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If you wanna enter into blogging then you must be wondering is blogging worth it?

People ask me this question all the time whether is it worth it to start a blog or not.

And, quite honestly, I have no straight answer.

Because this is not a yes or no question, blogging is a career that you pursue, it is not a one-night success thing.

If you are thinking that tomorrow you’re going to be making money from your blog then please do not get into blogging.

But, if you are willing to invest your brain and effort into developing your blog business then mark my words, you’ll be a success.

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the day after but, you’ll definitely be a success one day.

So, is blogging worth it or not is a highly subjective question.

If you can put in hours of hard work into your blog then, you can say it’s worth every penny but, if you want a quick buck then, no, it’s not worth it.

I made the same mistake, I entered into blogging not knowing how difficult it is to make profits.

I invested a lot of money into my first blog and lost all of it.

But, then I realized how blogging works and how you can make money blogging, then everything made sense and I recovered multifold whatever I lost.

So, Yes, when I say blogging is worth it, you got to understand where I am coming from and why I am saying this.

Starting a blog was my bravest decision ever although I failed at the beginning but, it taught me life lessons.

Blogging helped me to express my feeling through words and to connect with my audience and interestingly I get paid for it.

So, let’s take a deeper look into how to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog?

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To get started with your blog, you would need a blogging platform that best suits your future goals.

You cannot enter into blogging without a goal, that would be suicide.

Not like any goal, be very specific about what you want and how to achieve it.

My mentors always used to tell me, set two goals, short-term and long-term goals.

Your short-term goals will carve a path to reach your long-term goals.

And that’s what I’m going to recommend to you as well.

After you’ve set your goals, choose a blogging platform and then enter into blogging.

Here, I’m going to share what I did and how I stopped asking myself this haunting question “is blogging worth it”?

Pick a Niche

The very first step that I did was to pick a niche, not just any niche but a profitable niche.

Profitable niches are those niches that can offer you to monetize your blog better.

The ultimate goal for me was to earn a six-figure income from blogging.

So, I chose a niche (affiliate marketing) that can help me achieve that.

You do not need to choose what I choose.

The good thing is that there are 100s of profitable niches out there, and there is a market for everything.

But, the only problem is that access to that market is highly saturated which makes it difficult for new bloggers.

Now, it is not impossible but requires a dedicated mind and a hardworking attitude.

Build Your Blog

Remember, I told you to choose your platform.

Now, I choose to start my blog on a web platform or simply called WordPress.

WordPress blogging platform

You can choose other platforms as well like Instagram blogging, or YouTube, etc.

But, I choose the website as per my long-term goals, moreover, I was into online marketing before entering into blogging. 

Also, I failed few websites which gave me practical lessons to become an expert in this topic.

I’m not saying it is a requirement that you fail, you can start from scratch not knowing anything, and still do good in blogging.

So, here is how you build your own blog.

First, you need to decide on your domain name and then buy web hosting.

I recommend Bluehost web hosting, it offers amazing web hosting plans which is cost-effective, reliable, and secure.

For as low as $2.95 a month, you can get your website up and running.

The best part is that it is recommended by WordPress itself, which adds to its dependability and trust.

After you set up your website, now you have to customize it.

Making your blog visually appealing is a must because it helps people to connect and engage with your content.

Just think about it, why you would want to navigate through a website that does not look good.

Since I use WordPress, it is very easy for me to change my website visually.


Using WordPress themes, WordPress architecture is designed in such a way that you can easily install a theme, and it can drastically change your website visuals.

There are different themes available in the market, some are free and for some, you have to pay.

Now, I personally find premium themes better than free ones as it offers so many options.

I recommend checking out Divi theme or Genesis pro, which are amongst the best WordPress themes in the market.

You can use pre-built templates which offer great usability and user-friendly aesthetics for your blog.

The best thing about using premium themes is that you can customize your website as much as you like.

A free theme does not offer such luxury which is why I always recommend a premium theme.

Using WordPress is easy but, it could be confusing for the first-time user and with basic training, you can also use WordPress to design your website.

If you still find it difficult then you can hire someone who can design your blog.

You can use Fiverr to hire freelancers who can develop your website for as low as $5 which is amazing.

Now, another aspect of a website is its security and you cannot adopt a carefree behavior regarding this.

