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Are you looking to make quick bucks by selling your blog? 

Yes… Then, you have arrived at the right place to get guidance. 

But, wait a sec, can you sell your blog? 

Yes, of course.

In fact, selling blogging or flipping blogs (as it’s more popularly called) is pretty common. 

Now that’s settled, let me guide you on how to sell your blog for an insane profit? 

Do you even have a blog? 

Sorry… I have to ask, do you even have a blog? 

Because, most folks I know are just interested in reading ideas from the internet, instead of applying them in real life. 

So, if you don’t have a blog, act now!

How to start a blog ASAP?  

Since I had created a separate guide about starting a blog from scratch, that’s why here, I will cover the topic only in brief. 

1. Get your ideas and settle on one

While there are numerous things on the internet that you can write on, however, to make a quick sale, you need to select a profitable niche

After that, you need to brainstorm for your blog’s identity on the internet i.e. select your domain name. 

But to make a quick sale in future, keep in mind these two important things:-

  • Stick to keyword-rich domain names as they tend to attract a wider crowd. 
  • And don’t use yourself as a brand. (because it will be a mess for the buyer to rebrand the site and in turn drag your sales price down)   

2. Select your blogging platform 

As with everything useful on the internet, there exist equally crappy products. And these products include many junk blogging platforms. 

So, keep your focus on increasing your blog’s prospective value, and don’t get discarded by numerous blogging platforms out there. 

Which blogging platform to get maximum sale value? 

Don’t think over it, just go with WordPress.org (Not to be confused with WordPress.com) 

It is the most popular blogging platform, powering one in every third site on the internet.

And it can be customized with tons of best plugins, free and paid WordPress themes, and more. 

That’s why choosing WordPress.org is a no-brainer. (In fact, my own site is powered by WordPress.org)

3. Get your domain name 

Now it’s time to purchase the domain name you selected during brainstorming. And for that, I recommend you go with Namecheap. 

Unlike other domain name providers, Namecheap has a transparent renewal rate policy and they don’t upsell you add-on that you don’t need

Also, Namecheap provides a privacy protection add-on for your phone number, email, and address for free. 

That’s why you purchase your first domain name from Namecheap.    

4. Get your web hosting 

Getting web hosting is essential to launch your website.  However, you need to select the best performing and reliable hosting to keep up with your rapid visitors gain. 

So, don’t end up selecting trash web hosting. And yes, there are many cheap and reliable hosting out there.

But, a TL;dr, select Bluehost. It’s the most affordable and reliable hosting provider

That’s it. Until now you have been successful in creating a bare-bone blog. 

Now, let’s look at how you can prepare your blog for sale and then finally, sell your blog at an insane profit.  

How to prepare your blog for sale?

1. Monetize it

You need to monetize your blog fast. The final price you are going to earn is going to directly correspond with your blog’s monthly earning

So, how do you monetize your blog ASAP? 

While there are multiple ways, I would like you to stick with the two:- 

  1. Display Advertising  

Display advertising is the fastest way to monetize any site. You just need to write some articles and apply for Google Adsense. 

Additionally, since we want to get maximum revenue ASAP try to sign-up for other ad networks such as Media.net, infolinks and many more.

They provide a considerably higher payout than Google Adsense to help you get started. 

Tip – 

To maximize your advertising revenue, use an ad management WordPress plugin like Adsanity.

It allows you to show maximum revenue-earning advertisements in real-time. 

Moreover, it allows you to show self-hosted Ads to earn the maximum possible revenue. (You just need to strike deals with the brands and companies) 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Display Advertising may be the fastest way, however, it isn’t going to rake in a ton of $$$$.

To maximize your earnings, you need to focus on affiliate marketing from the start. 

Though, It will not provide immediate results but it will start earning you a considerable amount of cash after some time. 

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services through your blog, and earning a commission in return when your customer makes a purchase. 

In affiliate marketing, your commission tracking is done through your unique affiliate link. And managing it is sanctimonious.

Since you will be working on a hyperdrive mode, you need to effectively manage these links. 

That’s why you need to use ThirstyAffiliates to help you manage your affiliate link from a single dashboard.

