difficult for marketers to earn profit.

So, always try to find those products that stand firm on both of these criteria.

As an affiliate marketer, you should always thrive to land a better deal. This ensures you make high profits per sale which directly increases your affiliate income.  

Number of Visitors

Another way you can increase your Click-through rate is by creating content for products with high searchability.

If your content is not searched by people how can you expect people or visitors to click on your affiliate links?

To increase your affiliate link clicks you have to know, what are keywords with high searchability.

You can use Keyword research tools like SEMRush to find keywords that have a large number of visitors.

SEMRush provides accurate data along with an estimation of how difficult ranking this keyword would be.

If the ranking is difficult for a certain keyword, then you can simply use the keyword magic tool to scrape out other valuable keywords as well.

SEMRush suggests those profitable keywords but, this is not the best part about the tool.

The best part is that it is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides all tools required to promote your website, social media, or other blogging platforms.

To increase the number of visitors which is an essential metric, you have to work on SEO, especially for your website.

SEO can drive traffic to your website and increase visitors which will have a direct impact on your affiliate sales.

It is also an organic way of attracting traffic and you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on Google ads for the traffic.

You can simply subscribe to an affordable SERush pricing plan and start working on your SEO goals.

How to Make Affiliate Sales?

You can make affiliate sales using various techniques and methods that can help you make profits.

These techniques can be adopted easily and would provide you an extensive approach towards improving your affiliate marketing.

Below I’ve listed the methods that I use to promote my affiliate links and earn money online.

Start a Blog

sell affiliate products

The best way to monetize your blog is by promoting your affiliate products.

It is a win-win strategy to monetize your content and providing your visitor’s valuable knowledge.

With an increase in internet penetration, it has become very easy and convenient for anyone to start a blog.

Earlier people used to hire a developer to build their website which was a costly affair but now with advancements in technology there is no need to learn to code.

You can build your own website using CMS software like WordPress and insert WordPress plugins to add functionality to your website which makes it even more versatile.

To get started with your own blog, you need a web hosting and domain name.

I recommend using Bluehost to host your website.

It is the best web hosting provider in the market with affordable plans and it is even recommended by WordPress which adds to its credibility.

With 24X7 uptime, you can have your website live without any discontinuation, also the website will be protected using various security features of Bluehost web hosting.

After setting up your website, you would need a WordPress theme for your blog.  

Your website needs to have a good visual look to ensure you provide the best user experience.

To give a premium look I suggest using the Divi theme as your theme.

Divi theme offers you a fully customizable website with many different layout options to choose from also the theme includes a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool.

The best part is that this theme is also SEO friendly which makes it the best choice for a blog.

After selecting the theme, you can start posting SEO-friendly blogs on your website and rank those blogs for the targeted keywords.

Make sure you are writing the content and recommending the products that your visitors might find interesting and could make a purchase of the product.

Make Sale on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform to sell affiliate products especially products related to lifestyle, travel, and fashion.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas and it can be used to promote your affiliate links and make money on Pinterest.


When you are posting a pin on Pinterest, you are also provided with an option to post your link.

You can post your affiliate link inside the pin link and post an image or video of the product.

This way you can have excellent engagements which directly affect your affiliate sales.

Also, promoting affiliate links is completely legal and comes within Pinterest’s terms of service.

But, make sure you are disclosing those products on the description section of your pins using the #affiliate tag.

Now the question is how many pins should I post to make affiliate sales?

How often?

The answer is the more the better!

But I understand pinning manually is a tedious job and it takes a hell lot of time to do that. That is why I use a Pin scheduler knows as Tailwind.

Using tailwind you can schedule thousands of posts in one single day in advance which makes your job so easy.

Just imagine 3 months of content can be scheduled in one day which means one year’s worth of content in a week.

Other features that make your life easy includes-schedule a post at the best times of the day, create beautiful pins faster, discover content, and measure your analytics.

You can also use this tool to manage your Instagram which brings us to the next point on how to make affiliate sales on Instagram.

Make Sale on Instagram

Instagram is also a good platform for affiliate marketing.

Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide and it is rapidly growing.

If you can learn how to make affiliate sales on Instagram then you can increase your outreach and get quality sales.

And you do not have to post your photo for that, you can use other’s copyright-free content as well.

You can simply use stock images and image manipulation software to post content.

I recommend using Canva to create and edit beautiful images and make them look attractive.

Canva also offers Instagram-specific templates that can be used to post Instagram images.

If you find creating images consumes a lot of time and is not your thing, then I recommend checking out Canva Lead Magnet templates.

It offers you quick and easy to edit images with full customizability that matches your brand.

It also comes with a design guide and video tutorial to guide you through the process.

Use Email Marketing

An affiliate marketing email campaign is a small twist to your classic email strategy.

Instead of sending an email with your website links, now you are sending emails with affiliate products along with some links to your blog.

But, it should not come forth as obvious like you are promoting these products.

You have to bring the affiliate products naturally in your writing and make your subscribers want to buy products from you.

The content of your email should be tailored in a highly personalized manner.

When an individual reads the content he/she should feel connected and wants to read your content.

Now, you might ask how can I send thousands of emails to my followers individually.

it’s an impossible task!

Wait, I’ve got a solution for you.

For managing all your email marketing campaigns you can use an email marketing tool.

I recommend using ConvertKit which is the best email marketing tool out there.

You can send beautiful emails custom designed to meet your needs and grow your audience by turning casual visitors into subscribers.

You can put segmentation tags on your subscribers to better understand their pain points so that you can communicate with them efficiently.

