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One of the best ways of making money online is through Affiliate Marketing. It can generate millions in passive income which is a dream for every routine 9-5er.

According to a study by CHEQ and the University of Baltimore, affiliate marketing is now worth $15 billion and these numbers are growing rapidly.

Who does not want some money from those $15 billion?

The best part about affiliate marketing is that it is not rocket science.

Anyone can learn to do it!

Just require a little patient, dedication, and a little knowledge on how to use Affiliate links.

Now, patient and dedication are what you have to develop but when it comes to knowledge, you do not worry.

I’ve got you covered!

In this guide, I will list out each and every tips and trick that I use to make money using affiliate marketing.

After reading this article, you’ll learn how to use affiliate links and make money easily.

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are tracking link which is provided by the affiliate program to you, and when any visitor clicks on the link and buy any item from the store, you get a commission for that sale.

You can track your performance on the dashboard provided by the affiliate marketing platform.

There will be different metrics provided by the program such as clicks, sales, a commission earned, etc.

You can use these metrics to analyze which product is profitable for you and what other product you can use to increase revenue.

How to Use Affiliate Links on Blogs

Along with commission on the sale, some affiliate program also offers commission on lead generated (meaning anyone sign up on the store, you get commission).

When someone visits a website, a small file known as a cookie is generated.

It records all the data and saves it on your computer.

Whenever the visitor visits the store again and purchases anything, you’ll still get your commission because the cookie data tracked the lead generated by you.

This feature will be valid till the cookies of that store get deleted on your computer. The time duration is typically 30-90 days after the first click on the affiliate link.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Links?

Now, the big question comes. Where to find these links?

It’s easy!

There are plenty of affiliate programs out there which offers amazing result, but I am going to provide you a list of best of the best affiliate program. That I use.

You can join these affiliate programs, ad networks easily and start earning right away.

Here is the list of top affiliate programs that you can join-

You must be wondering which one to choose.

Well, I recommend choose them smartly.

Amazon affiliate has a global reach and you have a greater chance of making multiple sales and its outreach is also global.

You can combine it with other programs like ShareASale which is an amazing program and you’ll have an up and running affiliate marketing setup ready to deploy.

Although these programs are great, but I recommend do your own research based on your website traffic and goals.

Some programs offer higher commission but low popularity which could affect your sales and hence, the commission.

So, it’s all about the data that you have about your website and the rates affiliate programs are offering.

How to use Affiliate links?

There are numerous ways of placing the affiliate links of your promotion platforms like website, social media, etc.

But, if you want to generate good income from affiliate links then you have to place the affiliate links strategically.

There is a disclaimer though, for affiliate programs your platform has to become eligible meaning you have to build your platform so that it can attract visitors.

For that, You can buy an amazing guide Amazon affiliate affluence e-book by Dale from bloggingherway.

This eBook teaches you all about affiliate marketing and how you can make money blogging and earn thousands of dollars as blogger’s income.

Below I have mentioned few platforms where you can place your affiliate links and get maximum clicks to make maximum sales.

Using Website

Having your own website is the best option if you want to make it big in affiliate marketing because of its long-term benefits. 

It is the best way to promote affiliate links and many people are using blogging platforms to build their affiliate business.

Around 84% of content publishers monetize their web traffic by leveraging affiliate marketing.

You can build your affiliate marketing business using a website as well by following simple steps.

Below, I’ve mentioned some of the methods that you can use to make money as an affiliate using a blog.

Start your own blog

affiliate marketing links

Building your own website is easy!

You just have to buy a domain name and web hosting and using WordPress you can quickly deploy the website.

There are many WordPress plugins that you can use, to build your blog easily.

There are hundreds of popular blogging topics that you can choose, you can teach people new skills, you can share your travel experience, and there are 100s of different topics that you can write about.

I recommend using Bluehost for hosting your domain, it best in the market and offers some amazing value for money packages. 

