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“How to start an Amazon Affiliate Website?”, If that’s the question bugging your mind. 

Let me provide you with a detailed, step-by-step, guide to start your 1st Amazon Affiliate webstore. 

In addition, I will provide you actionable solutions to bring in more traffic & increase your conversions.  

Thus, helping you make some real cash. (Thank me later.) 

So, read till the end.

You will not be disappointed!

How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Website and Make Money

Before starting with “How to start an Amazon affiliate website?”, let us first know about the Amazon affiliate program and how it works?  

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program? 

I am sure that you know about affiliate marketing. 

The Amazon Affiliate (Amazon Associate) program is no different.

It is the largest and most popular Affiliate program, by the largest E-commerce platform. 

It is free for website owners, bloggers and influencers to become an Amazon Associate. 

(For more on affiliate marketing, read Affiliate marketing simplified: The step by step guide.)

How does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work? 

Amazon provides you commission for every referral purchase from your website. 

Okay, well how does Amazon know that purchase was made from my referral? 

After you are accepted into the Amazon associate program, Amazon provides you a unique tracking ID.

For example, 

drake-101 .

For every affiliate product, you want to feature and market. You need to generate a unique product link using the product URL and your tracking ID. 

amazon.com/dp/B0834TJ9J5  →  amazon.com/dp/B0834TJ9J5?tag=drake-101

Thus, Whenever someone clicks the affiliate link from your website and purchases something on Amazon, you earn a commission. 

cool, right?

What’s even better is , the commission is also paid for any other products purchased by the buyer

For example, 

If you recommend your buyer an HP keyboard. But, he purchases an HP keyboard + a Mice, you are paid commission on both. 

You get a commission from every eligible product that the buyer purchases on Amazon from your unique affiliate link. (It doesn’t matter which product you were promoting.)

How to build an Amazon Affiliate Website from scratch?

First step in “How to start an Amazon affiliate website” is to build a user-friendly affiliate website. 

Let me show you, how?   

Start with a Domain Name. 

A domain name is your website’s brand identity on the web. 

So, choose wisely. 

Few tips:- 

  1. Don’t select generic names 
  2. Choose from a combination of one or two dictionary words 
  3. Keep it short
  4. Stick to the .com extension 
  5. Make sure that the name is memorable. 
  6. Don’t purchase a domain name with numbers and special characters. 

Where can you buy Domain Name? 

You can purchase the available domain name of your choice from Namecheap. 

Web Hosting 

A web hosting is the hardware on which your affiliate website operates. 

So, it is no rocket science that your hosting needs to be top-notch. 

Beware that poor web hosting can lead to frequent server errors, poor user experience and negatively affect your SEO. 

And sadly there are tons of poor hosting providers. So, keep your distance from them. 

Only use reputed and trusted hosting providers like Bluehost. 

Why do I recommend Bluehost? 

  1. Superior performance
  2. Industry-leading server uptimes
  3. Unmatched customer support
  4. Affordable price for shared hosting
  5. Great support agents – 24/7
  6. One-click WordPress installation

CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is the software which runs on your hosting.

Currently, there are numerous CMS available on the market. Few of them are pretty useful, while most are not up to mark. 

Therefore, I always use WordPress.org for my sites. It is the handsdown the best CMS out there. 

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And most importantly, it has a large collection of plugins and support articles; Which really helps out beginners to build an Amazon affiliate website up from scratch. 

WordPress Themes 

After setting up a domain name, hosting, and WordPress you will recognize that your website looks rather outdated. 

The default WordPress theme is not useful for anything other than operating a personal blog diary. 

Therefore to build your perfect affiliate website, you need to install custom themes. 

Custom themes are developed by independent developers. These themes provide “pre-made templates” for different use cases. 

Which themes should you use? 

Right off the bat, let me tell you that never use pirated WordPress themes. 

What harm can pirated themes cause? 

  1. Build a backdoor to your website for hackers. 
  2. Redirect your website visitors to spammy and malicious websites. 
  3. Put you on Google blacklist 

So, stay away from pirated WordPress themes. 

