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This is going to be an honest review article about Launch your blog Biz course, I’ll be sharing my experience of how I went from 0 to $2k in 6 months with the help of this course.

I started blogging for the passion of writing.

I did everything right, picked the right domain name and web hosting, published a new piece of content every alternative day on a regular basis.

Implemented SEO strategies and even used social media to increase my reach.

And yet, I was failing to increase website traffic and earn from my blog.

It felt like months of hard work in writing and managing the blog for nothing.

I was frustrated and about to give up because of not seeing the intended result.

It happens to most of us, right?

And that’s when I found a review post about this course from Create and Go that helped a lot of bloggers like me.

So, when I came to know about this course, I decided to purchase it. Because I was failing and rather than giving up, I gave myself a last chance.

There was this time before I completed the course where I was failing and was ready to give up and then there is the present time, where I am earning in four figures from my blog.

Four figures on a monthly basis!!

Feels like a miracle that you need in your life?

Let me tell you that my blogging experience totally changed.

I am a professional blogger now and it has been almost a year since I completed this course.

My revenue from blogging went up to $2k in 6 months and currently, I am earning $4k a month from blogging.

Well I am talking about Launch Your Blog Biz course.

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What is Launch Your Blog Biz course all about?

Launch Your Blog Biz Course

It’s a combination of 2 courses named Launch your Blog and Make Money Blogging For Beginners created by Alex and Lauren.

I had purchased their Make Money Blogging for Beginners course because I already had a blog up and running.

Launch your blog course was all about teaching how to start a blog from scratch even if you’ve no technical knowledge.

They discontinued both the courses and combined them to make one amazing course “Launch Your Blog Biz“. Fortunately, I had got access to both of their courses because of this.

Basically this course is the ultimate solution for starting a blog and learning all the monetization methods to take you from 0 to $1k per month without being a tech wizard.

(More on course lessons later)

The Masterminds behind this course

Alex and Lauren founder of Launch your blog course

Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus are the founders of Create and Go, a successful blog that earns over $120,000/month.

Before starting this blog, Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was an accountant. They were just normal people like us but their decision to quit their job and focus full time on blogging has changed their life for good.

They started their first blogging journey in 2016. Besides, create and go they also run a health and fitness blog known as Avocadu.com, another hit list blog that makes over $50k per month.

What I like about them is they are very humble and honest about their failure and success stories. Blogging has allowed them to travel the world while doing things that they love.

Best of all, in this course, they teach every bits and piece of their mistakes, tactics, and techniques about starting a successful blog and making your first $1k.

Besides Launch your blog course, they created 3 more courses.

These courses comprise EVERYTHING that they know about blogging. These are exact same strategies that they implemented to take off their blogging business from broke to 7 figures a year.

What you will learn in this course?

To my knowledge, this is the best value for money blogging course available in the market.

You’ll learn the best blogging tips and strategies from successful bloggers that took years for them to learn and you can do it in months.

This course has a whopping 85 modules that roughly cover the following:

Here’s an overview of what you will learn with this course:

  • Strategies, Objectives, and Expectations.
  • Blogging Mindset
  • Setting up WordPress, hosting, etc
  • Blog Themes and Design
  • Ads and Sponsored Posts
  • Blog Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing complete guide
  • Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Affiliate Products
  • Blog Traffic Basics
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazing blogging hacks, skills, and resources
  • The Next Steps… Bonus Videos from Six-Figure Blogger

And other Bonuses!

  • Affiliate Programs and Marketplaces Round-Up
  • Email Trust Funnel Templates
  • Community Support Group
  • Lifetime Access and Updates
Launch Your Blog Biz Course Review - My Journey from 0 to 2K. Click To Tweet

Why I prefer Launch Your Blog Biz course over others?

This is a perfect step-by-step guide for beginner bloggers. The course is designed in a way that is easy to follow and straight to the point.

They have an amazing community support group where you can interact with real successful bloggers. Many of their successful students share some valuable tips and are willing to help you if you get stuck at any point.

It has both video and text lectures which makes it super flexible for people who like to follow.

I love those ready-made email trust funnel templates. For me, it was a lifesaver when I understood the importance of email marketing.

All thanks to Alex!

Also, the courses are updated regularly. So the learners are always up to date with the latest tech in the market.

In addition, this course is offered on the Teachable platform which is super easy to navigate just by clicking complete when you are done with a lesson.