Additionally, it allows you to auto-replace certain keywords with affiliate links and monitor your progress. 

Plus, to search for maximum affiliate products fastly, you need to sign up with multiple affiliate programs:- 

Pro tip – 

Want a step-by-step professional way to guide you through Amazon affiliate marketing? 

While You should.

At last, having more $$$$ on your income sheet is going to fetch you more $$$$$$ in return. 

Interested? Yes 

Then, check out the Amazon affiliate affluence e-book by Dale from bloggingherway.

It provides you with detailed and practical solutions to increase your Amazon affiliate income. 

2. Give your blog a premium look and a higher CTR by using AAWP. 

Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin (AAWP) allows you to create beautiful and attractive product boxes with information automatically pulled in from Amazon. 

Isn’t that simple? 

Note – 

Display advertising and affiliate marketing are two of the many ways you can monetize your blog.

And you need to remember that the more income sources you have the more potential buyers have trust in your reported number. 

So, if you already have a successful blog, first try to diversify your income sources before selling it. 

3. SEO 

You may think that SEO is not important for selling your blog. 

But, that’s not the case. Let me explain it. 

  1. The higher your blog ranks for a competitive keywords niche, the more potential buyers will be interested. (Just think, if your blog were to rank for competitive keywords like SEO, or digital marketing) 
  2. Will solidify buyers’ trust in your earning reports. Because no one trusts a website with 100 organic visitors and 1000 direct visitors a month. 

So, how to ace SEO within a short time span? 

First, start with keyword research. It’s the most essential part. You need to find low-competition keywords that your new site can rank on.

Where to find low-competition keywords?  

You need to get one of the keyword research tools, out of which I recommend SEMrush. And then you will have to find keywords with low keyword difficulty scores. 

SEMrush is not just a keyword research tool, nor is it an SEO suite.

SEMrush is the complete digital marketing tool for your blog. 

Not only it features basic tools like an on-page checker and optimizer, backlink checker, and backlink discovery tool.  

But, it also includes unique features like social media tracker, tracking mention, social media post scheduler, a link-building tool, and more. 

After that, you need to write SEO friendly content around these keywords. 

That’s it. 

Note –  

This is barely scratching the surface, to rank for competitive keywords like digital marketing, SEO you need to do more; incorporate the best blogging tips, link building strategies, and not make any insane blogging mistakes. 

Pro tip – 

SEO is a long and enduring journey. No matter how hard you try it’s going to take some time.

But, I know that you get flipping blog sites ASAP. 

So, how can you do that? 

For that, you need to get continuous support from the pioneers in the SEO field. 

That’s why I recommend every newbie to try the Affiliate SEO mastery course by instructor Christian Lee.  

In the course, he has summarized his experience in the SEO industry value packed with effective and real-life examples.  

This course teaches how to dominate the Google page 1 spot even if you own a new blog. That’s what makes this course different from others.

So, give it a try, it’s highly recommended. 

4. Show your buyer social proof 

SEO traffic is great. But we all know how disastrous Google search algorithm updates can be. 

SEO traffic takes time. And your buyer also knows that. 

Show your potential buyer that not only your blog excels in getting SEO traffic but also social media traffic. 

how to sell your blog

And the one social media that has a lot of potential to drive blog traffic is Pinterest. 

It is a great way to quickly drive traffic to your blog site. 

So, wanna know how to get started with driving traffic through Pinterest? 

For that, I would ask you to get help from the experts. 

Enroll in this Pinterest traffic avalanche course from the createandgo team. In it, Alex and Lauren tell you their secret sauce method to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest

By following their course, I am sure that you will start to get a considerable amount of social media traffic fast!  

So, give it a try.

5. Give your site a premium look 

No one is going to drop $$$$ on a bare-bones site. People need to see value in your blog. 

And the best way to show them value is to give your blog a premium look. 

  1. Use Divi Theme

Divi Theme is a popular WordPress theme that gives you the complete creative freedom to customize your website using a drag-and-drop interface. 

Additionally, it’s lightweight, fast, and secure to use. 

  1. Genesis Pro 

It is a minimalist WordPress theme for all you down-to-earth folks out there. And just like Divi, it is customizable, lightweight, fast, and secure. 