Instead, use premium custom themes. 

Why premium themes? 

  1. No spammy redirected
  2. Focused on security
  3. Efficient and optimized code
  4. Faster website speed
  5. Greater customization and support. 

Divi – theme and pagebuilder

Divi wordpress theme

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress premium themes. It offers you complete creative control over your website. 

It is possible to completely modify and customize header, footer, blog pages, and category pages with Divi. 

Furthermore, it features pre-designed web elements such as charts, tables, and many more to help you effortlessly create your affiliate site. 

That combined with great customer support should make Divi – your top choice for your site’s next theme. 

Socially Viral theme by Mythemeshop 

Mythemeshop - viral WordPress theme

Mythemeshop is another amazing theme for WordPress, who believes in clean and non-bloated code. 

Themes from Mythemeshop works efficiently with most shared hosting providers. Also, they keep up with their promise of inter-compatibility with other plugins, resulting in lesser headaches and downtimes. 

To start your 1st Amazon affiliate website, you can use their Socailly Viral Theme.

It is a popular theme from Mythemeshop, which provides greater customizability while not compromising on function. 

So, try it out.

If you are still in search of more WordPress themes, here is my article on the 6 affordable and best WordPress themes.

RankMath plugin 

Why should you install an SEO plugin from get go? 

Simple, do you want to start an Amazon affiliate website that makes money. 

Then, Yes. 

Your affiliate income is dependent on you having sizable website traffic. 

To attract more visitors, you need to follow set SEO practices for your site from day 1. 

And there is no better SEO plugin than RankMath

RankMath provides:- 

  1. Recommendations for on-page SEO like keyword density, keyword placement, title, and meta-description optimization, and more.
  2. Real-time content analyzer for writing quality content. 
  3. Takes care of technical stuff like sitemaps and robot.txt.
  4. Active support team on WordPress community forums. 
  5. Many detailed guides and tutorials are available. 

In all, you cannot go wrong with RankMath. 

Want to know more about bringing 10,000 to 100,000 visitors to your website? 

It’s simple, just use Pinterest.

Yup, Pinterest can be a traffic boon to your website, if you utilize it correctly.

Want to know more about the strategies which can skyrocket your website?

Here, sign up for the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course by Create and Go team.

Where they teach you proven studies to boost your existing web traffic without using any paid advertising.

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Guess what? Your affiliate income depends on having more website visitors, but it is also dependent upon your conversion rate. 

What is the conversion rate? 

It is the number of people purchasing affiliate products after visiting your webpage divided by the total number of page visitors. 

How does having a better conversion rate increase your affiliate income? 

Let’s consider two websites, 

Website A has 20,000 visitors per month with a 0.1% conversion rate and 1$ per sale affiliate commission per product. 

Therefore, total income = 20$

Now consider Website B, 

Website B has 10,000 visitors per month with a 0.8% conversion rate and 1$ per sale affiliate commission per product.

Therefore, total income = 80$

Yup, the second website earned 4x revenue from 0.5x web traffic. 

Okay, so how does analytics help with increasing affiliate conversions? 

Well, it does not increase your conversions directly. 

But, it allows you to analyse and diagnose visitor behaviour. 

You can monitor parameters like bounce rate, on-site time, avg. pages viewed per session along with demographics details to know where are you going wrong.

Which analytics tool should you use?

I use a plugin called MonsterInsights which is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin in the market today.

Best of all they provide analytics report right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.

MonsterInsgihts monitors site parameters like Real-time Stats, universal tracking, page-level analytics, affiliate links, and ads tracking, and much more.

For properly setting up your Google Analytics, refer to my step-by-step tutorial on Installing and setting up Google Analytics for bloggers.

Google Analytics WordPress plugin


You know what’s bad? Losing a visitor even before him reading any of your content. 

Trust me, it’s painful. 

Well then, how to prevent it? 

Improve your website’s loading time. 

Why’s that? 

People hate to wait for websites to load up. 

About 57% of your visitors bounce back if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

That’s a lot of visitors!