I choose Bluehost for two reasons first, they offer free SSL, 24X7, 365 days of uptime with a speed and no other hosting providers offer in this price range.

It is also recommended by wordpress.org which makes it even more reliable.

You can literally start your website within an hour and within a month you can drive traffic to your website and monetize your blog.

The primary way of bringing affiliate sales is by creating SEO friendly blog posts and placing affiliate links inside the content.

This way you’re not forcing the reader in buying things but you’re recommending products and tools that can make their life easy.

Use Email Campaigns

A website and an Email ID are all that you need to implement an affiliate marketing business model.

As a website admin, you would have to build email lists to send the newsletter to your subscriber.

You can use that email list to offer people discounts on their purchases especially during festive seasons (many brands launches many discount offers), this way you can send them affiliate link and earn a profit.

Email campaigns just extend your approach multifold.

For creating email campaigns, I recommend using ConvertKit which is a well-known tool in the market for creating email marketing campaigns.

Convertkit allows me to send an email with an eye-popping design due to pre-made templates.

That is why I have a higher email open rate and a click-through rate.

All your email marketing needs can be solved by using this one tool.

After using this tool, you’ll never feel that you’re missing out on anything.

Inside Digital Products

When you start getting traction with your blog, you can start selling digital products to your followers.

Digital Products like ebooks, video courses, etc. are on the rise and you can sell them on your website and do affiliate link promotions.

It is easy to create digital products you can use tools like Canva Pro to design ebooks or provide one on one courses using your webcam.

For example- when you are selling an ebook on the Digital Marketing Mastery course, then inside this ebook, you can place an affiliate link of any keyword research tools like SEMrush.

Don’t overdo it, otherwise, it’ll come up as sales material instead of value-adding products that it is meant for.

Using Social Media

Social Media is another place where you can place your affiliate links and make money.

Here, I’ll teach you how to use affiliate links and promote affiliate products using social media.

Social Media platforms work because here you can connect with your followers on a personal level.

Using social media for affiliate marketing can diversify your income source. You can also find many brands deals here.

You can approach the brand by sending them a DM message and asking them for collaboration.

Below, I’ve mentioned social media websites where you can place your affiliate link and make money online.

Promote affiliate links on YouTube

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and there are a total of 2.1+ billion users of YouTube in the world.

YouTube is a very popular platform offering users an opportunity to post videos and make money using it.

YouTubers around the world post videos and make ad revenue along from them. But there is another stream of income for YouTubers.

You guessed it right! Affiliate Marketing.

Youtube affiliate marketing

You can place an affiliate link in your YouTube video description and for every sale, you can get a commission.

If you are good with creating content then you can easily reach millions of views and even if we consider 0.3% of conversion from those views.

We are talking about around 3000 buyers.

If we are getting $1 for every sale made then, we are making $3000 from one single video.

You can make multiple videos like this and can make millions from YouTube.

But of course, you have to build your YouTube channel up to attract millions of views.

It is not a herculean task, many YouTubers that we know today started from scratch, and so you can as well.

Promote affiliate links on Facebook

Facebook is another social media platform that you can use to promote your blog and affiliate links.

You can do that by creating your own Business page, Groups, or through your profile.

This platform best works if you have some face value associated with your name. If you are not popular then it becomes extremely hard for you to sell.

Your main aim with Facebook is to convince people in clicking your links and buying from them.

You can do that by posting valuable content and building up your following.

Instagram Affiliate

Instagram is a social media platform where affiliate marketing links can work very well.

If you have learned how to become an Instagram blogger then you can easily convert your followers into your affiliate customers.

There is a fancy name for the Instagram affiliate as well- Instagram Influencer.

You can easily become an Instagram Influencer just need to post quality content and build your followers up.

Once you reach a certain stage, you can reach out to brands and ask them for sponsorship or an affiliate partnership.

Since Instagram is an influential platform, you can find many brands pages.

You can contact them by DM messages and let them know you want to promote their brand on your Instagram page.  

They will provide you affiliate links for Instagram and you can place these links on your bio section.