  1. Canva and Picmonkey 

You are going to need tons of custom feature images and infographics to make your content pop.  

Both Canva and Picmonkey allow you to design and create custom images for various platforms using readymade templates. 

  1. Website Speed 

Ever since Website loading time became a ranking factor in June 2021, everyone is checking how fast is their website. 

And you can use this rush to your advantage, by making your website fast and gaining premium in return. 

It allows you to auto-optimize your WordPress website using single-click optimization. 

It allows you to compress your sizable image files while maintaining picture quality. Additionally, Smush Pro automatically compresses images when you upload them to your WP dashboard.  

That’s it. Use WP-rocket + Smush Pro to get sub-3 sec loading times. 

6. Keep records 

I know most of you don’t bother to maintain proper financial records.

But, stop with such a careless attitude. 

You need to maintain income statements to upload them at the time of selling your website. 

When you have provided your income statement, it shows the badge as “income statement available” or “income verified”

And if you fail to provide an income statement, it shows as “income statement not available” or “income unverified” 

And you really don’t want that!

You are going to miss out on many potential leads due to such carelessness. 

So, stop with it. And maintain a proper record with the ultimate blogging income and expense tracking template from Ana. 

income and expense sheet

It’s just a simple excel template to monitor your income. So, use it.  

Pro tip – 

Additionally, those who want to go overkill can use FreshBooks (it’s one of my 31 ultimate blogging tools). It is a complete accounting software to monitor and record your payment, income, and receipts. 

7. Get help  

No one becomes an expert overnight. Everyone requires practice and experience, the same is true for blog flipping.        

However, you can master any skill quickly with tips and tricks from experienced people in the industry. 

That’s why I recommend you enroll in the blog flipping course

In the course, Chelsea offers an in-depth masterclass that will serve as a complete blog flipping boot camp for you beginners.

With jam-packed with the practical experience from her vast experience with blog flipping. 

So, give it a try. 

How much can you sell your blog for?

And this is the most asked question. How much can you earn by selling your blog? 

While there are multiple factors at play here. 

However to give you a rough estimate, just multiply your blog’s yearly income by 2x or 5x. 

There it is, the approx amount that you can earn for selling your blog. 

Okay, I know that’s quite a large range. 

So, what can you do to earn the maximum amount? 

Just follow the guidelines, tips, and tricks mentioned in the above section. After following those, you can definitely earn up to 5x your yearly income easily. 

Where to sell your blog?

Where you sell your blog is important! 

Don’t start listing out your blog details on some sketchy Facebook group. You will end up reducing your blog value this way. 

Such groups are filled with resellers and scammers, so stay away from them. 

So, where should you list your blog for sale? 

I recommend you two high-traffic websites where you will find the correct price:- 

  1. Blogsforsale 

Selling with Blogforsale is a really straightforward experience. 


You need to sign-up, then fill in your blog details like niche, income, traffic sources, and some other details. 

And after that, you need to pay a $25 listing fee. For that fee, they continuously promote your blog until it is sold. Additionally, if any support is needed they provide it on a 1:1 basis. 

After that, you will continuously start receiving potential leads. It’s your decision which one you want to accept or reject. 

When you accept, the support team contacts you, and then your site is transferred into an escrow. (Also, buyers funds are moved into an escrow) 

Finally, the funds and site are exchanged. 

And you would have successfully sold your blog for an insane profit.     

  1. Flippa
Flippa - where to sell your blog

Flippa works more or less similar to blogsforsale. 

However, they require you to produce additional documents like your government ID, and personal details. 

And compared to blogforsale, Flippa charges a $10 listing fee. But, they do tend to have pricey add-ons. 

That’s it, we are done! 


And that’s it. We are done with the article. 

I believe now you know how to sell your blog for insane profit. 

We have gone through everything from initially starting your blog ASAP to tips and tricks to help you prepare your blog for sale, how much to expect from the sale, and eventually where to list your blog for sale.

Just follow the exact method and you will definitely make $$$$ by selling your blog site. 

Also, if you found this article informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends and acquaintances. And if you have any suggestions and queries, feel free to leave a comment. 

Thanks, stay tuned to the website for the next one. 

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