Well then, how to improve your website’s load time? 

While there may be many nuances, the best way to improve your website load time in a jiffy is to use WP rocket + Shortpixel. 

WP rocket is an WordPress speed optimiser for non-image files like HTML, CSS and JS file. 

It is capable of applying 80% of the best recommendations to improve your speed with just a one-click. 

Yup, just a one-click and it minifies and compresses your HTML, CSS, and JS file, enables caching, and many other fixes. 

So, using WP rocket in 2021 for your site is a no-brainer.   

For images, you need to use Shortpixel. 

Shortpixel is a compressor + CDN for your image files. It helps you build on the speed gains provided by the WP – rocket. 

Moreover, Shortpixel automatically converts all your images into .WebP format resulting in a considerably smaller size. 

Therefore, use WP-rocket + Shortpixel for sub-3 sec loading time.

Pro tip:- 

Don’t get hung up on trying to do “perfect speed optimization”. 

Just use,

Divi or Socially Viral by Mythemeshop + WP rocket (at default recommendation) + Shortpixel (at default recommendation) for sub-3 second load time. 

Now, Congratulations. You finished the how to build an amazon affiliate website part of the “How to start an Amazon affiliate website” guide.  

How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate in 2021? 

  1. Head Over to the Amazon associates homepage and click “Sign Up.”
  2. Enter your account details like name, phone number, and address.
  3. Enter your website address.
  4. Select and enter your preferred Amazon Associates store ID.
  5. Explain in brief about your website and select product categories you wish to promote. 
  6. Explain how you drive visitors to your website. Then, enter details about your website earnings, website visitors, and backlink strategies.
  7. Enter your payment details and tax info.

Congrats, you are now an Amazon associate. 

How to create an Amazon affiliate link? 

Remember, you only get commission when someone uses your affiliate link while purchasing. 

So, don’t copy-paste product URLs from product pages.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Associate account. 
  2. Select and click on “Product Linking” in the top panel and then select Product Links. 
  3. Search products by their ASIN or directly search by name from the search bar. 
  4. Click the Go button. 
  5. Click the Get Link button on the right side of the result. 

Now you have successfully generated your Amazon affiliate link for promotion. 

Pro tip – 

  1. Use Amazon Associates SiteStripe

SiteStrip allows you to generate your Amazon associates link while browsing products on Amazon.

  1. Use Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates offer a complete link management toolset for Amazon affiliate websites. 

It allows you to save your affiliate links for products. So, you can use them quickly. 

Furthermore, it automatically makes them no-follow (Amazon TOS). 

What’s interesting is that it can also report on the number of link clicks on individual affiliate links for receiving more granular feedback. 

Thirsty Affiliate plugin

How to bring more traffic to your Amazon affiliate site for free? 

Many folks search for “How to start an Amazon affiliate website”, and then build an exact replica using the guide. 

Then, what do you think happens? Do they start earning a 6-figure income? 

Naah, most of them don’t. 

Where do they go wrong? 

Not focusing on SEO and most importantly on keyword research.

Keyword research (with great content) is the most important factor determining your affiliate website’s success. 

Then, How to do keyword research for amazon affiliate website?

  1. Use Ubersuggests. 
  2. Choose product or product category you’d like to promote
  3. Then, enter it as a keyword in Ubersuggests
  4. Ubersuggest shows you search data from your country and language. 
  5. Now scroll down to keyword ideas. 
  6. Here, Ubersuggests lists search terms related to your products along with their keyword difficulty score. 
  7. Find search terms related to product buying. 

For example, 

If you are planning to promote Sony XM4 headphones. 

Ubersuggest keyword research tool

Narrow your search to related terms like, 

  1. Comparisons – Sony XM4s vs Bose Quietcomfort II
  2. Products reviews – Sony XM4 review, Are Sony XM4s with the price? 
  3. Product questions – How long does Sony XM4s battery last? 

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Find such keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty score. 

For more practical examples, read how to find low competition keywords in 3 minutes. 

Done. And then wait for visitors to roll in. 

