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Still trying to nail SEO for getting the #1 spot on Google. But nothing seems to work. Correct?

Why is that? Aren’t you already producing high-quality content, using eye-catching headlines, creating custom images, finding low-competition keywords, following RankMath’s recommendations, and whatnot? 

Then, what’s the problem? In which aspect are you lagging? 

My educated opinion – link building

That’s right, most bloggers I know don’t dedicate enough time & effort to building backlinks. 

Pumping out articles isn’t enough. 

Google needs to perceive your blog’s authority before it hands you down that sweet #1 spot.

And the best way Google perceives authority is by the…. number & quality of backlinks referring to your domain. 

Therefore, to help you get started, I have compiled a list of my best link-building tips that actually work.

So, without ado let’s get started. 

(We will start with relatively simple link building tips, then work towards more difficult ones) 

Top-Notch Content + Infographics = Building links On Autopilot 

Creating top-notch content is the first step in building backlinks fast. 

Because linking to your website means “endorsing” it and its content. (at least that’s how Google sees it) 

And no one genuine blogger or webmaster will endorse poorly written, or plagiarized content. 

Having even a single post that covers a topic in detail is better than 20 half-baked articles. 

While I had written a separate article on how to write an SEO- friendly blog post in 4 hrs.  

Today, I will tell you how to produce content that’s a link magnet. 

  1. Write about milestones and include lots of statistics. 

In general, content that talks about real-life difficulties and scenarios are more link-worthy. Because it’s 100% unique.  

Just make sure you don’t exaggerate the truth. And also fill the article with practical solutions that people find useful. 

For example, 

a)   How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes That Generates $2783 a Month

b)   7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in 2 Weeks

Not only have I jam-packed these articles with theoretical information, but I have also included my practical solution to problems faced by users. 

2. Write the most detailed guide on the internet. 

No one wants to endorse rotten and spun-off content. 

Whenever you are writing make sure you create the most definitive content piece on the web. 

That is the only way you can get replies to your emails. 

For example, take a look at my article about the 21 best blogging tips, that article is around 4000 words and it’s stuffed with unique ideas that you aren’t going to find anywhere.

3. Back up your ultimate content with great-looking infographics. 

Infographics weren’t just a thing in 2019. 

They are still going strong in 2021. 

And the best thing about infographics is that they aren’t super hard to create. 

Just a few hours with Canva or Picmonkey – a designing tool and you can start creating infographics with ease using pre-made templates, just like word or excel files. 

Canva - link building tips

It’s that simple. 

Tip – 

People with Word and Excel phobias can use Fiverr to hire freelancers to create infographics with stunning designs. 

Get Listed Up On Content Round-Ups – One Of The Fastest Link Building Tips 

{This is one of the effective link building strategies that works flawlessly} 

Content round-ups are a list of curated articles in each niche selected by the site admin.  

Content round-ups are a great way to build links as well as get consistent referral traffic. 

Things to know before starting the hunt for content round-ups 

  1. Select content round-ups specific to your niche. Getting links from unrelated niche round-ups isn’t going to do you any good. 
  2. Don’t pitch on spammy round-ups site – thoughts promising “do-follow” link if you link back. 
  3. Pitch your best, thoroughly researched content. 

How to search for round-ups in your niche?

Use Google search operators, such as:- 

  • “Keyword” + intitle:“weekly roundup”
  • “Keyword” + intitle:“roundup”
  • “Keyword” + inurl:roundup
  • “Keyword” + “best blogs of the week”

And done. 

Do this consistently for your best and thoroughly researched posts and you definitely build links as well as get a healthy amount of referral traffic. 

Reach Out To Journalists 

Are you well versed in your niche? 

If yes, then this is the best link-building strategy for you.  

Use HARO to help journalists out. 

Haro - link building strategy

You might ask, what’s that got to do getting backlinks? And how does it work? 

It’s pretty straightforward, journalists who need information register on HARO. Then, list out the topics they want information about. 

While you as a contributor are given connections to contact journalists, and if you can provide valuable information, they use this information in their piece and in turn provide a valuable backlink back to your website. 

Cool isn’t it?

Use Q&A Sites  

This is one of the link building tips that will get you backlinks as well as a flurry of referral traffic.

Firstly, what are Q&A sites? 

The Web, since its birth, has been a place where people put their curiosity to bed.    

Q&A sites are nothing new, it includes sites like:-  

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Answers
  • Stack Exchange
  • Reddit

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That’s good, how can you start getting tons of backlinks? 

Wow! Hold your horse. Don’t just start spamming these sites with your posts. (Careful your domain can be blacklisted) 

Then, how to get started? 

First, find a topic that you have covered in great depth on your website.

Then, search for popular questions based on that topic. 

And then, provide a detailed answer to that question. And finally, at the end of every answer include a link to your blog post. 

That’s the legitimate way to get backlinks, followers, and referral traffic in one go. 

Note – 

These are not your “do-follow” backlinks rather they are “no-follow” backlinks. 

But still, don’t despise them.

Google even counts these links in your GSC and Google still provides them some value.  

+    Don’t forget the referral traffic you are going to get, many of whom may link your post in their blog or articles. 

Provide Testimonials

Every blogger loves to create and sell products. Correct? 

