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Email marketing is one of the #1 marketing strategies of all time to drive traffic to your blog real quick! This is going to be a complete Memberpress review for creating reminders in MemberPress.

Lost a few potential customers before signing up for the final subscription? 

Send them an email to subtly nudge them of their pending subscription!

Launched a new blogpost or a digital product today? Send out an email about the launch to your targeted audience!

And many more.

Sending out regular reminder emails is a blessing in disguise for the growth of your blog.

However, sending out regular email reminders manually to every audience is indeed tiresome!

Hence, automation is the way to go!

If you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, you might already be familiar with different WordPress plugins that increase the functionality and productivity of your blog.

Similarly, to save you from the hassle of such an excruciating task, the Memberpress plugin is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for your email marketing campaigns!

The Memberpress WordPress plugin can significantly grow your membership base by adding new members and active member retention. 

If things look very new to you, no worries.

This Memberpress review will help you analyze how you can gain the maximum from Memberpress and automate your complete email marketing strategy effortlessly!

So, without delaying anymore, let’s jump directly into how you can create great email reminders in Memberpress the EASY WAY!

What are reminders in Memberpress?

Since we are talking about a new tool today, in this Memberpress review and guide, I will first brush up on all the basics and then switch to the real deal.

Through Memberpress reminders, you can send out reminder emails regarding events that are about to or have already happened. 

For example,

  • Credit card expiration
  • Membership renewal
  • Sign up process abandonment

In every situation, there are specific triggers that Memberpress uses to send out automated emails. 

Every trigger typically has an email template that is sent to your subscribers or your email list. 

However, you can always add a touch of personalization to every email by customizing it as per your needs.

Memberpress offers you several triggers or reminder types to choose from. You can always choose if you want to send out the emails before or after the event.

Some of the supported reminder types of Memberpress includes,

  • After a new member signs up Only suitable for first registrations and not the subsequent ones. 
  • After a member abandons the signup: Perfect for users who have already submitted the first page of the subscription but did not make the final payment.
  • Before a subscription expires: Sent when one-time payment subscriptions are about to expire.
  • After a subscription expiry: Sent after the one-time payment subscription already expires.
  • Before a subscription renewal: Sent before billing your user again.
  • After a subscription renewal: Sent when the subscription is renewed on an automatically recurring subscription.
  • Before a credit card expiry: Sent before the registered card of the user is going to expire.
  • After the credit card expiry: Sent after the registered card of the user expires

If you are wondering how much Memberpress will cost you, here are the current Memberpress pricing plans.

Basic: $279/year

Plus: $449/year

Pro: $699/year.

Needless to say, they always have exclusive discounts running on the Memberpress website, so you might wanna keep a constant check on their website!

Memberpress pricing plan

How to create automated reminders on Memberpress? – Memberpress Review

Now when you have covered the basics of this fantastic SEO strategy, let’s check out how you can create great reminders in Memberpress the easiest way!

Step 1: Go to your Memberpress dashboard and click on Reminders

You can easily check out your existing reminders and create new reminders from here.

Step 2: Click On Add New right on the top right corner.

membership plugin - dahsboard

Step 3: To create a reminder, you have to choose from one of the seven triggers available in the list. 

Set a suitable time frame for the reminder email.

Even though I have already explained each trigger above, the names are pretty self-explanatory.

Hence, you need not waste much time here in understanding the best choice. 

For example,

Let’s choose the “after signup abandoned” trigger to bring back my old audience who have already checked out my website but haven’t signed up for my email list yet.

With this trigger, not only will I remind my potential subscribers about the abandoned checkout, but I can also take feedback from them regarding any last-minute objections or difficulties that may have prevented them from the final registration!

Membership review - reminder

Step 4: Next, you need to configure the reminder email regarding whom you want to send the reminder email to and what the content would be in it.

memberpress wordpress plugin

The main aim is to determine the people who will receive the email – the member, admin, or even both.

If you choose both, you will receive a notification that the trigger email has been already sent, and if they revert, you can quickly reply to them manually if you want to.

However, it is certainly not necessary since Memberpress also offers the feature of following up automatically with the customer on your behalf!

Step 5: Even though the Memberpress plugin includes email templates for every trigger, you can always edit it as per your requirements.

edit your mail - membership review

Pro tip: Like you craft and edit your post in WordPress editor, you can use the same for editing your reminder emails too!

Remember to add the link to the registration page directly in your email.

Step 6: At any point, you can also send out a test email. This will give you a clear preview of how your reminder email will look like.

When you are satisfied with the test email, click on Publish, and you are done!

Your test email will look somewhat like this: 

Memberpess test email

Likewise, you can also create multiple reminders under each trigger or a series of follow-up emails just as per your requirements.

Step 7: Once you have created at least one Memberpress reminder, you can review it from the Reminders screen.

If you are not satisfied with the email, you can always edit or delete the existing reminder from here.

Manager reminders - memberpress plugin

Bonus tip

Like I revealed how I use Memberpress to automate my emails, I would also like to spill some extra secrets today, JUST FOR YOU!

If you want to automate more such repetitive tasks, including emails, you can try out Zapier and ConvertKit.

These are my next favorites since I can automate most of my everyday marketing tasks with these tools and focus more on coming up with the best blog post ideas for you!

You can also pair up your Memberpress plugin with other noteworthy platforms like Elementor, Woocommerce, and many more. 

You might have already seen me vouching for these plugins and platforms since I personally use them and want to suggest the same for my readers too!

Final Thoughts

Wasn’t it quick and easy? Memberpress reminders can quickly improve your signup rates and member retention rates in no time! 

Also, the best part?

You can focus on the core activities of your blog instead of sending out manual emails to each of your customers! This is a complete win-win situation for you!

Thus, if this Memberpress review helped you today, get your email reminders ready with the Memberpress plugin already and ace your email marketing campaigns like a pro!


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