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Are you wondering whether your Pinterest blog traffic can help in generating any revenue for your blog?

Surprisingly, yes!

If you start a blog today, most of your marketer friends might just stick with the regular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., to attract traffic for your blog.

Well, don’t get me wrong, but the world of blogging is never limited! 

This is exactly why I am here to help you understand how to grow your blog with Pinterest!

This visual search engine is a blessing in disguise for people looking to gain organic traffic and monetize a blog

But how can you create more traction from Pinterest?

Look no further!

Here are the best traffic secrets that will help you boost Pinterest blog traffic in no time! 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Sign Up for a Business account

For starters, you need to have a Pinterest business account to grow Pinterest traffic!  

Sign up to the free Pinterest business account by adding your relevant details, and there you have your Pinterest business dashboard right in front of you!

Pinterest business account

Likewise, you can also convert your existing personal Pinterest account into a business account!

When you sign up, right in your front dashboard, you will find your Pinterest analytics, giving you a clear insight regarding your pin’s behavior and other important metrics of your blog.

You can also try Rich pins for enhancing this Pinterest blog traffic strategy. Your Rich Pins are just pins with a bit more information in comparison to the regular pins. 

You typically get three different types of Rich Pins: recipe, product, and article. 

Since we are bloggers, choosing the Article Pins is the best choice to promote your latest blog post and drive traffic from Pinterest. 

Your Rich Pin will automatically sync the information from your blog and add it to your pin.

This allows users to view extra information about your blog right from the pin close up, resulting in an increase in the click-through rate!

In addition to that, you can set it up with your WordPress plugins such as RankMath, etc easily at your convenience to gain extra advantages here concerning your blog traffic.

Claim your accounts

When setting up your Pinterest business account, make sure that you claim your accounts like Instagram, Etsy, Youtube, etc.

Pinterest blog traffic

Here’s what you get if you claim your accounts:

  • More analytics and metrics to gain better insight regarding your traffic from each pin.
  • You will witness significant growth in your monthly views as it will be an aggregate across different platforms.
  • Grow your Pinterest followers with claimed accounts. When others pin your pins, you can see your profile along with a button to follow you!

Create Pin-worthy images

It is a no-brainer that the most addicting thing about Pinterest is the images that bloggers pin!

This is where you need to make your first impression and maximum engagement.

So, how do you create a printastic photo? 

Here’s how you do it!

Be mindful about the right size

Most Pinterest users browse through their mobile phones. Rest assured, if your image is not mobile optimized, they will indeed scroll past down!

The perfect pin size should have an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5.

In the simplest terms, the longer, the better!

Create stunning images

I am an avid user of Pinterest and have already witnessed the hype of Pinterest blog traffic over time.

I have multiple images which work just amazing for my viewers, and here are a few tricks that I have accumulated these months, which will be excellent for creating a pin-worthy image.

  • Images with no human faces get the maximum traction. Look for other attractive images instead of adding your favorite selfie on your pin image!
  • Choose bright and vibrant colors that are prepossessing to the eye. In fact, this is the most proven way to get a confirmed click to your website from the feed.
  • Don’t just write two lines on a plain white background and add it as your pin image. You won’t find any results. Instead, opt for contextual backgrounds which are relevant to your niche and the article you are promoting.
  • Never make your images clumsy and messy. Keep it short, sweet, and simple! 

Lastly, I can never stress this enough, but always use the best quality images for your pin and nothing less!

I personally recommend using Canva for creating your images. They have a wider range of customization available to explore and choose which fits the best in your pin! 

Also, Picmonkey is another excellent alternative to Canva, which is also one of my personal favorites for creating my Pinterest images!

Even though the free version does a decent job in creating the pin images, the options for customizations are limited.

I personally use the paid version since it offers more customizations and options for creating pin-worthy images as per my niche!

Include Texts in your images

If you want to draw the maximum attention to your pins and drive traffic to your website, you need to add a very compelling text which will persuade your viewers to click on your link within the first few seconds!

Also, with texts, you can easily make your readers aware of what your pin is all about, which is great if they are just viewing pins in their feed at a glance.

Thus, this will ensure they don’t skim pass through your profile!

You can also add multiple texts to your images with the tools I just mentioned in the previous point!

Lastly, be it a lifestyle blog or any possible niche. Ensure that you follow all of these rules while creating your pin images, and you are good to go!

Here’s a quick view of some of my pin images! 

My Pinterest account

Pin at the right time

Even if you create the perfect pin images with the right headlines and whatnot, you need to ensure that you pin at the very right time! 

There are hundreds or even thousands of pins shown on Pinterest every hour.

So, how can you outshine your competitors? 

The trick lies in pinning at the right time!

There are countless SEO tools out there that will help enhance your brand awareness, and this is nothing different! 

Your primary focus should be on your target audience. Isn’t this the principle rule of every SEO strategy?

First, you need to identify your primary target audience.

Next, focus on decoding the best time and day to pin according to your target audience.