This tool also provides valuable analytics to better manage your email campaigns and to make sound decisions.

Use Pop-Up Banner

affiliate products

Pop-up banners are the best way to grab the attention of website visitors.

Many people do not read the article fully but skim through it by reading important lines only and the chances of them noticing your affiliate products is a bare minimum.

To grab your visitor’s attention towards your affiliate products you can use a pop-up banner.

This pop-up can instantly provide the visitor with information about the affiliate products that could convince them in buying.  

You can also set the pop-up banner to show up when the user wanted to exit the website.

This is called exit intent pop-up banner using which you can convert the leaving visitors into your affiliate buyer.

To use this feature, you need a tool that provides a pop-up banner feature to your website.

I use OptinMonster for this.

It can predict accurately right before the visitor is about to leave and shows the pop-up banner and tries to attempt one last engagement.

You can also A/B test your pop-up banners with page-specific banners that’ll only show up on certain pages.

You’ll be also provided with an insight that can produce valuable data which can be used to make smart decisions regarding affiliate marketing.

Use Visual Images to Get Engagement

According to Buzzsumo, articles with images receive 2-3 times more engagement than those without an image.

Marketers who embrace visual content get higher returns in the form of followers, likes, shares, visits, clients, and revenue.

The more engagement you get on your blog the better CTR you can achieve for your affiliate products. 

Good content is not something that is good to read but, it is also something that visually looks good and engaging. 

To make your post visually good you should use as many images and visual elements as possible.

There are many different ways you can include images and other visual elements into your blog like using screenshots, stock images, personal images, sidebar widgets, etc. 

You can also include affiliate products in a visual format instead of text-based format which makes it even more susceptible to clicks by visitors.

Website Visitors usually do not read the entire article rather they skim through the content and only read important lines.

But, you can still attract user clicks on your affiliate products if you include them in a visual format like in the sidebar or as a shortcode. 

Since I exploit WordPress for my blog there are many plugins available to post affiliate products visually. 

One such WordPress plugin that I use is AAWP Plugin which is specifically designed to handle the amazon affiliate programs. 

It is the best WordPress plugin for amazon affiliates. 

With this plugin by your side, there will be a definite rise in your conversion rates, CTR’s and (most importantly) amazon affiliate’s earnings.

This plugin can help you visually represent your affiliate links in a flexible layout format as a widget for the sidebar or as a shortcode. 

It’ll also work on smartphones with full Google AMP support and the widget automatically changes the title, description, price, currency rate, etc. based on the user geolocation. 

Increase Your Networking

Networking helps you in advancing your affiliate business and finding important opportunities.

With networking, you can build professional relations with your affiliate managers and ask them for commission increment.

This trick is not used by many affiliates but this is the most powerful trick to increase your affiliate earnings.

But, you can only ask for increments if you have an established platform that makes significant sales per month.

You can negotiate a better deal for example if the affiliate program offers a 20% commission you can demand 25-30% of the commission from them and in return, you can offer them more exposure.

You can create more content that specifically caters to the products and provide more exposure to their affiliate products.

Sell your Own Digital Products

Yes, I know it sounds counterproductive to the argument of selling other’s affiliate products but, hear me out.

Why sell other’s products on your website when you can sell your own products?

Creating and selling your own digital products lets you keep all the profits to yourself, no need to share.

Digital products are the best way of earning passive income and you can sell any course, tutorial, ebook, etc.

For example, I can create a course on how to make affiliate sales and sell the course on my blog.  

But to do that, you need a platform where you can host these courses and the best platform for hosting the courses is Teachable.

It is an online platform where you can create and sell online courses to your audiences and earn money from selling them.

There are a variety of categories that you can choose from like computer and technology, business, art, personal development, and much more.

For each course you sell, teachable just charges a 5% transaction fee and you get almost 95% of the money. 

The best thing about this is that it is also a passive income strategy meaning you just have to create the course one time and capitalize on it by selling it to different customers.

Bonus Tip: Pro Blogger Bundle Course by Alex & Lauren

Pro blogger bundle course by Alex & Lauren is an ultimate discounted course bundle of the 4 best-selling courses.

This course teaches you how to start your blog and earn six figures of blogging income from home.

Under this course, you’ll get 4 courses in one which is as follows-

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This course teaches you how to make money through blogging and how to make affiliate sales income but that’s not it.

You’ll also get a blueprint of how to promote your blog using SEO and a step-by-step guide on making a Blogging business.

If you want to become a blogger and want to earn passive income, this is the best place where you can get good guidance.

Alex & Lauren are a blogger couple who started their blogging journey 3 years ago with almost $0 in earnings but, now they are making a six-figure income.

They quit their jobs and become a full-time blogger and travelers.

They designed this course to help you achieve the freedom that they have experienced.

After completing the course, you’ll have a vision and inspiration that looks beyond a simple 9-5 job inside a cubical.

The Bottom Line is…

If you want to learn how to make affiliate sales you got to have a good platform where visitors can visit.

If you ask me I’ll always prefer a blog but, as a smart affiliate marketer, you have to use other platforms as well.

A combination of platforms like a website/blog with Pinterest and Instagram is a good choice that can be used to promote your affiliate products.

Also, you have to optimize the channels through which the visitors visit your website and the rest is all up to your content.

Interestingly, good contents triumph over any other factors that are important for making money.

So, writing quality content is a must if you want to master blogging and you cannot go wrong about this.

So, no matter if you are getting 100 visitors or 1000 visitors, or even a million visitors, you should always provide the best content.

I hope you like this article, comment below if I’ve missed something.

Make sure you share this article, with your friends and family.


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