And before you know it, you reach the end and there is nothing left to do but to launch your blog

Above all, the course has a specific module to increase traffic from Pinterest.

And trust me when I say this, Pinterest is a great platform to drive more traffic to your website.

Alex and Lauren are truly Pinterest geniuses. they cover basic information to get you started with Pinterest in this course.

However, they’ve created another course fully focused on driving tons and tons of free traffic to your blog through Pinterest and is knows as the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

If you are on a tight budget and not ready to invest in multiple courses, then you can consider joining my free 5 days Pinterest Ninja Traffic course.

Is Launch Your Blog Biz Course Right For Me?

Launch your blog biz course review

This course is a perfect fit for anyone who is a:

  •  Beginner Blogger

If you know nothing about blogging or you’ve started a blog and very much active with it but lacking visitors and made zero money, this is the course for you.

Do not hesitate, I have tried and tested this product. It will tell you all about how to make money blogging.

  • Intermediate Bloggers Not Making Money

You have your blog online for over six months and yet you are facing issues like:

  1. Have ads but no good revenue from it
  2. Feel like giving up because you’ve put so much into it and see little to no results.
  3. You tried your hands of affiliate marketing but earn only a couple of dollars every day.

If you are one of these above, this awesome course will teach you every detail on how do bloggers make money from blogging by driving consistent traffic to your website.

  • 9 – 5 guys and housewives with kids?

If you are one of the two or you are just a busy person, I assure you the course won’t be a problem. Alex and Lauren have taught everyone from busy young professionals to moms with 3 kids how to make $1,000 a month.

There are a couple of things I feel could be improved with the course:

  • I prefer shorter sessions and modules. Some of the modules here were pretty big. It is more like a personal preference, so it may not be the case for you.
  • There is no much information on plugins, website security, SEO strategies.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price matters to all of us. More importantly, is it worth paying that much?

Yes it is!

The lovely couple introduced the course at a very affordable cost $297. The information provided in the course is definitely worth the money.

I’ve come across plenty of courses online that are overpriced and not worth the money.

Believe me or not, I’ve had a bad experience investing in a $5000 course which was not worth the value provided.

This course is absolutely not that type. It is full of value-packed information that you’ll have to go back and refer to the course every time you finish one task.

But one thing to keep in mind, apart from course price you’ll have to invest in the following.

All these will cost a total of approx. $300 annually.

What If I don’t like the course?

They offer a 60-day refund policy.

However, they’ll ask you to prove you’ve done everything that the course taught, still your blog didn’t go well.

That’s why it is vital that you are committed and take action along the course.

If you do so there is no reason you’ll request a refund.

Launch Your Blog Biz Course Review - My Journey from 0 to 2K. Click To Tweet

Launch Your Blog Biz Course – My Experience And Results

At last, blogging is not just about writing the right content and posting regularly.

If you want to make money blogging, you need to consider blogging as a business, not just a hobby.

Most importantly you need to learn the right system to take your blog off the ground.

That’s why you need a MENTOR to save money and time in the long run.

Alex and Lauren from Create and Go deserve to be the perfect mentor because they run two successful blogs that make over $170,000/month.

I’ve wasted a ton of time looking for free information on the internet but I was not only exhausted, couldn’t reach anywhere with the information that I gathered.

Sadly this is the reality of the internet, these “Guru’s” don’t share everything for free.

I am at a point where I always look for paid courses when I want to learn new skills because it saves me time and money.

You don’t need to be professional to start earning four figures from blogging with the next couple of months if you follow the right system.

After taking this course and implementing all the strategies taught here, my earnings shot up to $2k from 0 in just 6 months.

I don’t guarantee that you’ll get a similar result but certainly, you’ll see dollars falling into your account depending on the blog niche that you choose.

Alex and Lauren’s course is helping hundreds of bloggers like you and me to earn money through blogging.

If you are SERIOUS about your blogging business, this course will change your life like it did mine and so many others.

Best of all, they offer a 60-day refund policy so there is nothing to lose for you.

Now I completely leave it to you if you want to start earning while enjoying what you do and attain complete financial freedom.

If you are ready for it, you can check out Lauch Your Blog Biz Course here.

Finally, if you found this article helpful, share it with others so that they too can benefit.

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Shohib is an entrepreneur and a professional blogger since 2017. He has an MAIB degree in International business and blog at Shohib AK, a site for helping bloggers to make money through blogging to attain financial freedom. Read his inspiring story on how he went from 0 to 6 figure blogger.

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