Nevertheless, try to ignore pinning during working hours!

I mean, why would anybody scroll their Pinterest feed during their shift, right?

An easy way to find out the best time is to note where your target audience originates and how they spend their time on Pinterest via their demographics. 

You can easily find this info on your Pinterest analytics!

Pinterest Analytics

This will give you a clear insight regarding when to post your pin for the maximum Pinterest blog traffic!

Similarly, I prefer scheduling my pins beforehand, and Tailwind is my all-time favorite tool that I use to schedule my future pins.

You also get multiple options and extra benefits, which will help you schedule your pins effectively!

Also, it is an all-in-one marketing tool that also takes care of all your blogging needs under a single platform!

Tailwind has been my time saver tool when it comes to scheduling my pins for weeks or even months ahead.

So be sure to check it out.

Join a Pinterest Group board

If you want to further gain your Pinterest organic traffic, invest your time and efforts on Pinterest group boards. 

In the simplest terms, a Pinterest group board is a typical community board where other pinners can also pin.

This can give you significant exposure and is a terrific method to grow Pinterest traffic! 

Also, it is a critical step if you want to make money on Pinterest!

Join a community board and pin regularly. If people who are a part of that board love your pin, they will follow you!

But how do you find good Group boards?

The easiest way to find the most suitable group board is to check out on PinGroupie.

You just need to search on PinGroupie with a relevant keyword to your niche and check the best choices out there.

For example,

Let’s choose “blogging” and check out the results.

Here you can find a list of the best and the popular group boards to join and showcase your blogs for gaining your Pinterest blog traffic!

But how do you join a group board?

There are many ways you can join a Pinterest group board. Here are my favorite ones!

  • Interact more with the creator of the group board. Start by liking and commenting on their pins or even repinning them. The main goal is to build an ideal relationship and a strong network with the creator.
  • Check out the invite instructions and see if there is anything specific you need to follow to be a part of their group board. It is mostly found in the description. 
  • Lastly, you can get an invite from a group member and directly join without any of the above hassles!

Maximize your Pinterest traction

Even if you have the best blog post ideas, created the most stunning headlines, and pinned them to your Pinterest account, you might still not get enough traffic!

The reason could be any, but we are focussing on the solution!

There are multiple different blogging platforms to make money out there available for the bloggers, with WordPress always leading in the list!

Many useful WordPress plugins can help you in creating buzz-worthy blogs and generate more revenue. 

To sum up, make your blogging life easier!

If you are still struggling with generating maximum Pinterest blog traffic, use Social Snap!

socialsnap - pinterest blog traffic

Social Snap plugin is popular amongst WordPress users due to its Pinterest-specific features and advantages!

Social Snap is mainly a social sharing plugin wherein you can add as many social media handles as you want and manage your networks effortlessly!

Next, many people tend to skip it or oversee it when it comes to adding social share buttons. 

Thus, choose the Social Snap’s Pinterest Save button feature, which will boost traffic to your website. 

Similarly, when you hover over an image and then click the Pinterest Save button to save it, it brings you a popup listing of similar other choices on the page.

This is exactly where you might lose some followers!

You can use Social Snap to post your best Pinterest images and descriptions.

When the visitor hovers over your image with a single click, they will be taken directly to your Pinterest with everything already ready to pin for them!

This will also help target only the most optimized imagery and keywords that are usually shared by your visitors instead of adding efforts to creating extra pin images every time!

Also, another great pick that I genuinely recommend to most WordPress users is RankMath.

It is an incredible SEO tool for WordPress users, which has immensely helped many WordPress users earn their first blogger’s earrings in a very short time with their best features!

This will make your entire journey of using Pinterest for blog traffic significantly easier and simpler!


Suppose you want to take a step further in your Pinterest organic traffic journey.

In that case, I personally recommend you to check out the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course, which is proven to drive at least 10,000 to 100,000+ monthly visitors to your blog effortlessly.

You can learn more about the changes in the Pinterest algorithms, which will help you stay ahead of your fellow blogger competitors and ace your Pinterest blogging strategy!

Also, you get any additional insights regarding everything that you need to know about Pinterest, which will be a game-changer if you are a newbie to the world of Pinterest!

So make sure to check it out.

Final Thoughts

With this, we wrap up our session today on how to use Pinterest for blog traffic and how to gain the maximum Pinterest blog traffic in 2021. 

Earning from Pinterest and generating blog traffic is one of the easiest ways to gain more revenue. However, most bloggers tend to overlook it.

Thus, make the right move!

Add Pinterest into your marketing strategy and witness the traffic metrics growing higher in no time!

All it takes is patience to build the best and the most creative pin-worthy images and post them at the right time with the right tactics. 

That’s it.

So, if this article was helpful in creating the base of growing your Pinterest blog traffic journey, then what are you waiting for?

Get your best tools ready and kickstart your journey to pinning your latest blog posts regularly!

However, if you are still doubtful, feel free to comment down, and I’ll answer all your queries for the best results!

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