Pinterest Affiliate

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that uses images and short videos to visually connect people.

When you open your Pinterest, a gallery of inspiring images shows up and you can save them inside a board to organize your ideas.

It is best for those who are into some creative stuff like photography, painting, etc. You can take inspiration from those pins.

But along with saving pins, you can also create them and that’s where affiliate links come in.

You can learn how to use affiliate links on Pinterest easily, you just need an image and all you have to do is to post the image with a buy link attached to it.

When creating a pin, Pinterest offers you an opportunity to place a link and save it to Pinterest boards.

The best way of doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to create a board around a topic and start collecting valuable pins.

Once you have good followers on that board, you can start posting some affiliate product links on the board.

Many people do not know how to make money on Pinterest but you sure do!

Twitter Affiliate

It is not as popular as other methods, but you can generate some sales from a Twitter affiliate as well.

You can tweet affiliate links on your Twitter although 320 characters are not enough to convince someone into buying but still if you have loyal followers then it still counts.

At least one sale is better than none and moreover, it is free and does not consume a lot of time.

Alternatively, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your website and get your affiliate link set up there.

It works both ways.

Affiliate Link Best Practice

There are some best practices that you should follow to ensure that you do not come forward as spammy.

It is extremely important for you otherwise, your user satisfaction with your content could be hampered and your entire business would not reach the potential that it deserves.

Here I have listed essential tips on the best practice for Affiliate links.

Affiliate link cloaking

An affiliate link is the most important link for you but, it does not look good.

The affiliate link is longer than a normal link and it can interfere with the visual representation of your content.

You can overcome it with link cloaking, which means you can hide the long and ugly link inside a URL provided by a link cloaking tool.

It is also called a URL shortener.

I recommend using Pretty Link, which reduces the length of your link and improves the visual look.

It also offers analytics that can help you expand your data and help you in managing your affiliate business.

You can also use Thirsty Affiliates which is specially designed for affiliates like us. It is the best affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress.

You can install it on your WordPress website and using your WordPress dashboard you can control all your affiliate links.

It is much more convenient than switching from one tab to another.

Don’t overdo it

I’ve seen amateurs making this mistake so many times.

Just imagine, you’ve clicked on an article to read and all you are reading is the sales pitch.

Would you be interested in visiting that website again?

I know I don’t!

While learning how to use affiliate links, you need to understand the importance of user experience and readability.

These factors could help your content to go viral and help you in establishing your affiliate business.

Promote Multiple Products on Affiliate

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote multiple products using your platform, and to make profits you have to diversify your basket.

For instance, if you have a lifestyle blog, then you can partner with clothing, grooming, hairstyling brands and place their products as an affiliate. 

But, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Users come first

When it comes to choosing between money and users, you should always choose users because if you choose users then you have an opportunity still intact.

You might have wondered why certain companies are offering free gifts along with the product and decreasing their revenue.

But, this is all about value marketing and making customers loyal to the brand.

Similarly, your blog or YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform should never come as invaluable content.

Diversify your affiliate placement

You can use multiple platforms to sell your affiliate products and it is highly advised as well.

But, you should not do it right away!

Now, here is what I recommend. Start with only one platform like your website, Instagram.

Once that platform starts giving results to you then, using that platform you can add other platforms as well.

This way, you can attract your main users base to your newly introduced platform.


In the end, I just want to say that if you want to learn how to use affiliate links then you must keep on trying and testing different products.

Just keep on experimenting with new brands to test which one offers more value to the user and also offers better commission.

I hope you find my tips helpful!

Please comment below and let me know, how you feel about these tips also make sure you share them with your friends and family.

Let them also take benefit of affiliate marketing.


Shohib is an entrepreneur and a professional blogger since 2017. He has an MAIB degree in International business and blog at Shohib AK, a site for helping bloggers to make money through blogging to attain financial freedom. Read his inspiring story on how he went from 0 to 6 figure blogger.

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