Your blog is the main source of income and if someone hits your website then it’s like the end of the story.

Noting can be done after that.

I keep my website secure using a plugin called Sucuri.

This tool protects your website from any malicious activity and prevents a hacker from exploiting your website.

Now, one last thing that you have to set up and your website will be up and running is analytics for your website.

Analytics provides you valuable data that you would need to make sound decisions while you are managing your website.

As a blogger, you have to deal with data all the time and for that, you would need a tool using which you can capture that data.

I recommend the Monsterinsights Google analytics tool.

This Google Analytics tool provides you detailed information about how your user interacted with your website.

Using this information, you can decide what articles are doing well and create more articles like them.

There are so many metrics that this tool captures and all of them are extremely important.

Create Amazing Content

Content is the lifeline of a blog, without which your website can be dead.

Good content can communicate your messages clearly and empower the viewers with the validation they seek.

These validations can fuel your viewer’s emotions and could make them your loyal subscriber.

This is the purpose of a blog and if you can do that, then nothing can stop your website from becoming a hit.

The quality of website content should be considered holistically.

Good English with correct grammar and writing styles is a no-brainer but, what I am talking about is using images, video, and other multimedia to engage your audiences.

Now, I am not a graphic designer so I always had to rely on some freelancer who can create images for me.

But, then I came to know about Canva, which is an amazing graphic design tool.

This tool allows you to edit images, videos, and other multimedia and facilitates your content production.

It has pre-built templates which can be customized according to your needs.

I use this tool all the time, even all the images that you’ve seen so far in my blog, came from Canva only.

Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing your blog is an essential step, this is the main reason why you would start a blogging business.

There are many different ways to monetize your blog like affiliate marketing, display ads, creating and selling your own products, etc.

I use affiliate marketing to generate income from my blog.

In my mind, this is the best method to generate blogging income when compared with other methods.

So, for those who do not know what affiliate marketing is, it is a method of marketing others products on your website.

For every sale you make, you get a commission that can range from 3% to 50% or more.

It depends on the product and the company you are dealing with.

It also depends on how big of a user base you can provide to them. 

So, if you have a big user base then you can demand more commission, it is something that you can negotiate about.

But, the best part that I find useful with affiliate marketing is that I do not need to create my own product, invest in marketing, and do other tedious tasks.

As a blogger, I just have to recommend some of the products to my user base and when someone buys from the companies, I get the commission for that sale.

It’s like a win-win for all.

Now, you can tie up with multiple affiliate programs like ShareASale, amazon associates, etc., and can use it to generate multiple affiliate sales from one piece of content.

You can also use other methods to monetize your blog by using ad networks like Google display ads, Ezoic, and selling your own products, etc.

Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is a big part of the blogging process and 70% of your effort would go into promoting your blog only.

And you should note that blog promotion is not a one-time thing rather it is a process that goes on and on.

Although blog promotion is a long process and it is very complicated in some areas that this one article cannot cover.

But, I’ll definitely share the most important part of what I consider is the must for promoting your blog.

Blog promotion starts before the content is created by searching for the keywords that you want to target.

Keywords are the driving force for your blog as it is a word or phrase that people search for on a search engine like Google.

By the way, Google is the most used search engine, therefore, ranking your website on the first page of Google would be enough to attract thousands of visitors to your blog.

Now, you might be wondering how to rank your website on Google’s first page?

It starts with your keyword research.

Well, I do keyword research using a tool called Semrush.

This is the best keyword research tool in the market and a must-have blogging tool.

But, that’s not it.

This tool also covers other areas like On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, link building, keyword research, competitor analytics, etc.

The best part is the SEMRush pricing plans are very flexible which makes them useful for everyone.   

Basically, this tool is an all-in-one SEO tool.

And if you ask me what is the one tool that one would want to invest, then I always recommend SEMRush only.

If you do not want to get things complicated, then there is another tool that I can recommend.

Basically, it is a WordPress plugin and provides comprehensive details on your SEO performance.

This tool is called RankMath that optimizes your website for higher rankings and more traffic.

It has a built-in suggesting system powered by AI that recommends important SEO changes that you have to make on your website. 

This tool is best for on-page SEO and provides all the details of your website within the dashboard itself, which is very convenient. 

Another important tip that I want you to follow is email marketing.