Similarly, Companies love to highlight how great their products and services are. And what better way than to highlight testimonials from popular influencers. 

Now, what do you get by providing testimonials? Recognition, a backlink, and referral traffic.  

Find Mentions 

For established bloggers, this is going to be a highly effective link building tip. 

I am pretty sure you would be mentioned from time to time in various articles, blog posts, and content round-ups. 

But, many times webmasters or bloggers forget to link back to you. 

Don’t get hung up on this. 

You can easily convert your brand mention into a backlink. 

How do you do that? 

First, find brand mentions. 

For that use, SEMrush. It’s brand monitoring tool allows you to continually crawl the web for your brand mentions. 

SEMrush - backlink tips

And automatically notify you when new mentions are detected. 

Second, find the site manager’s or webmaster’s emails. 

Use Hunter.io 

Hunter.io is the best tool for finding accurate emails. 

Finally, send them a personalized message. 

Just because they mentioned you and you found their email ID doesn’t mean they will link back to you. 

(Heck, they won’t even respond to you)

For that, you need to convince them as to why it is a poor reader experience when they just mention you rather than linking it. 

Pro tips – 

  1. Stop using Gmail or Outlook to send business emails. No one takes them seriously. 

so, always use an email address associated with your domain.

If your hosting provider doesn’t custom email address support, kick them and then switch to Bluehost

Bluehost features email hosting backed by Microsoft infrastructure at an affordable price. 

So, if you are serious about building links, get yourself a professional email address.

2. Using a professional email address is the #1st step, but your actual email should also look professional. (And not like an HTML document)

For that, I recommend you use Convertkit. 

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that allows me to manage, track and send bulk emails. 

Moreover, It also helps me create awesome-looking emails using their professionally designed templates. 

This ensures that the receiver at least seriously considers reading my email. (Otherwise, they go straight to trash or spam!)

Image Link Reclamation

Did you follow the #1 link building tip about using custom images and infographics? 

But, many times site owners carelessly use images from 3rd parties, without linking them back to their original site. 

That’s not cool. 

But, sometimes honest mistakes are committed. 

Now to get your rightful link from them, just nudge them over email on their improper image usage and how it’s affecting your visibility. 

Ask them to provide a backlink or remove the image. 

And ta-da now you have a new backlink. 

But wait, how do you find someone who has used your image? 

It’s pretty simple. Just do a reverse image search. 

For, starting a reverse image search head over to labnol.org

Then upload the image on which you want to perform a reverse search.

After that, select “show matching images”

Now, it will redirect you to the Google image search where all pages on which the same image has been used will be listed.

That’s it.

It will list out all the sites using that image. 

Monitor backlinks and reclaim the lost ones.   

As you continually grow your backlink profile, the total number of backlinks keeps from 10s to 100s to 1000s. 

But, many bloggers become complacent after this point. 

They stop tracking and monitoring their backlinks. And in the end, they start losing old backlinks. 

Wait… Why do old backlinks start going dead? 

There can be various reasons the author might update the article, or the article might be removed, or it might simply get lost during a site update. 

No matter the reason, you should be able to know and track the lost backlinks. 

For that, you can use the SEMrush backlink tracker tool.

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Semrush backlink tracker

Backlink tracker automatically tracks and monitors new and old links. 

From here, you can manually check each lost link and follow up with the site’s admin for the reason behind link removal. 

If it had been an oversight, there is a high chance that your link gets restored. 


Tip – Don’t become complacent by just aiming for new backlinks, work smart by also tracking and monitoring your old links. 

Broken Link Building

Finding your competitors lost links – Fastest link building tip 

Didn’t I tell you not to become complacent? 

Sadly, many bloggers give up on link building after some time. And many of them are your direct competitors. 

You can use this to your advantage by scooping up the links lost by them. 

How to find your competitors lost links? 

Search for your competitor’s domain name in the SEMrush dashboard

Then, navigate to the “Target URL error” section in the Domain report. 

There, lost links will be displayed in chronological order. 

Now, just pitch your article to the authors and ask them to link to use. 

That’s it, use this trick to scoop up lost links from all the competitors, and soon you will end with hundreds of links. 

Find broken links from sites in your niche. 

Finding broken links is one of the tried and tested link building strategies. 

It is quite straightforward. 

You search for relevant pages in your niche for broken links. 

If you already have a relevant blog topic related to the subject, just shoot out an email to the site owner. 

And most likely they will oblige to link to your site.  

Congratulations, now you have earned yourself a new backlink. 

How do you check for broken links on a webpage? 

Use Check My Links extension for Google Chrome.

It automatically checks for each and every link on the webpage. 


Guys after reading this I know some of you may feel overwhelmed. 

I know building links isn’t easy. 

But don’t get disheartened and stop.  

Start implementing the above best link building tips one by one. 

Slowly and steadily you will start earning links one and by one. After that, soon you will get the hang of building new links. 

Also, don’t get demotivated by “so-called” experts claiming to get 100s of links every day. 

Unless you are a very popular and established blogger getting 100s of links every day is next to impossible 

( And remember the quantity of links doesn’t matter.)

I hope this will help you start with the link building journey. 

If you found this link building tips and tricks article informative feel free to share it with friends and acquaintances. And don’t forget to follow me on social media. 

Still, if you have any queries or any other trick you would like to share, feel free to comment. 

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