If you want to know more about getting organic traffic to your website for free?  

It’s simple, Focus on SEO strategies from the get go. 

Yup, SEO can be a great source to drive tons of traffic to your website in the long run, if you know the right strategies.

How do you know that you are implementing the right SEO strategies?

If you are beginner or an intermediate blogger then for sure you will struggle to master the SEO tricks.

But as you know the easiest way is to learn from SEO experts. By doing this, you can avoid errors, save time and money.

That’s why I chose to take the Affiliate SEO Mastery course by Chris which has helped thousands of students including me to level up the SEO skills like a no-brainer.

Affiliate SEO Mastery course

By implementing Chris’s strategies I ended up ranking on Google’s first page for one of my blogs in a few month’s time. Yay!

He teaches proven methods to boost your existing web traffic without using any paid advertising.

This course has helped me a lot and I am sure it will bring a lot of value to you as well. 

If you are interested you can check out the Affiliate SEO mastery course.

How to increase your Amazon Affiliate Website’s overall conversions? 

Building an Amazon affiliate website and doing keyword research isn’t enough!

You need to actually sell your affiliate product. To do that you need to convince people. 

How can you increase your affiliate website’s conversion rate? 

Write Great Content

Write the best content piece available on the topic.

You cannot skip on this. 

Your visitor needs to be satisfied with all his queries before he can make a purchase decision.  

If you are unable to do so, he will bounce back and click on the next search result. 

Want to know more about writing a great content piece? 


  1. 21 best blogging tips for bloggers
  2. 13 Headline writing tips for your blog in 2021
  3. How to write SEO-friendly blog posts in 4 hours. 

Use Amazon Associates for WordPress (AAWP)

Have you ever noticed these product boxes and tables? 

Amazon Associates for WordPress

I bet you have. 

Do you find them useful? 

I am sure the answer is yes. 

How to create these product boxes and tables? 

You need to use Amazon Associates for WordPress.

It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pull product information in the form of tables and product boxes. 

Why I recommend AAWP for Amazon affiliate websites:

  • No coding knowledge is required 
  • Pre-designed templates and layouts. 
  • It is compliant with the Amazon associate’s TOS, so you won’t get banned. As it uses Amazon’s API. 
  • Ideal for reviewing Amazon products
  • Easily integrate with your content layout with the help of shortcodes. 
  • Automatically applies your Amazon affiliate link to every product box and table.

Use Amazon Onelink to prevent revenue loss

Are you often redirected to Amazon US stores? 

Ya, that happens to me a lot. 

Do you know what I do?

Simply hit the back button. (Just like most visitors out there.) 

And guess what, Who suffers?  

The affiliate site owner. YOU!. 

How to prevent this? 

Use Amazon Onelink. 

What does Amazon Onelink Offer? 

It allows you to use a single affiliate link to redirect visitors to Amazon stores in different countries. 

Onelink works with Amazon stores in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, France , Spain, Germany and Japan.  

Sadly, currently it is not supported in other countries. 

But still, using Amazon Onelink can save you a lot of potential revenue loss. 

So, definitely give it a try. It’s free. 


I hope it has been an informational blast for you on “How to start an Amazon affiliate website?”.  

We initially started by knowing about the Amazon associate’s program and how it works. 

Then, we focused on building an Amazon affiliate webstore from scratch without any compromises on performance, design, customizability, SEO and website speed.

After that, I guided you on how to bring visitors to your Amazon associate’s site using keyword research tools.

And then, about how to increase conversions for your Amazon associate’s website using AAWP, Great content and Amazon Online. 

+ Small but effective pro tips here and there.

I believe that now you would be able to start an amazon affiliate website that actually makes money. 

Share with me in the comments down below about your experience building your website & starting as an Amazon affiliate. 

And don’t forget to share this informative content with your friends and followers on social media. 


Shohib is an entrepreneur and a professional blogger since 2017. He has an MAIB degree in International business and blog at Shohib AK, a site for helping bloggers to make money through blogging to attain financial freedom. Read his inspiring story on how he went from 0 to 6 figure blogger.

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