It is probably the most unutilized way of promoting your website yet very powerful.

Email marketing is a powerful way to engage your subscriber back to your blog.

It provides you an opportunity to talk to them on a personal level which creates an emotional connection between you and your subscribers.

But, to do that, you would need emails that can only be captured using a tool.

I use the ConvertKit email marketing tool.

Using this tool, you can create some amazing email subscribers capture forms that can provide you highest conversion rates.

It’s a simple drag and drop form builder that anyone can use to design a form.

It also detects your visitors’ behavior and uses smart triggers to display the right campaign to the right person at the right time.

Now, another important factor that I want to include is the internal linking of your website.

Internal linking is nothing but strategically placing your other blog links inside your content.

It is also important for Google ranking factors that inform Google about the structure of your website.

So, make sure your blog has a lot of internal links.

But, how to increase internal linking on your website?

Well, a trained eye can instantly find areas where the internal link can be inserted. 

And most of you would find it difficult but, don’t worry I have a tool that will solve your problem.

You can use Linkwhisper tool that suggests the places where you can insert the internal links.

The best part about this tool is that you can set an auto-linking feature for certain keywords and it’ll automatically link past and future mentions of that keyword.

You do not have to worry about internal linking anymore as all of this can be done automatically.

Now, if you are only relying on Google for traffic then let me tell you, you are making the biggest mistake bloggers do.

Always diversify your traffic resources, and social media is an amazing way of doing that.

You can attract traffic from Pinterest, promote your blog from Facebook and Instagram, and other ways to get traffic. 

Also, it is a best practice to use the social share button on your blog and after using it, you’ll notice a sudden rise in your website traffic.

When people share your content then it sends Google a very good signal about your website.

Google then starts providing that blog good ranking for search terms as well.

My advice is to use a social media plugin in your website which is delicately designed to promote your website on social media.

I recommend Social Snap plugin or Social Warefare plugin.

Using this tool, you can allow your website visitors to share your content on their profiles.

Also, this tool can automatically share all your website posts on your social media platform to attract traffic and generate good engagements.

At last, I just want to give you a tip using which you can increase not only your social media followers but, also can increase your website visitors along with email signups.

It’s like an ultimate way of marketing and that is to organize a giveaway contest.

Giveaway is like incentivizing your visitors with a chance to win a giveaway prize that can be anything.

It does not even need to be an expensive item but, the returns it can give you are tremendous.  

You can use the RafflePress plugin to organize a giveaway contest.

It can help you to grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers using pre-built viral giveaways templates.

If you really want to grow your audience tremendously then consider using this method.


I failed a big-time and was going through some hardship, but, I did not give up on blogging, which is why I am here.

And during all of this, the only way I made myself motivated was by reading books and learning from experts.

They mentored me tremendously well and I thank them for it.

One of the biggest credit for my success goes to Alex and Lauren.

I bought the course they designed Six-Figure Blogger course by Alex and Lauren which taught me most of the things that I know today.

six figure blogging course

In this course, you’ll learn everything about blogging like how to find a niche, how to market your blog, how to create amazing content, and much more.

Actually, this course is a beautiful coalition of four courses-

  • Launch Your Blog Biz
  • SEO Blueprint for Bloggers
  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  • Six-Figure Blog Biz

If you want to become a good blogger then this is the best place you can find yourself. 

Alex & Lauren are a blogger couple, they started their blogging journey 3 years ago with $0 and now they are making a six-figure income. 

They were able to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and live a life they always dreamt about and so can you. 

Is Blogging Worth It

Is blogging worth it? I encounter this question all the time.

And this question comes from those people who might have tried their hands on blogging but failed.

I know it because I was one of them.

But, once I understand the concept of blogging, I no more ask this question.

And it is not rocket science, it is doable and very easy.

Now, I failed my first website and you might as well, but don’t just stop there.

Start again and this time learn from your mistake and also learn from other’s mistakes.

Blogging is something that anyone with a dedicated mind and good knowledge can do.

And make sure you master all the tools that I have mentioned above because that’s the way to become an expert in the field.

Having a dedicated mind is fine but you go to have technical knowledge as well.

So, I hope you like my answer on is blogging worth it.

Let me know down in the comments and feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Best of luck with blogging!

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